RULES When you make your tribute make a picture on  so i have picture for the anthem, also when you make your tribute in the comments and i will pick the one i want if the games have started and you make a tribute your tribute will be in the next their weapon speacilltiy and skills

RULE CHANGE: you can now make three tributes

Chariot rides

you can vote for your tribute or tributes once and other pepoles tribute twice the more votes a user tributes get there over all money increases by twenty five dollars, there will be no intrviews

For training scores you will post the tribute you like name in the comments, each person will have two votes each

and the way sponsors will work is every one who made a tribute will get 500 dollars for the first tribute and 100 dollars for the other two sponsor some one elses tribute. If your tribute wins he/she will be mentor for that district.


  • Water $ 12
  • Blanket $20
  • Matches $40
  • food [ post what kind] $ 80
  • Sword $ 100
  • shield$ 120
  • Rope $ 70
  • Snare kit$ 200
  • Map$ 230
  • Armor $ 1,00
  • healing medicine$ 3,000
  • Quiver of arrows X10 arrows $ 300
  • Knife belt X12 Knives $ 700

​You can also earn money if your tributes kill some one it gives you $ 10

You can also combine money with others but let me know first


The arena will be a forest  with a mountain range, beach, caves, and a field full of tall grass with a clearing. the mountains will turn into a volcano at any time in the games. the forest will have bird mutts. and a deer mutts. the what will have pirannah type fish in the water, and the caves will bat have mutts and you can get lost every easy. The arena will cover a lot of land  and the cornucopia will be in the middle of a beach to th e south there will be a forest to the north the base of a mountain to the east a filed of tall grass and finally to the west a beach

The weapons in the cornucopia will be gold and silver

The arena out fits,  Male:  black pants, district color shirt, black combat boots, and a black wind breaker hoodie.

Female: same as males.


The gold is the center where the tributes will start, the Dark green is the forest, The orange is the caves, The Gray is the mountains,And the light green is the beach. And the brown is the force feild


There will be bird mutts with skewer beaks, Fish mutts that are tiny but hunt in packs and have very sharp teeth, deer mutts that seem cuddly but vicous when aproached, little worm mutts that resemble maggots and oncethey touch you they multiple and eat every thing they touch, bat mutts that will only be found in the cave they will have big ears, big eyes and noses they will be the size of humans and have poisinous claws, in the finale the tributes who have died will come back as vicous wolf mutts that resemble them.


District 1

District one's chairiot pulled out by horses that were dyed silver, it was made out of precious stones such as emralds, rubies, and dimonds, Leah Mirage wore an gold dress decorated with shards of silver on the chest, Nitro wore a saphire blue tunic with gold lining

District 2

The chariot from two was pulled out by yellow mustangs[ the horse], and the chariot was a giant capitol seal and Mackenzie and Hayden wore out fits similar to Cato and Cloves parade out fits   District 3

The chariot was pulled by pure white horses, the charoit was so bright the crowd shilded their eyes when the light dimed Plus and Minus were inside a giant light bulb and wore copper out fits that made them look like filiements

District 4

The horses were dyed blue and wore mermaid tails, Kodia wore a neptune out fit with a trident made out of scales and Kokoro wore a mermaid costume with a blue tail and white sea shell braw, their chariot was a giant white clam shell

District 5

The chariot was pulled by simple horses but the chariot was great it looked like an atom illuminate was wearing a simple blue tunic and Geo was wearing a simple red tunic

District 6

Silver horses pulled the train like chariot  and Blaze wore a Solid grey mechanic's out fit and he had grease stains on his face and a black tool belt and Blaise wore a  purple stuartess out fit

District 7

The horses were dark brown and had leaf green manes the chariot was a red wood tree and the crowd searched for the tributes and they found them  on top of the tree, Jack was dressed in a green tunic and Lily wore a brown dress and the chest was made out of  leaves

District 8

The horses were dyed different colors one pink and the other black. The chariot was spool of pink thread and  Banette wore a black out fit with a pink belt and pink shoes, and Rayven wore the same thing as him only hers was pink and she had black ecssories.

