11Seven Wonders11

aka Little red Jinxy hood.

  • I live in Flip-flops, no literally.
  • My occupation is Talking for money.
  • I am Online.
  • 11Seven Wonders11

    Sometimes the stars can lead the way, to the start of your life, and to the end, but they are unlike us, unlike anything else you've ever seen... They are free, free of food, of hunger, and they can shine brighter than us, the capital, and that's a real surprise...!

    The plot is fairly simple, A new president with many hopes and wonders has risen to the "throne" and has given the capital a large, darker, remake of itself, which means the games were re-sheuduled for a year, which has been nicknamed by more the "Crescent Stage". She decided to run her hunger games based entirely on the nigth and the stars.

    1. Two tributes per person, one male one female.
    2. Make the tributes creative, the less creative or "un-original" the tributes the less chance theā€¦

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