District 1: Aladdin and Jasmine

District 2: Shang and Mulan

District 3: Milo and Kioa

District 4: Eric and Ariel

District 5: Hercules and Megara

District 6: Naveen and Tiana

District 7: Tarzan and Jane

District 8: Charming and Cinderella

District 9: Beast and Belle

District 10: Quasimood and Esmeralda

District 11: John Smith and Pocahontas(Poc.)

District 12: The Prince and Snow White


Lions Gate bought Disney finally in the year of 2017. And made a Dinsey character Hunger Games



Aladdin's POV

The Gong rings and I run towards the cornucopia. The boy from three comes at me with a spear. I dodge his swing and snap his neck. Naveen throws an axe at me. I dodge and run and grab a bat. He runs at me with a sword, I hit him multiple until he stops screaming. I look around me and flee.

Kioa's POV

I see Jane hacking down Charming with a dagger. I grab a knife and throw it at her back. She coughs up blood on Cinderella who was crying over Charming, I take the chance when she was blind for a second. I grabbed the knife and stabbed her in the side. I run over to the kids from eleven and twelve. They were allying, I ran towards them and... BOOM!

Hercules's POV

I saw Kioa blow up with four other people. Mulan and Eric are fist fighting, then Shang comes over and snaps Erics neck. I throw a knife at Shang and Mulan and run.


Jasmine's POV

I aid Shang's wound when Esmeralda comes out with a sword. I get my mace and run towards her. She swings at my legs. Aladdin comes up from behind her and hits her in the head with the butt of his spear. I get up and finish Esmeralda off.

Fallen Day 1

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