District 1

                                                               X= dead

Silver Goldfrock X

Gender: F

Age: 12

Appearance: Gold hair, sky blue eyes, pale skin, attractive,

Personality: Sweet, wise, determined

Skills: Acting, spear-throwing, identifying edible plants

Token: pearl bracelet from mother

History: Silver's parents own a thriving apothecary. She has three little sisters and one older brother. They want her to come back alive or at least in one piece.

Weapon: Spear and jagged rock

Sheen Plasma X

Gender: M

Age: 14

Appearance: Pale blond hair, jade eyes, pale skin, handsome

Personality: Greedy, selfish, air-headed

Skills: Carving

Token: Picture of girlfriend

History: Sheen's father is the mayor and his mother is a rich socialite. He lives in luxery and has never experienced hardship. His four sisters are all older than him and his little brother is six months old.

Weapon: Sharp stick and sword

District 2

Selene Brawnbrain

Gender: F

Age: 13

Appearance: Brown hair, black eyes, tanned skin, beautiful

Personality: Ruthless, cunning, sly

Skills: Hand-to-hand combat, climbing, logic

Token: Piece of white cloth

History: Selene lives in luxery. Her mother is only 29 and is the mayor's daughter. Her father died when she was only six. Her five older brothers are influental people in the Capitol and send money home.

Weapon: Everything

Paxton Worsaw X

Gender: M

Age: 18

Appearance: Bronze hair, amber eyes, dark skin, average

Personality: shy, quiet, nice

Skills: Pick axe, strength, bombs

Token: Mother's wedding band

History: Paxton is an orphan. His mother was a poor sixteen year old whose rich elderly husband left her for a much richer Capital lady before dying. His mother then commited suicide after leaving Paxton at an old friend's house. He works at the Nut and is very very poor.

Weapon: Pick axe

District 3

Elektra Blue X

Gender: F

Age: 15

Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, milky skin, good looking

Personality: Quiet, loner, mournful

Skills: Wire working, can measure items without ruler

Token: Picture of little sister

History: Elektra's mother was turned into an Avox and sent back to 3. Her father works 6 hours a day at a walkie talkie factory. The Capitol took her little sister, Lizzie, a while ago.

Weapon: Copper wiring

Buzzer Wares

Gender: M

Age: 17

Appearance: Gold hair, blue eyes, pale skin, handsome

Personality: Curious, outgoing, boastful

Skills: Climbing, sifting for objects

Token: Gold coin

History: Buzzer and his family migrated to 3 from 1 when he was only a mere baby. He is kinda dumb but loves to ask questions. His brothers are all working at differnt factories and all of his sisters are married to Avoxes in the Capital.

Weapon: Flint, rusty metal

District 4

Aqua Seashell

Gender: F

Age: 12

Appearance: Red hair, gold eyes, tanned skin, pretty

Personality: Harmless, smart, shy

Skills: Knotting, net-making, logic, gathering food, mending

Token: Coral thread necklace

History: Aqua comes from a poor family. During the day, she fishes for a living.

Weapon: Trident, needle, awl

Conch Bluesea X

Gender: M

Age: 17

Appearance: Sandy hair, green eyes, tanned skin, attractive

Personality: Outgoing, humorous, snobby

Skills: Sword fighting, spearing, gathering food

Token: Father's favorite net

History: Conch is very rich. He is an only child. Both parents are alive.

Weapon: Sword, spear, net

District 5

Lina Buzzhum

Gender: F

Age: 17

Appearance: Copper hair, silver eyes, pale skin, foxish

Personality: Gentle, sweet, clever

Skills: Wiring, able to sense explosions quickly

Token: Copper wire

History: Lina is a very smart girl. She is loved by nearly everyone in 5. Her best friend happens to be 5's male tribute, Mark. Her family consists of mother, father, and two older sisters.

Weapon: Iron dagger

Mark Ironside

Gender: M

Age: 17

Appearance: Copper hair, hazel eyes, freckled white skin, average

Personality: Cocky, confident, clever

Skills: Wiring, acting

Token: Lina's lace scarf

History: Mark's parents work at a power factory. His best friend is Lina, the female tribute. He has a little brother and a female cousin living with him.

