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The Bloodbath Games

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Introduction and Rules:

So it's my half term holidays and I really want to do a games, but I only have a week and I don't know how much time I want to spend on them, so I decided i'm going to do these. They will probably be over with in a day or two, depending on how fast I write. Also, I'm not entirely sure if this idea has been done before, sorry if it has. Thanks to Wesley for help with ideas.


There will be 13 tributes, one from each district and they will be placed into the arena, however the arena shall be an empty box, with the cornucopia, plates and maybe a tiny bit of scenery.


  • One tribute per person, of either gender.
  • Please enter detailed tributes.
  • Don't get mad when your tributes die. "It's the Hunger Games, deal with it." - Dani
  • I don't do on my profiles or links.
  • Make sure everything is on the tribute form, including pics and lunaiis.
  • Reservations last 6 hours. I want to get these done as soon as possible.
  • I'm only doing the games and a small intro, don't complain.
  • Please include a lunaii with the appearance.
  • Think about your strategy, no "do a foxface" as it's near impossible in this arena.
  • Career tributes are the usual 1,2,4 and this time, 13.
  • If you read these rules and the introduction, when you comment, write "death by spoon" If you don't, I won't accept the tribute.

Tribute Table:



District: Age: Weapon: Persona: Backstory: Appearance: Strengths: Weaknesses: Strategy:

Magmus Isit 

Male 1 18 Sword/Spear Magmus is a very sick, twisted boy. His mind wants him to kill, and wants to see blood. He is meant to be a leader aswell, and always has a plan. Not good plans, but plans none the less. He also is very protective of Limeria, and would put his own life at risk to save her. Sister, 4 years younger, Limeria. Loved her from birth. They dated despite being siblings. Magmus always did what she said. Never letting her being insulted. At 15 they has sex. Other kids got freaked out, knowing what they did. They didn't care. They kept doing it and Limeria, sadly got pregnant. For the next 9 months Magmus worked. When he was 17 and her 13, a baby boy was born. After a year their parents deserted them and they considered breaking up. Fought through and Magmus worked while she had the kids. All too much and Limeria went mad. Volunteered at 14 and Magmus did too. -Lunaii His main strength is his physical strength. He is a naturally strong boy, prefering to use weapons in which strength is needed. But despite this, he has great accuracy, and is compitent with long ranged weaponry. Due to his size he is not the best runner, being slow and clumsy. He is also very hot headed, and can make rash decisions. Also he is slightly over protective of Limeria, and will do anything to make sure she is safe. Kill. He will dive straight in, trying to get any weapon he can find. He will then spread out, and locate the bigger threats, and try and take them down fast. He will do anything to get kills.
Penny Dawson-Tishler Female 2 15 Sword or wire

Not like any other D2 girl. Nice, sassy and bitchy sometimes. Thinks others re stupid, idiotic and prissy. Also mean. Penny is really smart. Others are jealous of her. Tomboy, not scared to get dirty or break a nail. Lot of guy friends, hard to gain friends as she is snarky and sarcastic.

Normal girl, normal family. Not that rich, middle class. Not boring at all - life.
Bullied as late bloomer in preschool.  Picked on a lot, couldn't talk until was 4. Read at age 8 and rest was learnt at 10. Bullied physically and verbally.  Thought she was weird and different. Strong an smart, staying out of conflict really. They were too late, one day she lost it and insulted them. Impressed people, got friends. Someone threatened Penny to volunteer. Refused, reaped, will try 110% to win.

