Hi I'm Cato Hadley. I'm 18 and a career. My best friend Clove Myrtales. Today is the reaping and I am volunteering. Clove is not yet she is still waiting.


My escort Proc walked out on stage. She pulled out the girls name "Clove Myrtales" Clove walked up to the stage. Proc pulled out the boys name "Harvester Leg"

Me: I volunteer!

Boy:I volunteer!

Me: I volunteered first!

Boy: No Me!

I saw him about 17. I could take him.

I snapped his neck.

Me: I volunteered!

I walked up onto the stage.

Proc: Whats your name boy?

Me: Cato Hadley.

Proc: This years tributes Clove Myrtales and Cato Hadley.


I look at the other careers, Marvel Awe, and Glimmer Lighte.

Computer: 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Gong!

I run to the cornucopia. Clove gets some knives and attacks Rye Iman.(9 male)

I get a belt that holds swords and take a sword. I search for tributes to kill and I the boy from 4. I slash his neck and look for more people.I kill Marina(4). I see Jason(5) and Jayson(6) fighting. Jason manages to kill Jayson. Jason(5) tries to flee but I hit him in the stomache twice. It killed him. I flee the bloodbath.

After I meet up with the careers.

Me: Who did you guys kill?

Marvel: I killed the girl from 7, the boy from 8 and the girl from 9.

Me: You mean Hannah(7), Tyler(8), and Tanlanna(9)

Marvel: Yeah

Glimmer: I killed the girl from 6, the girl from 7, and the girl from 10.

Clove: Rye and the boy from 7.

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