Weapon: Rope, snakeskin whip

District 6

Rhea Maestro

Gender: F

Age: 14

Appearance: Bleached black hair, milky green eyes, white skin with grayish tint, average

Personality: Sweet, curious, a little insane

Skills: Building, metal working, able to find fuel for fire

Token: Locket with mother's picture

History: Rhea lives in utmost poverty. Her whole family is addicted to morphling. Her mother is a washerwoman and her father is a hovercraft builder. She and her two male cousins work at the factory. She was driven mad when she was stung by a traker jacker at age two.

Weapon: Hammer, chisel, shears

Morphus Crack

Gender: M

Age: 16

Appearance: Brown hair, whitish grey eyes, pale skin, pockmarked

Personality: Violent, insane, confused

Skills: Brading wires

Token: Bloody armband

History: Morphus was driven completely mad when he was only six months old by electrocution. His twin brother was killed instantly by the blast. Ever since, he has been plagued by murderous dazes and an addiction to morphling. His skin is covered in sickly scars from chicked pox long ago.

Weapon: Rusty bits of metal

District 7

Juniper Axblade X

Gender: F

Age: 13

Appearance: Chocolate hair, gold eyes, cinnamon skin, gorgeous

Personality: Sweet, wise, merciful

Skills: Cutting trees, gathering wood, hunting

Token: Oak twig

History: Willow lives in a middle class section. Her father is a lumberjack and her mother owns a butcher shop. Her older brother is the male tribute.

Weapon: Axe, needle, bow and arrows

Oak Axblade X

Gender: M

Age: 17

Appearance: Gold hair, blue eyes, dark skin, average

Personality: Kind, smart, protective

Skills: Cutting trees, hunting, butchering

Token: Juniper twig

History: His younger sister is the female tribute. He is willing to kill himself in order for his sister to win. He works with his mother at their butcher shop.

Weapon: Cleaver, axe, crossbow

District 8

Lilac Valoure

Gender: F

Age: 12

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, white skin, angelic

Personality: Sweet, harmless, kind

Skills: Weaving, knotting, mending

Token: Gold needle

History: Lilac was named after her mother's favorite dress: a lilac valoure dress. They live in poverty and work at a factory that manifactures silk and satin gowns. Lilac's most treasured possession is her gold needle.

Weapon: Gold needle, scissors, awl

Satin Wong X

Gender: M

Age: 12

Appearance: Black hair, caramel eyes, bronze skin, attractive

Personality: Violent, mad, torturous

Skills: Weaving, mending, dart-blowing

Token: Black thread around his neck

History: Satin is Lilac's neighbor but they don't really know each other. Satin is shunned by many because of Asian ancestery. He hates his name. He thinks it's too femenine. He loves to torture small animals he catches.

Weapon: Awl, needle, dart gun

District 9

Demeter Brown X

Gender: F

Age: 13

Appearance: Gold hair, green eyes, tan skin, beautiful

Personality: Optimistic, outgoing, funny

Skills: Indentifying edible plants, able to find water source

Token: Pin with ear of corn on it

History: Demeter is a farmer. Her farm grows corn and grain. She is an only child and has both parents and two sheep.

Weapon: Scythe, knife, axe

Saturn Oatmeal X

Gender: M

Age: 16

Appearance: Gold hair, brown eyes, light brown skin, handsome

Personality: Funny, outgoing, kind

Skills: Identifying edible plants, able to find water source

Token: Dried grass armband

History: Saturn loves to make jokes about his last name. He has a cow named Venus and a kitten named Mercury. His parents love him and his younger sister idolizes him.

District 10

Claire Heifer

Gender: F

Age: 17

Appearance: Pale blonde hair, hazel eyes, light skin, looks like a pig

Personality: Tough, shrewd, merciless

Skills: Hunting, butchering, knife throwing

Token: Pigskin choker

History: Claire was abondoned by her rich parents at age nine because of her ugly looks. Because of that, she is very mean and evil.

Weapon: Cleaver, throwing knives, axe

Dalton Woodstock

Gender: M

Age: 12

Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, average

Personality: Funny, Smart, Annoying

Skills: Hunting, hearding, acting

Token: Blue anklet

History: Dalton lives on a cow farm. He has an older brother, both his parents, and a sheepdog named Bob.