Penny is very Beautiful. Penny has Brown wavy hair up to her chest, when she was ten she went to the hair dresser to have her hair done so she has golden highlights that shine in the sunlight, the color of penny's eyes are brown she likes the color of her eyes because its makes her stand out more also her skin looks that she tanned a little.She has an Angelic face and a thin build. Penny is really strong she can thorw a Medel ball up to Ten too Twenty feet up in the air so it could hurt someone and she can snap someone's neck like a twig also Penny is really smart she knows alot of survival skills and she has alot of good plans and finally Penny is a really Agile. Penny is bad at making ally's even thought she can be nice but mostly she is snarky and sarcastic also Penny is bad at camouflage since she is bad at painting and finally Penny is bad at hiding. Penny will keep it low she will be alone or with an Allience it does not matter to her if someone tries to kill her in her sleep she will stab them since she will have her sword with her all times and if anyone attacks her she will kill anyone who attacks her and a few days later she will ditch the careers or her Allience.
Jason Grey Male 3 16 Scythe Jason is a very laid back kind of guy. He's quick to make friends and is always ready to help. He is also extremely clever and prefers to watch and wait rather than confrunt head on. Jason was born to Mary and Ryder Grey. They where both high up people in District 3 one of the Districts best scientist there. Jason grew up to learn and addapt. Later on in his life, he was Reaped and joined the Hunger Games Short blonde hair and blue eyes. Pretty tall for his age Tactical combat. Brain and mind power Head on combat Pick up a bag and run to the fathers side of the map. There think of a better plan and take out the rest of the tributes one by one as the pass him by. Let them find him
Izzy Wilds Female 4 17 Izzy is very good with a knife, when she ran away, it was one of the possessions she had, and she depended on to survive. So Izzy is very good with them. When she trained at the career academy, she loved to train with a sword, and this could be considered her favorite and primary weapon. She stole one from the academy to practice with and use, so she is very good with a sword.  Izzy is mostly silent, and angry at the world. She is very unforgiving, and doesn't drop a grudge. She doesn't take insults lightly, and will make sure to hurt you back. She is very intelligent, and capable of dealing with things. She is usually not overly nice to most people, but if you do something, nice, to her, she won't forget it, and may open up. If she does, she can be a fabulous friend, just like before her parents death.

Lived on the D4 coast Learnt to swim Happy and cheerful Family had sailboat, went sailing everyday. Good grades, many friends.
Loved life.
Wasn't stuck up or snooty, good girl and stood up for herself.
Favourite of the teachers.
Perfect life overall.
Loved fighting with her little sister, sister hated it. Used fighting to express herself. Post reaping during 16, Alexandria (sister) was 13, to celebrate not being reaped they got a boat. Thrilled, sailed that evening. Attacked by pirates, parents murdered.
Went to the community home. Became depressed and pinches the government official and flees with water, knife, blanket & bread.  Robber and stabber. Leaves garage and car doors open. Hides in secret beach cave. Trains with a knife. Stabs people while thieving. Stole sword and volunteers for her sister. Knows sister will die, but last longer now.

- Lunaii  Izzy is very smart, and knows how to best get revenge on people who hurt her. She isn't usually tricked because of her intelligence. Izzy is very good at stealing stuff, but she usually doesn't because she is very independent. That being said, she doesn't have to eat or drink a lot because she never had a lot of food in the wild. Sometimes Izzy can get really mad and lose her temper, and that's one of her weaknesses. She isn't very good at making friends, because she is still mad at the world, and she thinks that in the hunger games, making friends could be a weakness. She won't forgive people either, and never drops a grudge, which could lead to making enemies. During the bloodbath, Izzy will go for a sword, and a knife, and start killing the weaker tributes. She will get all the supplies she needs, and she will try to make friends with a member of the careers. Then she will ditch the careers, with or without her friend, and she will hunt for lone tributes.
Ruby Hyrglass Female 5 15 Throwing Knives or Technology Ruby is very care-free and happy. Nothing can get her down- she always finds a positive. Many people, when they meet her all come to the same conclusion- girl who doesn't know a thing. But, Ruby has spent her whole life studying. She is smart, and would reveal it to those who knew her, or bothered to stick with her, as she did her crazy girl plan. Though, saying that she is care-free would also be lying, Ruby can get depressed VERY easily, so she tends not to let herself get attached to ANYONE Ruby was born to two District Five Victors. She was the third born, following her brothers, Spyrit and Raven- by three years. When she was five, the kitchen of her house set fire, setting the house ablaze. Spyrit and Raven watched as their mother and father handed Ruby to their mother's brother, and then burning to death themselves. Ruby's mother was only weeks away from having Ruby's younger sister. Growing up, Ruby did nothing but study, to get rid of the depression that her parent's deaths had caused. Her brothers went out, forgetting about the deaths, but Ruby stayed at her Uncle's house, making gadgets. Her favourite one she had made was a gadget that could blind people, the same device that blinded her best friend Shallow, when she and Ruby were both ten. Soon after the blinding, Ruby blinded herself in the right eye, due to guilt. She lives with her uncle, aunt, cousins and brothers. Ruby is a medium height- 5'2. She is a deathly shade of white- a small, yet subtle tan showing. She has big, loving ice blue eyes, that hold many secrets, yet she is blind in her right eye. She has long, wavy blonde hair Speed, intelligence, determination and aim Underestimates herself, Will trust ANYONE in the arena, Her close combat skills lack severely, She is too shy- she'd never venture out in the arena, and people get annoyed with her random depression. She'd like, hide away and yet go out and beat people up if she has to.
Rosie Swekitty Female 6 12 Rosie never studied a lot with weaponry, using just the basic of them. Then, her weapons of choice are an awl, which she knows from using in her home and throwing knives, that she knows from using some kitchen knives. Apart of these two, she hardly touched in any other weapon, so she will probably avoid them during the actual Games.

