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    With all of the assumptions we have for these tributes, this is what I think really happened to them.

    The Gong rings. The District 8 and 9 females run straight towards to the cornucopia determined. The District 10 female sprints with confidence. The District 9 female grabs a pack of knives and hides behind a crate. The District 8 female runs to the horn and grabs a two-holed axe. The District 10 female turns to the left and and sees her district partner getting cleaved by Cato. The District 8 female watches the District 5 male kill the District 3 female. She confronts him slashes his leg open with her sword. The District 9 female throws a knife at the District 10 male's calf and injures him. The District 10 female was killed by one of the C…

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    Middle Range

    December 23, 2013 by 606355

    Middle Deaths are deaths that occur in a Hunger Games, which occur in the Cornucopia bloodbath. Depending on the time, two tributes die if the total time is an odd number and one tribute if the total time in the bloodbath is an even number, Deaths occur in the middle of the bloodbath.

    Even though in the novel the District 9 male was the first one killed, In the film he was the 6th tribute to die along with her district partner. Both tributes from District 9 were part of the middle range deaths, since 13 were killed.

    Cecelia from District 8 died in the middle of the bloodbath when she was killed by Enobaria, since ten victors were killed.

    Both games are similar, since the District 9 male and Cecelia were killed by District 2 females. 

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