The List of Tributes

District 1-(Careers: Both)

Ruby Eversone(Volunteer, Female)- 17 Years Old, has been training her whole life for the Games. Not that tall, about 5'4".Has Blonde, Shoulder-length Hair.She has Dark Blue Eyes. The Mace is her favorite and best weapon.

Nathan Quilver(Volunteer, Male)- 17 Years Old, has been training vigorously after his brother's Death when he was little. Tall, about 5'9", Muscular, Has blond hair mixed with a bit of Brown and Green Eyes. With a Sword he might just win the Games.

District 2-(Careers: Both)

Karen Cadene (Female)- 15 Years Old, has been forced to train by her Father after the humiliating defeat of her sister. Not that Tall, somewhere between 5'2" and 5'4". Has Glossy black Hair in which she keeps in a Ponytail. She can hit moving targets with a Spear.

Peter Valorya(Volunteer, Male)- 18 Years Old, trained vigorously and harshly or the past 8 Years. Tallest boy, 6'2" Has Golden hair and brown eyes. Tends to get angry most of the time and he appears to have no other feelings rather than Anger and Hatred.

District 3

Mariel Green(Female)- 16 Years Old, didn't train for the Games but helped her Father in some ocassions in the Factory. Is Tall, Has short Brown hair. She is a fast-thinker and a Swift. She has a small ability to use a Mace and Knife.

Taleth Jo(Male)- 14 Years Old, He didn't train for the Games but can disarm a person of his/hers weapon. Has Dark brown hair and bright Green eyes.

District 5

Reenee Golda(Female)- 12 Years Old, Has flowing Red Hair. She is portrayed as Small and fragile by the Careers. But that is her Strategy. She can run very Fast and not tire quickly. She is usually following careers and steals food if they aren't looking.

District 6-(Career)

Kole Pryor(Male)- 13 Years Old, Has golden hair and Hazel eyes. He is somewhat muscular and tall. He is wicked with any weapon but he uses Axes and Maces the most. He is also insecure at times.

District 10

Denver Silva(Male)- 17 Years Old. Since he works in the farm. He knows animals and some Plants. He is Tall about 5'8" and is not Bloothirsty, Although muscular. He can survive with a Knife and Spears.

District 11- (Main Charcters)

Aileen Rivera(Female)- 15 Years Old. She loves to climb trees and knows many Plants. She is not that tall. She uses her Bows and Arrows and she is very good at Archery and has amazing Reflex. She can run very fast also. She has Glossy Reddish-Brown Hair.

Garrett Pryor(Volunteer, Male)- 15 Years Old. Tall 5'10". Muscular and has Pale blonde Hair. He is Kind and Gentle. but he will do what is necessary for the people he loves. He knows how to use Camouflage. He uses the Knife and Spear.

District 12

Hannah Philman(Female)- 13 Years Old. Not that tall 5'1". She can wield a pick and throw a Spear and she exels in those two. She also stalks tributes who have food to have food for herself. She gets what she wants and leaves the place before they catch her.

OK. The next is the Interviews ok? I dont wanna tell how they got reaped because It is time-consuming to make them and probably you know what happens during the reapings right? The District escort pulls out a name, Districts 1 and 2 volunteers and the rest.... well you know. So I'm sorry I didnt tell you guys that I am making a fanfiction, I'm dealing with personal stuff right now so.. Expect the next Chapter coming soon!.

------ 4eVaTTTHG <3

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