Rosie is generally portrayed as a sweet and nice girl, who loves every single which is living. She must been many times ignored on school and recused for most of the groups there. She pratically does not have a popular side, being many times considered un-popular and nerd. She is very friendly with anyone that gets to know her properly, but Rose has her times of rage. She can get angry easily if someone insults her, or insulting one of her close friends. Even though, she likes socializing around with other people, but the people that she met with usually does not like to hang around with a small and sweet girl like Rosie. And also, she is usually scared of the three girls that lived with her during her childhood. Also, she is very insecure about killing other people, and she would never do it to a person that she talks with frequently.

Born into a poor family in richest and main area of the district.
Dad was mayor, mum most important.
3 adopted kids as siblings. 3 mysterious 6 year olds from orphanage.
Did not believe the cute girls could have murdered the head master. - Assassins. Rosie grew up healthy. One night was studying with the three then caught the three murdered a popular boy. Watched, afraid. Gory. Ran home and locked her door. Regretful. Siblings at their last year of the reaping, Rosie's first. Father decided to release the girls onto the streets, because they were then 18. They didn't want to go but they were forced to. Bad choice. Father murdered, mother with a mouth full of ants. Rosie went crazy after and refused to go to an orphanage. Preferred to run the district fence. Found an abused boy named Roberth who also rand away. Befriended him and only reason friendship ended was because of the reaping. Sure her sisters rigged the reaping.

She has round and shaded eyes. The eyes are silver coloured, matching with the eyecolor that her mother had. She has small shiny yellow hair tied up in two fish ponytails. Even though, she has orange frontlights in her hair. She overall has a young appearance. She is skinny, with few muscles around her body. She has light skin, pale as a marshmellow. She has an average height for her age, with a slim figure. She is happy, with a smile on the face most of the time. During her life and childhood, Rosie was always a slim and quiet girl, not knowing how to do the things. Although, she is very good with speed and as well, agility. She is fast enough to run between two places in a high velocity and being agile enough to avoid from things being throwing at her. Another strenght of Rosie is her knowledge of forest, since she lives into one. She is really such an artist climbing trees and rocks, or anything that she needs to climb through. She usually climbs in trees to catch berries or medicine plants that she finds on the treetops. Well, being young and coming from a place without a traition of training for the Hunger Games, Rosie has collected many weaknesses halfway through her life. She mainsly does not have physical strenght, being a bit skinny and without strenght enoughs to hold many things. She knows she does not have strenght enough, so she knows that she will have to face hard things on the arena. Another weakness of Rosie is that she does not know how to swim, as she had no chances of doing it. When the gong rings out, she will immeditaely run off the metal platform and she will run towards the Cornucopia. When she reaches there, she will try to put her hands over supplies and she will meet up with her allies. Then, she will run off along with her allies and immediately head towards a safe area.
Jakob Isthmus Male 7 16 Obviously, being from District 7, Jakob excels in using an axe, however he proves to be talented with some long blades such as swords and katanas as well. Jakob, despite his intimidating, Career-like appearance, is actually very kind and caring. He believes each and every person should be treated fairly, no matter what kind of person they are. He's one of those slightly rebellious people that believes no one deserves to take part in these Hunger Games, not even the psychotic killers from the volunteer districts, but that doesn't mean he won't kill another tribute in order to defend himself or his allies. He's actually quite determined to return home, though not over-confident, and he's very smart and ambitious in his plans.

Mum died In childbirth for sister Hayley. Dad blamed Hayley for death, beat her. Jakob watched until 11 and ran away with Hayley. Held her in his arms  and helped her by singing and telling stories. Taught her how to climb trees and played with her. She was always happy despite the beatings she received every night. Peace ended when Hayley was reaped at 13. Jakob's ex, Mariana, saw and Jakob upset, volunteered. Jakob was gonna volunteer to protect Mariana, didn't after warned not to. When Mariana died, looked into the camera announcing her love for him, despite the break up and fight. 3 years after, Jakob was reaped. Not worried but vowed to win for Mariana and Hayley, to return home and protect her from his father.

