Crystal Gold

  • District: 1
  • Age: 16
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 120 lbs.
  • Assigned Occupation: Tribute
  • Family:

Mother (age 41)

Father (age 45)

Sister (Pearl Gold, age 18 when she died)

Brother (Shayl Gold, age 19)

  • Appearance: Tall, thin, strong, long flowing curly blonde hair, striking emerald green eyes
  • Personality: Slightly conceited, elegant, intimidating, strong, can be kind and considerate
  • Strengths: Speed, agility, strength, weaponry
  • Weaknesses: Food and/or water shortage, climbing, hot weather
  • Weapon: Speed, strength, throwing knives
  • Backstory: When Crystal was little, her older sister, Pearl, was reaped for the 94th Hunger Games, and no one volunteered. She made it very far, then died in the final battle against Aven Fuller from District 2. Crystal dosen't remember much of Pearl, so she wasn't really hurt by her death because she was so small. But when Crystal volunteered for her best friend, Mirror Lovet, her parents were a bit scared and worried because they didn't want to lose their only other daughter. And also, when Pearl died, Shayl was older, so he was hurt by Pearl's death. So hurt that he ran away, and never came back. So, Crystal dosen't remember much of either of her siblings, and has always believed she is an only child. She learns of Pearl and her death when she is 17, and meets Shayl when she is 17 and he is 19.

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