District 9 The horses were light brown and had dark brown manes.  The chariot was decorated with wheat and barley stalkes and Petilola wore a silver wheat head band and a flowing brown dress with grain desings on it, Samuel  wore a brown toga with the same patterns as Petilola's dress

District 10

The horses were dyed to look like cows and the chariot was white with black spots, Blaine and Lei wore cowboy out fits.

District 11

The horses had fruits painted on to their white bodies. Petilola was dressed like a peach and Samuel was dressed like an apple

District 12

The horses were coal black and so was the chariot  but the tributes wore firey red out fits.

Male top

Female bottom


1. Nitro shifter

boy with the pickhachu tatto
1.Leah Mirage lydia martin 1
2.Hayden Austin Grumpily 4
2.Mackenzie maxmark your favorite salmon
3.Minus Silence Night lock kryptinite
3.Plus Silence Night lock kryptintie
4.Kodia Hitogoroishi Mist fire 333
4.Kokoro hitogoroishi mistfire 333
5.Geo Railse Your Favorite Salmon
5.illuminate sensorium boy with the pickachu tatto
6.Blaze Nether Teh blak death
6.Blaise End Teh blak death
7.Jack Grimm Teh only umbreon
7.Lily Starsight Your Favorite Salmon
8.Banette Tsukomogami mist fire 333
8.Rayven Kai Royal Doggie
9.Poppa Rocks Mistfire 333
9.Alana Henderson TDR97
10.Blaine Criss Crtha 2.0
10.Lei Arcuras Royal Doggie
11.Samuel Samuel Teh blak death
11.Petiola Midrib TDR97
12.Amethyst Trestan TDR97
12.X Grumpily 4


Leah Mirage

Mackenzie maxmark

Minus silence Plus silence

Hayden Austin

Nitro Shifter: leader

Banette Tsukomogami

Anti careers

Blaine Criss[leader]

Illuminate[co leader] 

Geo Railse

Petilola Midrib

Alana Henderson


Kodia Hitogoroshi,Kokoro Hitogoroshi,Blaise End, and Blaze Nether

lily starsight and Jack Grimm

Poppa Rocks and Samuel Samuel



Rayven Kai

Amethyst Terstan



The traning out fits  were black pants and boots and a tight white shirt that had there district number in black font on the shoulder. I decided to head over to target practice, when I got to the section she grabbed a gold quiver filled with gold arrows and a dozen knives with silver hilts and gold blades.  " You may begin" the instructor said.  There was fake blood every where and knifves and arrows in dummies heads and chest, when I ran out of arrows and knives thats when the instructor told me the session was over.


I was hacking a dummies head off with an axe  when I saw my district  patner,  Leah Mirage, they hadn't talked much on the train but when they did its was cold and spitefull on her end of the conversation. She was pretty with her blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail and her green eyes. I walked over to her and asked  if she wanted to start the careers she said yeah and they walked to go recruit tributes.

MINUS SILENCE   P.O.V Me and Plus were at the fire starting training when the tributes from one walked up to us and said " you guys want to join the careers"?   I thought about it for a second  " if I  do join the careers me and plus will have food and water and shelter, but when they split up it would be hard to kill them and if I died plus would die for sure I can't reist that we will be safe for a while"    "yes" I said, Plus gave me a angry glance. We were at  target practice I grabbed a spear and hurled it into the chest of the dummy and blood poured out.    " okay, your in now its your sisters turn" Nitro told me.


I grabbed the axe off of the rack, I admired the gold axe blade and walked 

over to five dummies and started hacking off their limbs and splattering the fake blood on to my uniform  and face. When I was done I walked over to the group my brothers face was in complete shock " your in"  Leah said with a smile on her face, Nitro and Leah walked off side by side  and me and minus followed as we walked he asked me where i'd learn to do that i told him beigginers luck.


I decided  to go to the enviroment  traing first then go to weapons, I was building a snare when I decided to start the anti careers. I  saw Blaine [10] at the dummy practice he was slicing dummies throats when I walked over to him. " Hi my names illuminate, did you join the careers" ? I asked him " no, I tried put they didn't think I was good enough" he replied with annoyance in his voice " that was a mistake on their part, why don't you oin me and we start the anti careers" I said whith a seductive tone.  " Sure Luma, I'll join" he said.