Jakob is very handsome and muscular, and he looks as if he could be from District 2. He's well fit and looks like he's had years of training, although he's had none at all. He has dark brown hair that falls just below his chin, and it's normally a bit messy to give it that cute boyish look. He has dark green eyes that remind some people of the color of the forest, and his skin is lightly tanned. Being from District 7, the home of the lumberjacks, Jakob can easily chop down trees to use them for shelter or fires. Sometimes, he would have to climb up onto a higher branch in order to slice his axe through the bark, so he excels in climbing as well. He's pretty fast and physically strong. He's also intelligent and will notice some things that others normally don't look for. Jakob has never learned how to swim, so that might put him at a disadvantage depending what the arena is like. He is clumsy and might make a lot of noise, and he also isn't exactly the best at identifying plants and insects. When the gong sounds, Jakob will avoid risking his life to go near the bloodbath at all costs. He will grab a weapon or a backpack if one is near, but other than that, he will immediately find his alliance and escape with them. He will remain with his allies until the time feels right to split with them - when this happens, he will do his best to hide and view the fighting from afar, only killing another tribute if he has to.
Bianca Summitt Female 8 15 axe

Bianca had a very strict family of many traditions. When she was a young girl, she took an oath, swearing that she would follow, support, and abide by the traditions. But she fell in love with a boy who had a different religion, and that was against the oath. She was shunned from her family and left out on the streets of District 8. Even worse, Bianca's overly protective brother murdered the boy she loved. This ruined her life, so she was left playing guitar on the streets for money or food, until a nice family took her in.

But what she didn't know that theu were escaped prisoners who wanted to murder her. They tried to stab her in a dark alley, but somebody else showed up and killed them. The person lost his life doing this, and he was later identified as Bianca's brother. She was put in an orphanage after that, but she never felt at home again and couldn't sleep very well. Her personality is cheerful, bouncy, and splashy, even through the worst dark and gloomy days Blonde hair with light blue front, freckles, pale skin, short She's great at climbing and hand-to-hand combat, ever since her new "parents" tried to murder her, she would train for protection sometimes by sneaking out of the orphanage and going to the self-protection-training-place. She's a crappy swimmer, barely a dog paddler. She also isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and can get to eager and excited that she doesn't calculate the risk of plans. She plans to stick to her combat and reflexes most of the time, especially the beginning of the bloodbath, but try thinking outside of the box for solutions (srsly, no pun intended) to simple problems.
Hank Marshall Male 9 13 Trident Hank is a fairly charming boy who is easy to get along with. Once he makes up his mind about something, you're not changing it. He's also very loyal to those he knows well  Hank's life in District 9 has been fairly difficult. His family never had a ton of money, but things became very difficult for him after his parents divorced. He was sent to work six to eight hours a day in the fields at the age of just nine. That work, though, not only provided himself the money to just barely get by, but also built up a lot of strength which he plans on using to his advantage in the Games. Hank now spends most of his free time working or studying; on the weekends he plays basketball with his older sister. Hank was reaped. - Lunaii Hank is strong and quick for his age. He also has a certain charm that he thinks will help him gain sponsors. He'll try to use a trident during training.