Weapon: Crossbow, saber

District 11

Apple Sunshine X

Gender: F

Age: 15

Appearance: Black hair, black eyes, brown skin, youthful

Personality: Sweet, smart, selfless

Skills: Gathering, identifying edible plants

Token: Bronze ring

History: Apple works on an apple orchid. She lives with her oldest sister, Heidi. Both her parents are in jail at the Capital. Her other siblings are scattered across the district.

Weapon: Hunting knife, club

Rye King X

Gender: M

Age: 17

Appearance: Bald, black eyes, brown skin, average

Personality: Mature, quiet, hidden

Skills: Gathering, identifying edible plants, weaving with grasses

Token: Silver coin

History: Rye recently lost his girlfriend, his mother, and his uncle. A Peacekeeper "flush" killed them. Fueled by sadness, rage, and a case of lethargy, he plans to avenge their deaths.

Weapon: Knife, snakeskin whip

District 12

Ginger Eternalred X

Gender: F

Age: 16

Appearance: Black hair, hazel eyes, olive skin, pretty

Personality: Protective, fierce, loving

Skills: Hunting, healing, acting

Token: Mockingjay pin

History: Ginger lost her father in a flood. She provides for her mother and brother by hunting and begging.

Weapon: Bow and arrow, dagger

Wheat Mallard X

Gender: M

Age: 16

Appearance: Sandy hair, blue eyes, light skin, handsome

Personality: Kind, strong, persuasive

Skills: Camoflauge, acting, hand-to-hand combat

Token: Leather belt

History: Wheat's parents own the shoestore. He is an only child and has many friends. He has a huge crush on Ginger.

Weapon: Knife


The arena is a wood. It is gigantic. It should take a tribute a week to travel the entire length. The animals are normal but there are some harmless muttations. Some are harmful mind. There is one giant lake right smack in the middle of the wood and various streams and rivers snaking around. It is usually warm but sometimes is cool but not cold. Most of the brighter colored plants are poisonous but some are ordinary bright colored edible plants. The dark plants are all edible. The Cornucopia is situated in the middle of the lake. Floating on the lake are various supplies. The more valuble ones are nearer to the Cornucopia and on the lake floor.


The girls' outfits are dark green jumsuits made out of waterproof material. The jumpsuits have removable sleeves. They have brown boots suitable for running and climbing. They have thermal socks and a brown jacket. Their hair will be in one braided ponytail.

The boys' outfits are green t-shirts and brown pants. Their brown boots are the same as the girls'. They have light green jackets. Their socks are cotton, but not thermal.

Sponsor Items and Price
Ultra Supply Pack $2000
Average Supply Pack $1500
Low Quality Supply Pack $1450
High Quality Warm Food of Choice $1450
High Quality Dried Food $1440
Warm Food of Choice $1200
Dried Food $1150
Wild Turkey Soup $1000
Dried Apricots $1000
Burn Medicine $950
Fever Pills $850
First Aid Kit $700
Antipoison $625
Clothing pack (shirt, pants, socks, shoes) $500
Bread from Tribute's District $400
Fire Starters $375
Morphling $375
Iodine $200
Tent $150
Water (with unbreakable container)


Day 1 (Bloodbath)

The tributes stood on their metal plates. If they didn't step off in time, they would be blown up. Saturn was grinning and flashing off his teeth. He didn't know it was his last smile. While he was smiling, he wasn't concentrating on the starting bell. He was still grinning when the bell wrung. He was blown up right away. Bits of his charred flesh splattered the other tributes. Juniper screamed as blood spattered onto her jumpsuit. The Cornucopia glistened at the middle of the lake. Oak ran next to his sister and hoped that nothing would harm her. A damp packet of dried food caught Oak's eyes. He took it and scooped up his sister. "We're avoiding a bloodbath!" he shouted. He ran into the forest and scurried up the tallest tree. The branches were wide and strong enough to hold each of them. He laid Juniper down on one branch and settled on the closest one. "I'm scared," Juniper whispered. The sounds of the dying tortured the warm air.

