Heyy guys this is Alice, Joan and Berry.

Work in Progress!!

The Three Derpy Berries will have it ready soon!


Daniel Strutter and Olivia Hayther were former teachers at Spirit Wielder, but when Miss. Rainbaws discovers Daniels obsession with dark magic she takes away his powers and Olivia, his partner gets furious. Olivia secretly uses a time potion to become young again and they get into Spirit Wielder School of Supernatural Children.

This year, a few lucky teenagers realize they're the last Genderbenders. Power hungry, Daniel and Olivia murder Miss Rainbaws and the four houses, Pyrestaff, Nightingale, Wrymcrow and Silverfountain have to find out who the murderer is. Strange genderbending appears, high school drama and the worst of all... Ah well, read to find out.

The Characters

This isn't really a games thing it's a fan fiction so we already chose the people who will be taking part (sorry in advance if you're not in here). We could only have 20 students and a few teachers.


All the characters in Spirit Wielder will be genderbent. This means you'll be the oppostie gender, no complaining if you don't like your name please C: On the left is your name and on the right is your genderbent name.

Alice Alan
Berry Benedict
Joan Joanna
Oli Olivia
Kekai Kiki
Kiki Kasper
Sarah Simon
Erlend Erline
Ryan Rea
Anna Aaron
Lauren Loren
Cass Cas
Mia Milo
Justin Justine
Callam Camilla
Dani Daniel
KEAP Danielle
Sky Skye
Emma Emilio
Luka  Lucy

There are four houses, each one of them have your own special power.

Pyrestaff-  Extremely intelligent, can find billions of combinations, codes etc, fluent in over 100 languages

Nightingale- Manipulate shadows, teleport with shadows

Wrymcrow- Super strength, super jumps, extremely fast

Silverfountain- Mind control, love potions, hypnosis

Take note these are the last names of Alice's tributes so you may not use them unless you ask for permission. Pyrestaff are the "nerds", Wrymcrow are the "jocks", Nightingale are the "emos" and Silverfountain are the "preppy girls". There are 5 students in each house, we have sorted you out ourselves.

Pyrestaff- Erline, Alan, Aaron, Loren, Rea

Wyrmcrow- Emilio, Benedict, Cas, Simon, Kasper

Silverfountain- Camilla, Skye, Justine, Kiki, Joanna

Nightingale- Olivia, Daniel, Danielle, Milo, Lucy

But there is one more house.. a secret house that no one knows of, the Genderbenders. The last to be exact, they're almost extinct and only a few special teenagers get in this house. They are;

Loren, Cas, Erline, Benedict, Joanna, Aaron, Alan and Emilio.

Oh, we almost forgot the teachers.

Wendy (Wesley) Teacher
Jade Rainbaws (Not genderbent) Principal
Colette (Colin) Teacher
Liam (Liz) Teacher
Anthony (Annie) Teacher
Lessandro (Leslie) Teacher

We won't be writing in third persons view we'll be writing from 4 peoples views from 4 different houses. Those people are Benedict, Alan, Joanna and Milo. We're writing like this because we think that it's a lot better and funner because the characters get to express their emotions and it's better. This doesn't mean we won't be including everyone, we WILL be including all of the characters but 20 POVS is a bit hard to do.

Chapter 1- The Sorting Berries

Alan's POV

I got my letter from Spirit Wielders School of the Supernatural a week before school started. It spoke about being accepted into the school, that I had supernatural powers and that I'd be joining other people with the same abilities as me. What did I think? BS. I was sure it was my friend Emilio, a huge Harry Potter fan, had faked the letter just to tease me. I kept it anyways, I'd never seen Emilio's handwriting so neat and it was pretty well written. 

The day just before classes started, I was on Tumblr, it was getting dark so I turned on the lamp on my desk and as the room lit up I looked up from my monitor and saw the letter pinned to my wall. I scanned it and stared at the address at the bottom of the letter.

The Spirit Wielder bus will come to pick you up at exactly 6:40 AM. The only things you will need to bring are your most precious belongings (such as an MP3 player) and an extra pair of clothes.

-Principal Rainbaws

I scoffed and threw it on the floor, going back to the computer. I ignored it all night, but in the morning my things were ready and I was waiting outside my door at 6:40 AM.

The bus was like any typical North American bus, big, yellow, long and had an overweight sneezing driver. Man, Emilio must've really sketched this out well. I climbed into the bus and a crowd of students turned their heads to look at me. I didn't know any of them except Benedict in the back. I could notice his ginger hair from miles away. The driver kicked my shin and sneezed again. "Move it kid, I've got a schedule," he snapped at me and I resisted the urge not to punch him. Whatever, I probably won't see him again. It's only a joke after all. The whole school is probably in this.

I made my way to the back of the bus and slumped next to Benedict. I nudged him in the rib cage. 

"Oi, you're in this too?" I asked. Benedict looked up at me from his phone and raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" he asked, confused.

"Y'all are just playing a prank. The school, you don't believe it do you?" I said impatiently and Benedict tucked away his phone.

"Nope. I totally believe it. It was only a matter of time before Hogwarts accepted me as the greatest wizard of all times," he grinned. I rolled my eyes, he could be funny at times but right now I wanted a serious conversation. The bus lurched forward only to stop at the next house.  When it stopped a girl wearing glasses with a long ponytail and a VERY short skirt came up. She smiled when she saw me and started walking to me. She sat next to me shoving Benedict against the window for some space. "Hey there hottie I'm Joanna." She had a weird accent that made her drag the "r" really long and say the vocals in a very exagerated way. But I still managed to make out what she said and blushed.

"Alan," I quickly awsered

"Mmmm Alan... Nice name..." She said with a purr. I felt how Benedict was laughing against the glass. I stomped him on the foot making him stop. 

"Thank you."

"You know what? My father owned a chicken farm, I hope I can deal with your cock some day," she said with a wink as she placed a leg ontop mine. Oh no I have a boner... Help me!

The Arrival- Milo's POV

I ended up in the back of the bus with 4 other students. One of them was an extremely short girl with long pink hair which I think is called Lucy, a small light haired boy with a scowl on his face and a tall blue eyed girl next to him with a huge smile and a tall Asian girl. I shrank back in my seat and fiddled with the seatbelts. I didn't understand why we needed them, this bus was extremely slow.


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