I made these tributes up

District 1:Austin Moon

District 1:Ally Dohson

District 2:Shawn Spencer

District 2:Juliet O'Hara

District 3:Mine Expo

District 3:Kathy Bat

District 4:Trident Net

District 4:Azarin Heck

District 5:Harold Longck

District 5:Lisa Zaver

District 6:Jayson Moncur

District 6:Garnlett Kold

District 7:Larry Samuel

District 7:Hannah Locock

District 8:Todd Sara

District 8:Linzee Makolen

District 9:Yeffery Imanhole

District 9:Tarlee Annaie

District 10:Manny Jerom

District 10:Hermine Doleae

District 11:Oklandan Dansohoe

District 11:Stella Ameulda

District 12:Henry Sobo

District 12:Lawrence Lenkenly


Kathy's POV

I look around at the other tributes.I look in the front.The girl from 6 is in the front.And then the boy from 8.3rd is the boy from 1.4th is Lisa.5th was the boy from 4.Next was me.I started to climb across the giant monkey bars.I went across half way.I fell.I screamed.Training people helped me.I got up and went to the next station.

Henry Sobo's POV

The girl from 3 fell I looked at her hoping not to fall to.I got on.I did well I didn't fall.Next I went to the spear station.Shawn was there.He through straight in the head.I got mine ready.I looked for the careers there were watching me.I throw straight into the heart.The careers look baffled.

Tarlee's POV

I go to the throwing knives station.The careers are there.The boy from 1 hits perfect so does the girl from his district.The kids from 2 weren't very good.Afteer training we lined for the private training session.


























Games(Yes I skippped)

Austin's POV

The Gong goes off.I grab some knives.I see the boy from 4.I throw them at him.I see Yeffery looking through a backpack.I aim for him next.Tarlee sees me attacking him and hits me with a baton.I get up and she hits me again and steals my knives I lie there for a minute.Shawn kills Tarlee as she runs.Shawn through a spear right through her head.I get up and run.I pick up a hoe.I target the boy from 5.I hit him in the stomache with it two times.I wait out the bloodbath.Soon I see some dead people lying on the floor covered in blood.

Larry's POV

The Gong goes off.I run to the cornucopia.I see the guy from 2 standing above the girl from 9.I push him over.He crawls away as I get the throwing knives.I target Garnlett.It hits her in the side.Next I aim for Oklandan.It hits him in the head.I ditch the throwing knives and get my main weapon,an axe,I look around only careers left.I make a run for it.

Azarin's POV

The Gong goes off.I run and get an axe.I throw it at Linzee.It hits her right in the head.I run over to Garnlett who was injured by the guy from 7.I hit her in the head with my axe I run leaving the guy from 7 and the careers left at the bloodbath.

Seconds into the game







Day 2

Lawrence's POV

I look through my backpack hoping for something good.I find a long metal cord.I strap from one tree to another.I climb up a tree with part of the cord in my hand.I did this because I found a tazer in my backpack.The careers are chasing the girl from 4.She trips as I pull the trigger.She lay there motionless.I did the same thing to the girl from 2."Juliet?"Shawn asked.Juliet stayed motionless along with the girl from 4.Shawn looked up and saw me.He took an axe from the girl from 4's body and started cutting down the tree.I leaped off.Shawn chased me.Henry jumped out of nowhere and tackled Shawn.Juliet had waken and the girl from 4 was gone.Henry got off of Shawn and ran away.

Day 5

Larry's POV

I'm hunting down tributes.I see the girl from 4 I run toward her.She slaps me.Now I see how beautiful she is.I let her go.She has some throwing knives.She aims at a girl and hits her in the head with a knife.I rush to see who the girl is.It's Hannah.I take the knife out of her skull.And have a breakdown.

Stell'a POV

I'm walking in the forest.Then a fireball is shot at me.Trees burn and collaspe everywhere.A fire ball hits my leg.It was so hot it melted my skin together and I didn't bleed.But it still hurt.I hopped to a lake.The careers were walking on some rocks.I went under water but the guy from 1 saw me and through a spear at me.It hit my in the stomache.I jumped out of the water and ran.He pulled out a dagger and ran towards me.I couldn't hop away from the boy from 1 he'd find me.I stopped layed down and let him stab me.

Day 7

Azarin's POV

It's time for a career to die.I run into Jayson on the way.He see's how beatiful I am.He looks handsome.We ally.The boy from 7 rushes by.He see's Jayson.He attacks us.I throw a knife into his leg.He feels pain."I'm good at stabbing you could take his axe and I'll take your knives."Jayson said.We traided.The boy from 7 sat there.When we were walking we get attacked by birds.We run past the boy from 7 who has a hole in his neck.Bird muttations!Jayson gets struck in the neck to.I freak out.Bird's everywhere.Luckily they left.I watched the fallen.All the following people were killed by birds.:Mine,Lisa,Jayson,the boy from 7,the boy from 9,and the kids from 10.So that was it the remaining people are:

Remaining people after Day 7

Austin and Ally,Shawn and Juliet,Kathy,Azarin,Todd,Henry and Lawrence.

Day 10 Four kills

Henry's POV

We run into the careers.Shawn grabs his hoe.I run towards him.He hits me with it.Lawrence brings out her tazer.The careers run away but Shawn.He stays to finish me off.Lawrence tazes him then hits him with his hoe various times.I die of bleeding.

Todd's POV

I confront Kathy.She pulls out her sword.I pull out my dagger.She misses me and I tackle her and stab her to death.Azarin runs toward me.I chuck the knife and it hits her in the head.I killed two people after being a survivor all this time!

Day 11 The Feast

Lawrence's POV

It's the feast.Todd grabs his and runs.Juliet goes for hers.I run up to her and taze her.I grab the sword she had and hit her with it.Ally rushed out to help Juliet.I pick up Shawn's hoe and hit her with it.Two kills both careers.Todd comes up behind me.He starts choking me.Austin rushes to the scene and Todd runs away.Austin gets his spear ready.He chucks it at me.I fall and hit the cornucopia then everything goes black.

Day 13 the Final day

Todd's POV

I get on the cornucopia.Austin is already on there.He chucks his spear at me.I dodge it and it goes into one of the mutts.But when I look at the Mutt that got hit it was Linzee.Anyhow I run towards Austin and start choking him.I banged his head agaisnt the cornucopia until he had died.I won.

Tribute's Weapons

Austin:Throwing Knives,Hoe(Later gives to Shawn),Spear

Ally:Unknown (I'll finish this later)


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