48 Tributes will be reaped and two at a time will fight to the death!

District 1: Diamond Gini

D1 Male: Iron Man

D1 F: Wannis Like

D1 M: Steve Emer

Now that we have are D1 tributes they will fight!


First off Diamond and Iron.

Diamond runs to the cornicopia she's faster than Iron but Iron is smarter. Diamond looks through a suitcase when Iron snaps her neck. 'It was an easy kill' says Iron.

Now Wannis and Steve

"What kind of name is Steve?" Wannis is asking before the start of the games. Steve grabs a sword and swings it at Wannis, Wannis ducks and grabs a spear. Steve seeing no other options, throws the sword at Wannis. "Curved sword idiot" Wannis says before she thorws the spear into his chest. 'He was tough but not tough enough' Wannis said after the in.

D2M: Kian Toolbox

D2F: Lilac Tan

D2M: Joe Henson

D2F: Mary Watson


First off Kian and Lilac.

Kian stepped off and ran to it. He threw a knife at Lilac. Kian went to see if see was dead. Lilac pulled the knife out of her shouldr and lunged it into Kian's forehead. "I almost died"

Now Joe and Mary.

Joe grabs a sword and see Mary has a gun. Joe puts his hands up. Suddenly Mary points the gun to her head. BOOM! "That girl was smarter thsn anybody here" Joe says.

D3M: Manny Poll

D3F: Kandra Todd

D3M: Twean Bean

D3F: Fiana Lodlu

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