Let's meet out tributes!

District 1

22a5st avatar 1

Name: Magestic Deline

Age: 12

Bio: Magestic's parents own a thriving shoe store. She has three older sisters. In her spare time, she reads and writes poetry.

Personality: Sweet, kind, determined

Token: Mother's golden necklace

Strengths: mending, cutting, strength

Weakness: killing, hunting

Weapon: scythe


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Name: Copper Majis

Age: 16

Bio: Copper's mother is the winner of the 3rd Hunger Games. Therefore, his family lives in complete luxery. He has a younger brother and five older sisters.

Personality: evil, greedy, boastful

Token: Mother's red handkerchief

Strengths: hunting, hurling, strength

Weakness: patience

Weapon: everything

District 2

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Name: Mileena Strongmind

Age: 16

Bio: Mileena was a careless little girl.....until her mother died of sickness. After that, her father married another woman and she hardened. Forced to mine, she her sweet personality diminished to nothing. She left her job of mining and started to train to become a Peacekeeper. If she wins the Hunger Games, she plans to continue her training and become a Peacekeeper.

Personality: bloodthirsty, ferocious, violent

Token: A black snake scarf

Strengths: guns, knife throwing, pickaxe, running

Weakness: strength

Weapon: dagger, knives, guns, pickaxe, darts


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Name: Kano Bulletkane

Age: 16

Bio: Kano lives in the upper-class part of District 2. His parents are bakers. Kano had a girlfriend who was a tribute. She died at the last Games. Ever since, he has been trying to find love while icing cakes and baking cookies.

Personality: proud, sly, clever

Token: girlfriend's fake bronze bangs

Strengths: camoflauge, splitting wood, persuasion

Weakness: grief

Weapon: knife, club

District 3

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Name: Elektra Fuse

Age: 14

Bio: Elektra is the fourth and only girl out of five children. After school, she works for three hours at a phone factory before working another five hours as a laundress. Her youngest brother, Elektron, is her fellow tribute.

Personality: sweet, shy, thoughtful

Token: silver tiara

Strengths: explosives, knives

Weakness: hunting

Weapon: knives, shears


Name: Elektron Fuse

Age: 12

Bio: After school, Elektron worked at a land mine factory, painting The Capital's seal on mine shells before they are packed with explosives. One mine did contain explosives and once the unsuspecting painter laid the first brush stroke...BOOM! Three quarters of Elektron's coworkers died. Everybody else suffered moderate to severe wounds. Elektron lost his left eye that day. Now, he works with his sister, fellow tribute Elektra, while she scrubs and washes clothing.

Personality: shy, scared, sad

Token: leather eye-patch

Strengths: camoflauge

Weakness: everything that involves physical activity

Weapon: none

District 4

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