The bloodbath was over by 7:45 pm. Out of twenty four tributes, three were dead. Demeter, Sheen, and Conch were dead. The anthem played and their pictures smiled sadly down from the dark sky. The Careers consisted of Silver, Selene, and, surprisingly, Claire. The pretty and young girls found the much older and ugly girl nicer than they thought. They settled in a cave and were sitting by a fire, dividing what little they had managed to steal and scavenge. Silver had gathered a thermal sleeping bag, three bags of dried plums, and a bottle of iodine. Claire had gathered two grey sleeping bags, five jars of pickles, and an oil jug filled with fresh water. Selene had the most. She had killed Sheen and Conch, both of which had a lot of loot. She scavenged three coats, one blanket, a first aid kit, two bottles of morphling, four jugs of water, a bottle of iodine, and sixteen packets of high quality dried food. Claire was eating her fourth pickle out of a jar. Silver was relaxing in the themal sleeping bag. Selene was cleaning off the weapons she had found for the group: Lilac's gold needle, a wooden axe, a cleaver, and a flint knife.

Lilac was pasing the length of her cave. The dying remnants of her fire provided the only light. Her golden needle had been stolen by the evil Selene. All she had left was hunting knife, a thermal bedroll, and three packets of dried catfish. The lake was nearby. She could get water anytime. She remembered forming an alliance with Sheen just to see him killed by Selene minutes later. She had been stabbed by Claire and Selene took her needle as she fell. Lilac had made a makeshift bandage out of Sheen's t-shirt. She spat into her fire and was instantly devoured by darkness.

Juniper cried to herself silently. Oak had left to find more supplies for them and had not come back yet. His juniper branch laid a few feet away from where she rested. There was a slight rustle. Suddenly, Paxton jumps out of the bushes, his eyes wild from fear. Juniper couldn't resist jumping down from the tree and hugging Paxton. "It's okay. You can stay with me," she whispered gently into his ear. The fright from his eyes slowly diminshed until only a ghost of it remained. The two sat there together in the darkness. They hugged each other and told stories. Sometimes they would stop talking and cry quietly together. After hours, Oak came back with a few blankets and coats, nine knives, and two baskets of District 11's bread. He was surprised to see the mourning couple under the tree. He could see that Juniper cared for this boy. But he was struck with sadness. He could see resemblance in the two. In Oak and Juniper, nearly no resemblance showed. He helped them make beds on the branches and swiftly fell asleep.

Day 2

Rhea and Morphus were in a thicket. Rhea was begging quietly to the world to send her some morphling. "Please! I need it! I'll do anything!" she whispered loudly. Morphus was silently eating handfuls of blueberries. Suddenly, a silvery parachute fell with a basket. Inside was a single bottle of iodine and a note. We want a little hungered romance between you and Morphus. Give us that and we'll send you morphling everyday until both ouf you die. If no romance happens between now and 3:50 pm, kiss all chances of getting morphling goodbye. The note read. Rhea showed it to Morphus. Suddenly, Morphus leapt upon Rhea and was kissing her wildly. Rhea was returning the kisses. They were on the ground, the soft leaves and moss cusioning their lovefest. They stopped when two buckets fell beside them with silver parachutes. One had six bottles of morphling. The other had a packet of dried food, two bottles of water, and a note. Not enough. We'll send morphling every two days. Continue this and maybe we'll make sure one of you makes it out alive. Rhea and Morphus knew what they had to do. Sleeping together was one thing they had not planned to do.

Dalton was eating some roasted groosling while Elektra slept. He thought this was a good time to murder someone. He mixed the sleeping pills he had found yesterday in Elektra's canteen and waited for her to eat breakfast. When she finally awoke, she reached for her canteen and chugged most of it down. Within seconds, she was slumped over, asleep. He took out his cleaver and swiftly decapitated her in one fluid motion. Her head rolled away from him as the boom of a cannon went off. One more dead, nineteen to go. He celebrated by butchering most of the body before the hovercraft came and took all of the pieces.

