With all of the assumptions we have for these tributes, this is what I think really happened to them.

74th Hunger Games Bloodbath

The Gong rings. The District 8 and 9 females run straight towards to the cornucopia determined. The District 10 female sprints with confidence. The District 9 female grabs a pack of knives and hides behind a crate. The District 8 female runs to the horn and grabs a two-holed axe. The District 10 female turns to the left and and sees her district partner getting cleaved by Cato. The District 8 female watches the District 5 male kill the District 3 female. She confronts him slashes his leg open with her sword. The District 9 female throws a knife at the District 10 male's calf and injures him. The District 10 female was killed by one of the Careers (most likely Clove or Glimmer). The District 9 female was most likely killed by Marvel.

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