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  • 3 Derpy Berries

    Hello Motha luvers this is Dora tha ghetto explorer. So after me and Berry cancelled Triology - HG aftewr we fighted we decided to revive this with Cathcing Fire! If you dont know how is works its basicly CF with users instead of the characters. Just comment or ask us in chat if you wanna be in it.

    Katniss - Cass

    Peeta - Kaeghan

    Gale - Kekai

    Gloss - Joan

    Cashmere - Lilly

    Brutus - Charlie

    Enobaria - Dani

    Beetee - Blake

    Wiress - Gruff

    Finnick - Wes

    Mags - Chandni

    Female Morphling - Tara

    Blight - Justin

    Johanna - Jade

    Woof - Vinny

    Cecelia - Ian

    Seeder - Kacey

    Snow - Emma

    Prim - Mia

    Plutchard - Sam

    Ceasar - Rachel Tice hurhur

    Cinna - Anna

    Haymich - Berry

    Effie - Nick

    Annie - Alice

    6 months have passed since I endured hell with Kaeghan. I still can vividly see the red b…

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  • 3 Derpy Berries

    Heyy guys this is Alice, Joan and Berry.

    Daniel Strutter and Olivia Hayther were former teachers at Spirit Wielder, but when Miss. Rainbaws discovers Daniels obsession with dark magic she takes away his powers and Olivia, his partner gets furious. Olivia secretly uses a time potion to become young again and they get into Spirit Wielder School of Supernatural Children.

    This year, a few lucky teenagers realize they're the last Genderbenders. Power hungry, Daniel and Olivia murder Miss Rainbaws and the four houses, Pyrestaff, Nightingale, Wrymcrow and Silverfountain have to find out who the murderer is. Strange genderbending appears, high school drama and the worst of all... Ah well, read to find out.

    This isn't really a games thing it's a fan f…

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