I stood there in the long ran`ged section, a long gold trident with silver prongs I hurled it into the head of a dummy and fake blood squirted out.   "Great job"  the instructor said with a cheerful tone in her voice. I was  walking to the safe plant test when the boy from district 3 walked up to him, " do you want to join the careers".  I had to process this for a second " did he just ask me to join the careers, this had to be a joke the scrawny, green haired, purple eyed boy from 3 asked him if wanted to join the careers, theres no way they recruited him"    " is this a joke"? I asked him. "What do you mean its a simple question, do you want to join or not" he said his voice more aggresive  " Yeah I'll join" I said.  We walked over to the sparring section and I met the other careers, Nitro from one who was apparently the leader  his district partner Leah and the green haired boy's sister.


I was slicing a few dummies in half when she walked in my district partner, Lily Starsight, she was gorgeous her long brown hai pulled back into a ponytail, and her eyes were so blue they reminded me of the ocean.  After a few dummy heads were cut of i decided to talk to her  I seen her at the short ranged section slicing and dicing dummies, " If what i'm about to do goes as planned i might win the games" I thought to my self as i tapped her on the shoulder.  " Hey Lily, can we talk

" ?  I asked her " about what" she replied  " about us teaming up"  I  said  with cleverness in my voice, " sure why not, I could use some help to win" she said wipping the sweat of her face.


I sat down with  my district partner and former ally  Jack Grimm at lunch break. "So whats are plan for the blood bath" ? I asked while taking a bite ouy of my sandwich  " we should just grab the out lining supplies and weapons then leave and go back to the cornucopia at night when the careers go hunting for tributes" he told me.


I decided  me and my sister were going to need an alliance if one of us  were to go home, I searched for tributes that looked like they would be helpful in the arena. Then  I found the pair from six, " hey sis, what do you think about them" I said pointing to the tributes from six.  " Lets see what they can do before we go over there with open arms" Kokoro said while tying up  her boots. The male from six was throwing a chained sickle into a dummies chest, " how  is training going" ?  I asked   " fine, what do you want" he said as he ripped the sickle out of the dummy by the chain.  " Me and my sister, Kokoro, over there talking to your district partner were thinking about  starting an aliiance and you guys seem skilled enough for us so what do you say" I told  him   " I say sure, but we are not friends we are just using each other to not get killed" he said with an attitude.


I was talking to  Blaise End the female from six about joining me and brothers alliance she said yes and we met up with my brother at lunch break and devised  a strategy, " how are we going to do the blood bath"? Kodia asked " we should guard each other and grab weapons and supplies then leave" Blaze said " I agree "  I said  handing my plate to an avox.

X P.O.V  [ I am going to make hers a narritive do to description]   X was ripping of dummies heads with her teeth and torturing the dummies as if they were a live, and she hissed at the instructors when they told her it was time to go.


I wanted to join the careers badly but I didn't want to seem like a begger, so I hopped that some one over there would notice my Artchery skills. After awhile of penatrating dummies heads they started to point at me, then finally my distict partner Hayden walked to me and said   " They think your good and want to know if you'll join us" he said staring into my eyes " I thought you guys would never ask" I said.


I was training so hard, " I have to win these game" I thought to myself, winning means every thing to me.  If I win I can afford to put my parents in rehab that they so badly need.


Me and illuminate  were practicing how to build a shelter when illuminate's district partner walked up to us. " Are you guys the anti careers" he asked, " yeah" illuminate said while tying a knot.  " Well  I was wondering if I could join you guys" he asked  " sure" I said " really, no try out or anything" he asked in astonishment. "Yup" I said shaking my head. We spent the rest of the day we practiced at the survival skills.

AMETHYST TRESTAN P.O.V I was at the  enviorment area of the training center learning how to make hand made nun chucks out of vines and branches in case there wasn't any in the cornucopia wich was very likely.  Then the boy from five walked up to me as I was bashing a dummies head in with my hand made nun chucks and asked me if I wanted to join the anti careers. Usually every year the anti careers would try to rebell in the games by getting to the finals and not kill, but they usually died tragic deaths, " I'll pass" I said with out looking at him, " okay" he said he looked disapointed when he told the rest of his group.


