aka Nico

  • I live in Colorado
  • I was born on December 10
  • My occupation is Dancer
  • I am Male
  • 33.Elektrolytes.33

    Nico Banuelos, Sumit Price, Emanuel Del Castillo and Sal Banuelos are all tributes that I submmit for games and Below is Each of their history is below.

    Nico is created after me. His appearence is supposed to be like me. I decided to create a tribute after myself and name him after myself aswell. He Was made to be my main tribute that i submit. i made sure he would always be District 2 or 3 but for him never to be a career

    I submitted him for Shase Monster's 41st annual Hunger Games which he was the victor. He had many allies throughout thse games some including. Florin Waterheart, Ally Louis, Kub Emrille Tyren Lotiz, and many others. I also submitted him for Katelyn.Dania's Hunger games. He came out dieing third.

    Nico looks like me because i…

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  • 33.Elektrolytes.33

    Hi welcome to my first Wikia. as soon as all tributes are submitted i will begin the reapings. JUst comment your application . I need to Know THE Name AGE GENDER AND WEAPON ALSO POSSIBLE ALLIES. Please and thank you.

    Male: Deion Poriet Age: 16 Weapon: Bowie Knife

    Female: Misty Bull Age:17 Weapon: Bow and arrow

    Male: Nico Banuelos Age: 17 Weapon: Spear

    Female: Tarelia Anderson Age: 17 Weapon Bow and arrow, Knives


    Female: Amber Lerman Age: 13 Weapon: Speed

    Male: Wolf Silverthorn Age: 15 Weapon: Sickle


    Male: Emilio Dosal Age: 15 Weapon: Sword

    Female: Alexis Tow Age: 15 Weapon: Bow

    Male: Vespa Express Age 16 Weapon: Mace, Blow gun


    Male: Avan Hiro Age: 16 Weapon: Blow Gun

    Female: Tamora Bell Age !7 Weapon Axe' Instincts' Knowledge



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