OK my friend Austin wants to do a games so...

Tributes No careers

District 1:Austin

District 1:Jessica

District 2:Helio

District 2:Cierra

District 3:Brandon

District 3:Alivia

District 4:Dylan

District 4:Sydni

District 5:Carson

District 5:Shay(girl)

District 6:Kaloeb

District 6:Brooklyn

District 7:Tyler S.

District 7:Anisha

District 8:Andrew

District 8:T'leeese

District 9:Treyton

District 9:Kelcee

District 10:Quinn

District 10:Baylee

District 11:Tyler R.

District 11:Jennifer

District 12:Connor

District 12:Karissa

Skippin to games


Austin's POV

I aim for the bow. I look at Andrew who I pre-allied with.And Karissa who I also allied with. Gong! I run to the cornucopia. I get the bow and shoot the girl from 5.I see Connor running away with a suitcase.

Andrew's POV

I grab a dagger and push Anisha down and stab her to death.I look at Austin who shoots Baylee.Then Brooklyn.I push down Tyler R. and stab him.I push Dylan down and stab him to death.Then Helio runs past and I kill him.Alivia goes crazy and starts to kill.First she chokes Sydni to death.Then she stabs Treyton then Kelcee to death.And then she starts killing Jennifer.I run away.

Aliviva's POV

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