Welcome to the 99th Annual Hunger Games! You influence the game indirectly, reader, by sponsoring the tributes! Everyday, until the game ends, you may sponsor one living tribute with one item. Have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor!

District 1

File:District 1 female.png
Name: Sapphire Ember

Age: 17

Strength(s): charisma, agility, and speed

Weakness(es): Anything that involves actual fighting

Personality: charming, vain, and flirtatious

Token: golden chain necklace

                                   Weapon of choice: golden dagger

                                       Career?: Yes

File:District 1 male.png
Name: Micah Frost

Age: 14

Strength(s): speed and agility

Weakness(es): Anything that involves actual fighting

Personality: boastful, confident, and determined

Token: mica stone

                                   Weapon of choice: poisoned blowgun

                                   Career?: Yes

District 2

File:District 2 female.png
Name: Onyx Wolf

Age: 15

Strength(s): hand-to-hand fighting, swordsmanship

Weakness(es): not charismatic

Personality: quiet, stoic, and emotionless

Token: N/A

                                   Weapon of choice: steel longsword

                                   Career?: Yes

District 2 male
Name: Jasper Skylark

Age: 12

Strength(s): hand-to-hand fighting, speed, agility, and javelin throwing

Weakness(es): swordsmanship

Personality: cheery, bold, and daring

Token: silver coin

                                   Weapon of choice: javelin or spear

                                   Career?: Yes

District 3

District 3 female (99)
Name: Temple Galilei

Age: 13

Strength(s): electrical work, explosives

Weakness(es): survival skills

Personality: shy, timid, and frightened

Token: N/A

                                   Weapon of choice: coil of barbed wire

                                   Career?: No

District 3 male (99)
Name: Dmitri Galilei

Age: 12

Strength(s): electrical work, explosives

Weakness(es): survival skills

Personality: confused, dazed, and scared

Token: N/A

                                   Weapon of choice: electric spear

                                   Career?: No

District 4

District 4 female (99)
Name: Sela Havet

Age: 16

Strength(s): fishing, swimming, speed, trident fighting, traps

Weakness(es): surviving without water

Personality: sweet, confident, and encouraging

Token: fish-shaped charm bracelet

                                   Weapon of choice: bronze net

                                   Career?: No

District 4 male (99)

Name: Caspian Okeanos

Age: 18

Strength(s): fishing, swimming, trident fighting, traps, charisma

Weakness(es): clumsy on land

Personality: cheeky, flirtatious, and likeable

Token: trident-shaped copper ring

                                   Weapon of choice: diamond trident

                                   Career?: No

District 5

District 5 female
Name: Althea Jessamine

Age: 13

Strength(s): explosives

Weakness(es): survival skills, slow, and clumsy

Personality: harsh, independant, and snappish

Token: N/A

                                   Weapon of choice: hand grenades

                                   Career?: Yes

District 5 male
Name: Lyn Takeshi

Age: 13

Strength(s): explosives, speed, and strength

Weakness(es): survival skills, rational thinking

Personality: quiet, impulsive, and rash

Token: N/A

                                   Weapon of choice: exploding bow and arrow

                                   Career?: No

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