Hello Motha luvers this is Dora tha ghetto explorer. So after me and Berry cancelled Triology - HG aftewr we fighted we decided to revive this with Cathcing Fire! If you dont know how is works its basicly CF with users instead of the characters. Just comment or ask us in chat if you wanna be in it.

The Cast

Katniss - Cass

Peeta - Kaeghan

Gale - Kekai

Gloss - Joan

Cashmere - Lilly

Brutus - Charlie

Enobaria - Dani

Beetee - Blake

Wiress - Gruff

Finnick - Wes

Mags - Chandni

Female Morphling - Tara

Blight - Justin

Johanna - Jade

Woof - Vinny

Cecelia - Ian

Seeder - Kacey

Snow - Emma

Prim - Mia

Plutchard - Sam

Ceasar - Rachel Tice hurhur

Cinna - Anna

Haymich - Berry

Effie - Nick

Annie - Alice

The story...

6 months have passed since I endured hell with Kaeghan. I still can vividly see the red blood in his red hair... If that makes any sense... BECAUSE I REALLY DIDNT NOTICE IT UNTIL I WATCHED THE RECAP AND RACHEL TICE POINTED IT OUT! 

  • BEEPIN* Rachel Tice... That hoe... I hear a knock in my door and I open it. Anna stands there with a set of dresses in her arm and then that random*BEEP* starts again.

"After I knocked in the door I felt the breaze come out from her room into my body. She must have had the window open. I gently ask her to close it before I could get a cold-" After being used to Anna's Diaries for over 7 months I close the window and smiles at her "-Her smiles was welcoming it was obvious she was trying to hide the pain of going to District 11, it must be terrible for her seeing Rueanna's and Threshomebody's families-" That hoe... "I show her a red dress with red gems sticked to it creating the pattern of autumn leaves and then a blue and black dress that is way to provocative compared to the other outfits I make. I wait for her response hoping she chooses the red one." 

"Anna I want the second one, the black and blue one" *BEEP* thats for remembering me about the families

"I open my mouth in an 'O' shocked seeig how the games have changed Cassandra's tastes... Poor thing she isnt 18 yet but willing to make herself a *BEEP* for rich Capitol people"

Did she just... "ACTUALLY THE RED ONE!" I shoat grabbing it from her arms and pulling it on not even taking the clothes I was wearing at the moment.

Happy Hunger Games Cass... You should have swallowed that *BEEP* berry...

After trying on like 10 *BEEP* dresses I get onto the train that will go to district 11. Suddenly Mia runs up to me. 

"Cass!" She says wrapping her arms around me

"I will also miss you Mia" I say before she can speak

"Uh no... I was just going to tell you that a dog tried to have sex with Lady..."

"Ok then..." Is ay sighing and getting inside the train.

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