The tributes take off. Peeta runs into the woods. Katniss and the Rye(9) fight over a backpack. Clove grabs some throwing knives and kills Rye(9). She then aims for Katniss who flees. But it hits Katniss's backpack. Katniss trips while tributes start killing eachother. Amber(3) is stabbed to death with Marvel's dagger. The boy from 4 is unable to survive when Cato slashes his neck with a sword. Jason(5) tries to flee but Cato slashes him to death with his sword. The boy from 6 tries to get supplies Cato confronts him and hits him in the stomach with his sword killing him. She fought the district 10 male until Glimmer pulled her into the cornucopia and stabbed her to death. Katniss gets up and flees the cornucopia. Clove throws a knife and it hits him in the back. He then pulls it out and uses a spear to confront Thresh. Thresh slashes his neck with his sword. Rue flees the bloodbath unseen. The girl from 7 is crawling away when Marvel stabs her. She then survives the wound and fights over a backpack with the boy from 3. He then strangles her to death. The boy from 8 is stabbed to death by Marvel. Thresh flees the bloodbath. The girl from 9 is thrown against the cornucopia wall by Glimmer then Glimmer stabs her to death. The girl from 10 flees when Marvel sees her and he throws a spear into her chest ending the bloodbath.

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