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About the Book

My friend and I are writing a book that's based on The Hunger Games, but it isn't written in Katniss's perspective. It's written in the perspective of a girl from District 1 named Shine Gold who gets herself into the Games by volunteering. This is the introduction we wrote for the back of the book:

You've read The Hunger Games series. But now it's time for another novel based on the books, and acting as a continuing book.

Katniss Everdeen's rebellion, the Battle of the Capitol, and President Snow's death has stopped the Hunger Games, though many were killed.

But now, President Vick has been elected... and he wants immdediate revenge on the girl who was on fire.

But, he will allow for two victors if the final two tributes are from the same district.

The Hunger Games... are back.

And Shine Gold and Marvel Sylvin from District 1 are determined to win the 99th annual Hunger Games of Panem.

The Reaping

The Hunger Games season always begins with the reapings.

In District 1, the reaping is held in the town square. A stage in front of the Hall of Justice hold a microphone and chairs for local officials and the district's only two living victors: Cashmere Hill and Gloss Labar.

The stage also holds two large glass balls. In one are the names of every girl in the district between the ages of 12 and 18 at least once. In the other are the boys' names.

The children ages 12 to 18 stand in a roped-off area, oldest in the front and youngest in the back. Adults must stay behind the ropes.

The ceremony begins.

"Welcome, everyone!" says Pandora Sunshine, the escort for District 1. She lives in the Capitol most of the year, but on reaping day she comes out to the district to help out the tributes until the Games begin. She also acts as an announcer for the District 1 reaping every year. "Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

She shows a film from the Capitol that refreshes everyone's memory on the history of the Hunger Games. The Dark Days destroyed District 13, and new rules were issued to make sure those days never happened again. These rules stated that on the same day each year, each district must offer up one boy and one girl to compete in the Hunger Games. It went on for seventy-four years like this, and then Katniss Everdeen and the people of her rebellion brought down the Hunger Games altogether. But after President Snow died and President Vick was elected to be the new ruler of Panem, he brought the yearly tradition of the Hunger Games back as revenge on Katniss.

Now, Pandora is ready to pick the names. "Ladies first!" she says before walking to the glass ball that contains the girls' names. She digs her hand deep into the pile of paper slips and pulls one out. Everyone wonders who it will be this year as the female tribute to represent them in the 99th Hunger Games.

She removes her hand. "Mirror Lovet!" she calls.

A blonde sixteen-year-old of medium height begins to walk forward to take her place on the stage, but a voice rings out above the crowd.

"I volunteer!" calls a tall, blonde sixteen-year-old with green eyes. She wears a white dress. "I volunteer as tribute!"

Mirror dissapears back into the crowd, looking shocked. She may know our new tribute.

Meanwhile, the volunteer makes her way to the stage.

"What is your name?" Pandora asks her with a smile.

"Shine Gold", she says. Volunteering isn't uncommon in Districts 1 and 2, as they are Career districts and most children are eager to bring honor to their district by winning with their parnter.

But now, it is time to choose the male tribute. Pandora moves over to the other glass ball with the boys' names. She reaches into the ball once more and pulls a slip out.

"Marvel Sylvin!" she calls. "Any volunteers?"

We hear nothing but silence as we see a tall, strong seventeen-year-old boy with light brown hair and green eyes make his way up to the stage.

These two teenagers are definetly people to look out for in the arena. Tall, strong, and probably fast. Being Careers, they probably each also excel in one deadly weapon.

The reaping is complete, and Shine Gold and Marvel Sylvin take their places among the twenty-four tributes of the twelve districts in the 99th Hunger Games!

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