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  • I live in Sim City, SimNation
  • I was born on December 25
  • My occupation is writer and casual politician
  • I am I honestly don't even know.
  • 22a5st


    December 30, 2015 by 22a5st
    • Name: Radiance L'Amour
    • Age: 16
    • Skill(s): Does beauty count as a skill?
    • Token: none
    • Bio: Radiance comes from a prominent family. Her family has connections to the Capitol, which has lead to a vast family fortune. She is very arrogant, and a tiny bit airheaded. 

    • Name: Paris Lucretius
    • Age: 13
    • Skill(s): Surprising strength
    • Token: none
    • Bio: Paris comes from the lower class of District 1, but that hasn't stopped him from becoming morbidly obese. He volunteered, shoving aside four other hopefuls. He's extremely stupid, but he makes up for it with his size. 

    • Name: Terra Valdez
    • Age: 14
    • Skill(s): discipline, strength, firearms, explosives
    • Token: none
    • Bio: Terra aspires to become a Peacekeeper like her father. She entered training at the age of twelve. She has an …

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  • 22a5st

    99th Hunger Games

    October 6, 2013 by 22a5st

    Welcome to the 99th Annual Hunger Games! You influence the game indirectly, reader, by sponsoring the tributes! Everyday, until the game ends, you may sponsor one living tribute with one item. Have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor!

    Name: Sapphire Ember

    Age: 17

    Strength(s): charisma, agility, and speed

    Weakness(es): Anything that involves actual fighting

    Personality: charming, vain, and flirtatious

    Token: golden chain necklace

                                       Weapon of choice: golden dagger

                                           Career?: Yes

    Name: Micah Frost

    Age: 14

    Strength(s): speed and agility

    Weakness(es): Anything that involves actual fighting

    Personality: boastful, confident, and determined

    Token: mica stone


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  • 22a5st

    The 30th Hunger Games

    May 23, 2012 by 22a5st

    Let's meet out tributes!

    Name: Magestic Deline

    Age: 12

    Bio: Magestic's parents own a thriving shoe store. She has three older sisters. In her spare time, she reads and writes poetry.

    Personality: Sweet, kind, determined

    Token: Mother's golden necklace

    Strengths: mending, cutting, strength

    Weakness: killing, hunting

    Weapon: scythe


    Name: Copper Majis

    Age: 16

    Bio: Copper's mother is the winner of the 3rd Hunger Games. Therefore, his family lives in complete luxery. He has a younger brother and five older sisters.

    Personality: evil, greedy, boastful

    Token: Mother's red handkerchief

    Strengths: hunting, hurling, strength

    Weakness: patience

    Weapon: everything

    Name: Mileena…

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  • 22a5st

    1st Hunger Games

    February 13, 2012 by 22a5st

    District 1

    X= dead

    Silver Goldfrock X

    Gender: F

    Age: 12

    Appearance: Gold hair, sky blue eyes, pale skin, attractive,

    Personality: Sweet, wise, determined

    Skills: Acting, spear-throwing, identifying edible plants

    Token: pearl bracelet from mother

    History: Silver's parents own a thriving apothecary. She has three little sisters and one older brother. They want her to come back alive or at least in one piece.

    Weapon: Spear and jagged rock

    Sheen Plasma X

    Gender: M

    Age: 14

    Appearance: Pale blond hair, jade eyes, pale skin, handsome

    Personality: Greedy, selfish, air-headed

    Skills: Carving

    Token: Picture of girlfriend

    History: Sheen's father is the mayor and his mother is a rich socialite. He lives in luxery and has never experienced hardship. His four sisters are…

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