I was fireing a cross bow into a dummies head as I looked around to see if I could find a tribute good enough to  ally with, Then I saw Samuel Samuel from district eleven at the sword station slashing a dummies head off. "Hey would you think of teaming up with me" I said " sure" he said. Then the final day of training was over and the games were tommorow.

Training scores

                                                                                      score           odds

Nitro Shifter D1 9 12-1
Leah Mirage D1 10 10-1
Hayden Austin D2 8 13-1

Mackenzie Maxmark

D2 9 10--1
Minus Silence D3 6 26-1

Plus Silence

D3 5 27-1
Kodia Hitogoroshi D4 11 9-1

Kokoro Hitogoroshi

D4 9 10-1
Geo Railse D5 8 20-1
Illuminate Sensorium D5 4 39-1
Blaze Nether D6 7 19-1
Blaise End D6 8 13-1
Jack Grimm D7 10 14-1
Lily Starsight D7 7 18-1
Banette Tsukomgami D8 11 10-1
Rayven Kai D8 5 30-1
Poppa Rocks D9 6 24-1
Alana Henderson D9 5 25-1
Blaine Criss D10 8 13-1
Lei Arcuras D10 8 12-1
Samuel Samuel D11 9 19-1
Petiola Midrib D11 10 13-1
Amethyst Trestan D12 7 18-1`
X D12 5 20-1


Blood Bath/ Day One

Jack Grimm P.o.v I rose from my bunker into the arena, there was a forest to my right a entrance to a cave behind me, a beach to my left and a mountain range in front of me. I looked for Lily my district partner and ally for these awful games. I saw her three pedastls to my right she pointed towards the forest I shook my head then the gong rang and we grabbed a back pack and dashed into the forest and where we would wait for the careers to leave and they would steal some supplies.

Hayden Austin P.O.V

I was chasing the dog girl from tweleve with a golden trident in my hand, I hurled it into her leg wich was hard to do becuase she was running on all fours. Then I hurled a trident into her head as she entered a cave.

X  [third person]

X was running on all fours like a dog heading towards the caves when Hadyen Austin started to prosue her with tridents in hand, She was a few yards from the cave when the first trident went through her leg then one through her head.

Blaise End P.O.V

When I reached the arena I searched for my alliance then I found Kodia, I hadn't known him for long but I was starting to develop feelings for him put I knew only one of us could get outt of this death trap and that would be me. The gong rang and I was off, I had manedged to grab a blue back pack and a I was off I didn't grab a weapon because I didn't want to risk it. I followed my brother and the rest of my alliance into the caves but a flash of light caught my eye I looked to see what it was and there was the girl from tweleve limp and pale and there were two tridents sticking out of her head and leg. I hurryed and grabbed them and ran into the cave.

Rayven Kai P.O.V

I stood on my plate waiting to get away from this place, then the gong rang and I ran off not looking back at all and I ran straight for the mountains hoping no one followed me.

Leah Mirage P.O.V

I glared at other tributes trying to scare them and it was working do to my high score and the fact that I was a career. The gong rang and I was off I ran straight for the bow and arrows and climbed onto the cornucopia and took aim on the tributes trying to take me and the careers supplies. I looked around and saw the district seven tributes running off with a back pack and I shot the girl in the arm with the arrow.  " won't take long until that gets infected" I thought to my self.

Poppa Rocks P.O.V

As soon as the gong sounded I ran and met up with Sam from district twelve so we could keep this alliance going. "You okay" I asked him putting a bag over my shoulders and told him to stay where he was. I ran up to Nitro from district one he had a axe and sword in his hands I crept up behind him and kicked his legs from under him and he crashed to the ground.   " Hayden"! he yelled I quickly grabbed both weapons and ran off, I didn't want the careers tracking me right now that would have to wait when they are weaker. Then me and Sam ran off to the beach.

illuminate Sensorium P.O.V

I dashed to the cornucopia trying to grab supplies for the anti careers. When I reached the the golden horn a golde axe connected to my neck.

