All belongs to Suzzane Collins. I am simply combineing my ideas with hers. Thanks!

The Fire Within

Sunlight streamed through my window as the world awoke me. Mocking-jays singing, people talking, and arms folding around me is what woke me up. I smiled and rolled over on my other side to face him. I was miserable but happy at the same time. Today is reaping in District 12. I’m 19, not eligible, but my boyfriend, the love of my life, Zane, is only 18. My mother and brother are both dead, and he is all I have. His milky brown eyes stared into my own green ones. I could tell he was worried, but also happy that I was going to be safe. “We should get up and get dressed.” he said before I could. He kissed my forehead, jumped out of bed and started talking. “I’ll go hunting after reaping.” I got up, put my best dress on, and went out for breakfast. I sat down at our table and poured milk for both of us. He brought two fried eggs over, and sat down. We owned a chicken, Zane found it wandering out in the woods. So now we have the luxury of eggs to eat and sell.

After breakfast we made our way from the poor excuse of a house to the middle of District 12. Once we were in our designated roped area, I clung to Zane as it was the last time I would ever see him. I was afraid it would be.
After a series speeches and the stories of why we had to send our loved ones to the games,
stories of the Dark Days, came the reaping. I shut my eyes tightly, pretending I wasn’t there.
I wanted to be at home, getting ready to send Zane of to the woods to hunt. I shut them tighter and tighter. I wished that I hadn’t let him sign up for a tessera. I wished I didn’t live in a world were Capitol didn’t control every move we made. Finally, they started the reaping. First, they called a girl, named Marnie Callia, she marched up to the stage, looking frightened. Then, finally came time to announce the second tribute for District 12.
“Zane Cofer.”

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