Apple was skinning a rabbit muttation when she heard the loud noise. She dropped the meat and held out the knife. She was ready to kill. Suddenly, Rye jumps out. He barely has time to register Apple before she promptly slices him in the neck. He falls and manages to choke out a few words. Though he was bleeding badly, his chances of survival were more than 100%. " you" he spluttered as she clutched his wound. Apple looks at him with disgust and stamps on his neck for good measure. There is an awful crunch and the distant boom of a cannon. Rye's eyes are blank and shiny. His mouth is in an awed circle. Apple is splattered in blood when the hovercraft comes to pick up Rye's corpse. From his hand drops the picture of a beautiful girl laughing at the world. Apple is so guilt ridden that she stabs herself in the head with the knife. As she dies, she hears the faint blast of her cannon. She smiles as the last bit of her life ebbs away.

Ginger was singing along with the anthem when she she felt a sharp pain on her back. She looked down and saw the bloody blade of a knife stuck through her. She gasped and fell backwards. The boy who stood over her was crying. "Wheat!" she cried. Her ally had injured her. "Ginger? Ginger!" Wheat screamed as he knelt by his dying comrade. "Why? Why me?" Ginger sobbed. "I'm sorry. I thought you were Selene. Please forgive me," he replied sadly. "I will. I have one question for you......before.....I.....die. Will you provide for my family when you win?" she whispered. Wheat shook his head. "I won't win. I love you and I won't live without you. Kill me like I killed you. Please. If you don't kill me, I'll never forgive myself," he argued. Ginger smiled and shook her head. "You will win for me. Please," she replied calmly before she shut her eyelids. Her chest stopped rising and a cannon blasted in the distance. While he waited for the hovercraft, he demanded that the Capital kill him on the spot. No hovercraft came for a long while and that long while was when he wasted away and died beside his love. The cannon boomed and the hovercraft took the dead couple away.

Day 3

Satin trapped Silver in a net and began his sick love of torture upon her. He first tied her to a rock bed and slit open her right arm. "Audience, I'm giving you a show of torture for a day's worth of meals. If you don't send me anything, once I win, the Capital will fuel my torture shows," he cackled to the sky. Silver screamed in pain as Satin slit her left arm. He also chopped of her beautiful locks and shaved the rest off with a razor blade. "Help! Please! Please!" Silver shrieked before Satin stuffed his socks in her mouth. A basket landed at the mouth of his cave. Inside was a pot of lamb stew, white rolls, and a flask of hot water.. He ate his fill, but there was plenty of leftovers. He took the hot water and scalded Silver's bleeding body with it. The socks couldn't stifle the pitiful shrieks of the victim. "Now, I will cut off her legs!" he said before chopping Silver's slim legs off. The socks were spat out and a long drawn out scream that would've scared the devil unleashed itself from Silver's dainty lips. "KILL ME NOW!!!!!!!! IT HURTS SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!" she shrieked. Satin barely had enough time to relish his victory before Selene shot an arrow through his head. When Claire and Selene came to Silver's side, she barely had enough life left. It seemed that it took most of her breath to howl her plea. "Kill me please. Please. It hurts so much," she whimpered weakly. Selene nodded sadly. "Are you sure?" she asked Silver. "I am very sure," Silver replied. Claire juiced one of the bright orange fruits into Silver's mouth. She had heard it was poisonous. Silver died instantly. The cannon boomed and a metal arms took Silver's damaged body away.

Juniper made a spread out of blueberries and rapunzel herbs and spread it on some bread she had been donated. She served the humble lunch along with water. Paxton practically inhaled his slice. Oak nibbled his until it was gone. Juniper had found curious little berries and was eating them slowly, one by one. After her tenth berry, she keeled over and a deafening boom shook the arena. Oak let out a pained scream of anguish and sadness. Paxton bellowed out despair and anger. They shook Juniper's frail body over and over, but no avail. She had died. Oak turned to Paxton, a look of insane anger twisting his handsome features. "You are the cause of my sister's death! I shall run you through with her branch!" he growled as he took the branch from Juniper's bed. Paxton armed himself with a discarded arrow. They dueled and Oak was struck dead. The cannon sounded in the distance. Paxton was so guilt ridden that he instantly stabbed himself in the neck. The hovercraft came and the three kids were taken away. Rhea and Morphus were already dead by the time Selene and Claire had found them.

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