Plus Silence P.O.V

I was breathing hard as I was lifted into the arena when the gong rang I was so scared I froze not moving at all then I snapped out of it and followed the plan me my brother and the careers made, I was to hide in the cornucopia and attack any one who got past Leah's arrows.  When I got inside I grabbed an axe and hide behind a larege crate then the girl from district five ran in I had to do it or the careers would kill me, I jumped up and cut her head off staining the once golden blade with red

Nitro shifter P.O.V

I had never been so humiliated in my life. I had to call for help and the boy from nine snuk up behind me and took my weapons I wouldn't get any sponsors any time soon if  I didn't redim my self by getting a kill. "Lets head up to the mountains" I told the careers, " why" Banette  asked   "because I said so, and just for that your on gaurd duty" I barked at him. " Hayden, Leah, Mackenzie, and me are going to the mountains the rest of you are going to gaurd the supplies don't do any thing stupid" I said to them   " we will be back in the morning", After we packed supplies and grabbed some weapons we headed out.

Rayven Kai P.O.V

I was sitting in a cave in the mountains I had a fire going and I had killed a rabbit by sufficating it and now I was cooking it over the small fire I had made, I wasn't  worried about anybody finding the smoke because of how high I was and plus it was dark. Then I heard snow crunching then I saw them the careers actually there was only four of them but I knew there was no chance sinceall I was a knife. "Look who we have here"  Hayden the boy from two said with a smile I started to cry, I thought about my family and friends back in my district at least I would go back but dead and in a cheap wooden box. The girl from one grabbed an arrow out of her quiver,notched it in took aim then let it fly.

Banette Tsukomgami P.O.V

We were just sittinng around the cornucopia when an axe can hurling into my chest, I sat ther in shock but I didn't die I guess its not my time.

Lily Starsight P.O.V

Jack and I ran out of the woods to the cornucopia, I through an axe into some ones chest then two pepole ran off I didn't care about them because I was in no shape to fight with my arm injury me and Jack graabbed as much as we could then ran.

Mackenzie Maxmark P.O.V

We had made it back to camp to find that some one had stolen most of are supplies and Banette on the ground with an axe in his chest, but the only cannon we heard last night was the girl from eight. when we reached him he was breathing hard. " What happened"!? Nitro yelled " we were ambushed by the district seven tributes and Plus and Minus ran of into the forest"  he struggled to say then his cannon went off.

  • DISTRICT 5 illuminate Sensorium
  • DISTRICT 8 Banette Tsukogami
  • DISTRICT 8 Rayven Kai


Kodia Hitogoroshi P.O.V

Me and Blaise had gotten close sience the blod bath but I couldn't develope feelings for her not in this,

we had been in these caves for a day and are water was geting low and we hadn't gotten sponsors yet. "Lets take a lunch break" I said and removed the bag from my shoulders and pulled out some jerky.

Petilola Midrib  P.O.V

I sat in the forest with the rest of the anti careers, I had only joined the so I could kill them later. I felt bad for Geo he had lost his district partner illuminate in the blood bath and when they showed her face he ran off for the rest of the night, but that wouldn't stop me from killing him.

Blaise End P.O.V

My mouth was so dry that I could bareley swallow, then the beeping of a parachute came. This parachute was bigger than others and when we opened it there were four canteens filled with water. "Thank you so much"! I yelled out. That night we drank water and ate jerky.

Geo Railse P.O.V

I was so devistated when I saw Luma's head being chopped off and it was worse seeing her face for the last time, but I had no time to sulk the anti careers food was running low and we needed to find water because we couldn't find any water or game. " We have to go find water, so heres what we'll do is split up into groups of two Petilola come with me, Alana and Blaine go south" I said while picking up a sword. After we walked a good mile or so I felt a sharp pain in my back then I fell to the ground on my stomach then something rolled me over, Petilola stood over me with a bloody sickle in her hand as she brought it down I thought " I'm coming luma".

Alana Henderson P.O.V

I was walking through the forest with blaine looking for food when we saw it, a snow white deer with gold flakes and the biggest bluest eyes in the world. I started to walk towards it looking into its eyes        " ALANA STOP, ITS A MUTT"! Blaine yelled at me but I didn't stop until it was to late. The once beautiful animal turned jet black and its eyes turned black then it jumped on me and more came tearing at my flesh.

Blaine Criss P.O.V

I stood there in terror as I heard Alana scream my name, I had to go before they turned on me. "PETILOLA, GEO"! I yelled hoping to find them then an arrow struck my arm then into my chest.

