Tribute Application

Hi welcome to my first Wikia. as soon as all tributes are submitted i will begin the reapings. JUst comment your application . I need to Know THE Name AGE GENDER AND WEAPON ALSO POSSIBLE ALLIES. Please and thank you.


District 1 Tributes

Male: Deion Poriet Age: 16 Weapon: Bowie Knife

Female: Misty Bull Age:17 Weapon: Bow and arrow

District 2 Tributes

Male: Nico Banuelos Age: 17 Weapon: Spear

Female: Tarelia Anderson Age: 17 Weapon Bow and arrow, Knives

District 3 Tributes


Female: Amber Lerman Age: 13 Weapon: Speed

District 4 Tributes

Male: Wolf Silverthorn Age: 15 Weapon: Sickle


District 5 Tributes

Male: Emilio Dosal Age: 15 Weapon: Sword

Female: Alexis Tow Age: 15 Weapon: Bow

District 6 Tributes

Male: Vespa Express Age 16 Weapon: Mace, Blow gun


District 7 Tributes

Male: Avan Hiro Age: 16 Weapon: Blow Gun

Female: Tamora Bell Age !7 Weapon Axe' Instincts' Knowledge

District 8 Tributes



District 9 Tributes

Male: Dominic Jogia Age: 14 Weapon: Mace

Female: Tamara Rapp Age: 15 Weapon: Nun-chucks

District 10 Tributes



District 11 Tributes


Female: Raven Wing Age: 13 Weapon Poison Darts

District 12 Tributes



Reapings: District 1

Misty Bull (District 1)'s POV

Today is the day of the reaping! I am so excited to Volunteer! I know i will dominate in the Arena. I go to the area here in District 1 where they will be held. I appear to be early because not Many people are here at the moment. A few minutes pass and various begin to arrive. The escort, i forget his name, is finally here to announce. "Welcome!" he says excitedly. "Today we will be skiping the 'dark days' razzle dazzle and announce the Tributes!!" The crowd begins to cheer because we all hate that speech. "And our Female tribute given the honor to participate in this year's games is-" I do not even let him finish his sentence and i volunteer. "I VOLUNTEER" i announce as loud as possible. "Now its my turn to take this game into my own hands" i think to myself

Deion Poriet (District 1)'s POV

That girl, Misty is a year older then me i believe. The escort is about to announce the Male. I don't want to go in because i think these games are very cruel. "Our lucky Male Tribute is.. Caleb Yates!" Caleb Yates? thats a 12 year old i can't allow that! "I volunteer!" i yell out because surprisingly no one has. I walk up to the Platform as our escort says "Your Wonderful Tribute for the Games Ladies and Gentleman!" we are then escorted to the bullet train and are off on our way.

Reaping: District 2

Tarelia Anderson (District 2)'s POV

the reaping have just started so i am unsure what to do should i volunteer or should i just keep quiet and let every one be dissapointed. I decide to volunteer. when our escort , Epi Sorkli decides to begin the sppech we all almost fall asleep. I look at the boys who will be my possible partner. I spot a boy taring at me. He has Jet black hair and eyes the color of honey. "AND OUR FEMALE TRIBUTE IS... TARELIA ANDERSON" Epi announces. I didnt have to volunteer after all but so many hand fly up to volunteer i am forced to yell "NO I DONT WNAT ANYONE TO TAKE MY PLACE!"

Nico Banuelos

I was Hopeing to distract Tarelia to let her avoid this. It didnt work out so good. Now i have to Volunteer for 2 reasons. 1. To protect the younger tributes like my Martial arts instructer told me before here. 2. to protect Tarelia. "And for our Male Tribute Derryn SInok" "I VOLUNTEER!" i yell out as loud as possible. I look out into the crowd and see my teacher he gives me a smile and mouth "Go for the weapons you can handle" I decide that will me my battle strategy

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