Leah Mirage P.O.V

I climbed down from the tree where I waited for a tribute  to come by. I got a good look at him as I retrived my arrow and it was Blaine criss


  • DISTRICT 5 Geo Railse
  • DISTRICT 9 Alana Henderson
  • DISTRICT 10 Blaine Criss


Lily Starsight P.O.V

When me and Jack had raided the cornucopia there was no medicne and I needed it badly my wound was starting to pus and turn green. Then a silver parachute landed the tree that I was sitting in, whenI opened it there was an orange cream and a note that said " nasty arrow wound"

Minus Silence P.O.V

Me and my sister had ran to the forest after the ambush two nights ago and I'm sure the careers were going to kill us for not staying and fighting but I wasn't going to let that happen. " Plus, i'm going to try to find tributes to ally with I'll be back in a day.

Kodia Hitogoroshi P.O.V 

We were walking throgh the caves with a torch, then I saw another tribute as we got closer it wasn't another tribute it was a humanoid bat it screeched and tried to scratch me but I ducked and it scratched Blaise's arm instead then a whole swarm of them came out and jumped on Blaze and started to eat him. "BLAZE" ! Blaise yelled while trying to grab him but I picked her up and said we have to go. we finally reached an exit that  lead to the beach, I laid Blaise down in the sand and checked her arm it was way beyond my healing capabillites and it looked like it was poisioned I started to cry.   "Do you need some plants I could go to the forest and search" Kokoro offered me " its no use the only way she is going to get better is if we gota sponsor"  I said Blaise was unconcious and started to lose color. By night fall Blaise was shaking under my blanket and her own,   " how is she doing" ? Kokoro asked me rubbing my back    "not good" I replied     "thats it I'm going to find some plants in the forest and I'm not taking no for an anwser" she said the ran off.

  • DISTRICT 6 Blaze Nether



Poppa Rocks P.O.V

I sat on the beach with Sam eating oysters that we fished out of the water ealier that day I heard a noise. " What was that "  I ask looking in the direction of the noise, then I seen a shape take off " Sam you stay here, and I will chase that tribute" I said takeing off after it.  I followed the tribute all the way to the forest section then I stopped when I heard it scream I looked at the tribute and realized it was Kokoro and froze but there was something moving on her the were little worms that looked like maggots and they were devouring her body. After a minute  her cannon went off and then another. I ran back to camp as fast as I could.

Jack Grimm P.O.V

I was walking through the forest with Lily and I saw Amethyst Trestan the boy from twelve sitting in a tree I grabbed one of my throwing axes and hurled it into his head.

Amethyst Trestan P.O.V

I had been roaming the mountains for a day then some bear mutts chased me all the way to the forest I decided to climb a tree and rest.

Blaise End P.O.V

I laid in the sand freezing and shaking like the morphling addicts from six, but this was ten times worse. Kodia sat next to me holding my hand and trying to feed me mashed fruit and water but it came back up. I was starting to fade I mustard up all my strenghth and kissed him " I love you and I always have" I told him in  a scratchy voice. Then I laid down and closed my eyes

Kodia Hitogoroshi P.O.V

I sat there and cried over Blaise for a while, "I love you to I whispered into her ear".   I had lost the only  two pepole I cared about in this arena my sister and Blaise.

Lei Arcuas P.O.V

I had found a small valley in the mountain ranges and was doing just fine then a large crack startled me then another one then the whole  valley started to cave in a wave of rock and snow rushed at me then my vision went black.

  • DISTRICT 12 Amethyst Trestan
  • DISTRICT 6 Blaise End
  • DISTRICT 10 Lei Arcuas
  • DISTRICT 4 Kokor Hitogoroshi


Minus Silence P.O.V

I was sitting on a log with Plus eating a rabbit when we heard leaves rustiling then the Hayden and Mackenzie   showed up.    "Look what we got here, traitor one and traitor two" Mackenzie said laughing I through a rabbit leg at them to distract the then me and Plus ran towards the soon as we touched the sand an arrow went through Plus' head. " NO" ! I yelled but I had to keep running then something tripped  me and I fell into the water face first I felt a boot on my head keeping me from coming up after a few seconds my lungs felt like they were on fire then I fainted.

Mackenzie Maxmark P.O.V

I stood there watching Hayden drown the boy from three with his boot I heard a noise behind me I loaded my bow fast and shot it was Samuel from twelve holding a knife, I seen Poppa rocks coming and I decided to leave this one for Hayden.

Poppa Rocks P.O.V

I charged at Hayden and we both fell into the water wich wasn't a good idea on my part because I didn't know how to swim and then Hayden started to swim away I didn't know why until they were right below me little silver fish with razor sharp teeth and there were hundereds of them.

Jack Grimm P.O.V

The only thing that happened to us in a while was Lily getting sponsored that disenfectent and me killing Amethyst. We were walking through the forest when cluadis Temple smith came on and said         "Hello to the last eight tributes, there will be a feast but not in the usual place you will have a great  view of the sky, the feast will start right about now". I thought for a second were could that be a great viewof the sky then it hit me the mountains.

  • DISTRICT 3 Plus Silence
  • DISTRICT 3 Minus Silence
  • DISTRICT 11 Samuel Samuel
  • DISTRICT 9 Poppa Rocks



All of the eight tributes stood there on the flat part of the mountain wich clearly the games makers had made the golden cornucopia sat at edge and from over the edge a  floor of long spikes.

Kodia Hitpgoroshi P.O.V

I stood there in the snow looking around at the other tributes, this must be the the finale I was almost glad to be here I could finally get out of this place.  I heard a growling I turned around and saw a wolf mutt that looked like Blaze it had blue and red fur a red eyes then he leaped on me I stuck my legs under its belly and kicked it in to the spike floor.

Hayden Austin P.O.V

I was running from a wolf mutt that looked like Poppa Rocks but I wasn't fast enough it grabbed my ankles and started to drag me into the cornucopia.

Leah Mirage P.O.V

I was standing on top of the cornucopia shooting mutts down with my bow I had seen Hayden being dragged into the cornucopia but he was not my ally any more so I didn't care because only one out a seven would go home.

Petilola Midrib P.O.V

I was fighting Nitro shifter with my sickle and he had a dagger, I was waiting for an opening when a mutt scratched his leg he winced and I stabbed him in the heart and ran to go kill another tribute

Mackenzie Maxmark P.O.V

I was standing right in front of Leah she paid me no attention wich was a mistake and I fired an arrow into her head.

Jack Grimm P.O.V

I hurled my axe into Lily's head and she fell then a mutt jumped on me.

Kodia Hitgoroshi P.O.V

I had sucessfully killed Mackenzie with a bite to the throat and now I had a sword, all the mutts had disappeared into thin air and that left me and Petilola standing on a grassy feild the game makers must have melted the snow but I hadn't noticed until now. " I have to get home so your going to die, okay" Petilola told me. then she charged I evaded the sword and I picked up Jack's axe up and sliced her legs she fell crying, I rose my axe "wait, just let me say good by" she said " five seconds" I said 5,4,3,2,1 I rose my axe and loped off her head. "Congragulations to Kodia Hitgoroshi the Victor of the first hunger games the hover craft came and lifted me out of this place of night mares.

  • VICTOR: Kodia Hitgoroshi

Death chart
24th: X Trident to the head
23rd:illuminate Decapitated by axe
22nd: Rayven Kai Shot by arrow

21st:Banette T.

hit by axe
20th: Geo Raisle Stabbed with sickle
19th: Alana Henderson Deer mutt
18thBlaine Criss Arrow to chest
17th:Blaze Nether Bat mutt
16th:  Amethyst Trestan Axe in the head
15th: Kokoro Hitgoroshi

Mggot muts

14th:Blaise End Poision
13th: Lei Arcuas Avalanche
12th: Plus silence Shot with arrow
11th:Minus Silence Drowned
10th:Samuel Samuel Shot by  arrow
9th:Poppa Rocks Fish mutts
8th: Hayden Austin Wolf mutt
7th: Nitro Shifter Sickle to the heart
6th: Leah Mirage Arrow to head
5th: Lily Starsight Axe to the head
4th:Jack Grimm Wolf mutt
3rd: Mackenzie Maxmark ???
2nd:Petilola Midrib Decapitataed

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