Can't swim, inexperienced with most weapons

Try to get an ally during training, as he is fairly strong but could be hindered by his age. He'll watch the other tributes closely and plan out a strategy going into the games. He'll try to follow it, but if it goes awry, he won't go down with out a fight.
Rei Maya Female 10 15 Slingshot/Mace She is nice caring loving, can be vicious when threatened.  Rei was born with a loving family, When she was 5 her dad taught her to ride a pony or horse. Now as she lives she knows how to tame animals, She can also use poles as weapons as she had to kill a stray coyote with a sharp pole. She loves her family, But then her brother died. Her Mom fell into depression and won't talk to anyone. Her Dad is worried about her Mom but then. Rei was at the reapings, She got reaped along with other tributes. She has dark hair, chocolate brown eyes and dark skin Climbing, taming animals, poles 12 year olds, trust, seeing dead people. -
Paula Twoson Female 11 15 Bow and arrow, awl. Insecure as biggest trait. Thinks she's not good enough. Clever, talented and scared of failure. Very kind. Always goes out of her way to help. Hates people to be sad and alone. Rarely approaches people because she's too insecure and shy. Exact opposite of hot headed. People get annoyed because she doesn't stand up for herself. Treats herself badly. Sad and thankful. Family died, beaten by boyfriend. She has blonde hair to the middle of her back, that flows down, beautifuly. She has bright skye-blue eyes. She's quite small and frail, and is very thin with almost no muscles what so ever. She thinks she's ugly. 5'2. She very quick on her feet with sprinting and such, although she can't do long sprints. She's very stealthy and makes no sound what so ever when she walks. She is very weak physically so she has very bad stamina and strength. Also her insecurity make it so that she's too scared to ask for allies. Get some food or maybe an awl from the outskirts but get away before the careers reaches the centor of the cornucopia field.
Noiri Blanche Female 12 15 Scimitar Noiri used to be a cheerful girl who enjoyed her life and had many friends but her life turned said and grey. Her parents got seperated from here and they never found Noiri. She lived on the streets on the streets. The streets learnt her to be tough and not to have mercy with people since they will threat you like you are nothing. She is very hostile to strange people and has problems with trusting people.

Poor D12 family. Went to school, learnt stuff, came home to work, helped a woman work in her house. Cleaning, cooking, never allowed to eat a thing. Bad pay and hungry most of the time. Noiri took some food and was punished with a belt. Resigned and said she wanted the woman to die. Walked streets of 12, red cheek from belt mark. Went home, trying to avoid parents. Both parents saw and were annoyed that the income was gone. Father whipped Noiri with his belt. Bled and Noiri's neighbour tried to save her. Called peacekeeper, who had father taken to the Capitol and became an avox. Mother got stressed and became mental. Just like a plant. Noiri ran away, with nothing. Lived on streets, stealing and selling. Was avoided by everyone. Became alone and untrusting. Was called names behind her back. Didn't notice, but she heard. Became hostile and lived on her own.

Noiri Blanche is a girl from the Seam, her light skin and her skinny body indicate this. Her hair is black as the night but in front she has white hair. Her eyes are stunningly beautiful blue grey. She is about 5'3 and has no fat on her body. Her back is covered in scars because of her father's punishment. Noiri learnt how to steal without someone noticing it. The streets made her tough and she feels not regret when she steals because she knows that is the only way of survival. Noiri doesn't get attached to stuff so she has no hard time leaving everything behind. She couldn't even care if a tribute dies a slow painfull way. When she sees someone almost dying, lying in front her she would just walk away and show no mercy. This makes her really cold. Like most of the tributes she has problems with Hunger. She has been starving for the most of her life but being in the arena would even make it worse. She has to resist herself to eat poisonous food. Noiri does not know a single thing about animals and couldn't identify good or bad animals. Her lack of knowledge might be dangerous when she is facing strong mutts. She doesn't know how to climb trees or how to swim, giving her a huge disadvantage. Hoping that she scored a low training score, she will just run to cornucopia and retrieve a sciminitar. Since she observed her fellow tributes during the training days she spotted the weaknesses of several tributes and she will try to kill them. When she gets the chance of killing a career tribute she will use it because of this games being a bloodbath she won't leave.

Marmora Saxum

Female 13 16 Pickaxe, Hammers Marmora, a nice girl from District Thirteen. She gots lots of humor and people love her. Her family means everything to her. On reaping day she is most of the time cheerfull untill the reaping happens. She hates it that children have to kill each other, as a enjoyment of the capitol. One day her little sister got reaped, who just turned 12 and she decided to volunteer. Mamora's family moved to D13 to be safe. The second rebellion made them vulnerable again. Everyone was shocked. They had as many kids as they wanted because there were no games. Since age 12, Mamora was working in D13 doing something different depending on the schedule. She got skinny because of rationing, but she kept going. Her sister got reaped so she volunteered. Not knowing of her return. Long wavy hair. The top of her hair is purple while going down her hair is blueish, She has dark blue eyes and an everlasting smile on her face. Food isn't a problem for Marmora. She is used to little food and can survive without, longer then a normal human being. She is agile, thinking it's easy to dodge several attacks. She loved almost her whole life beneath the earth surface, not knowing what's above it. She is easily scared by strange animals she never saw and her worst fear is to return to District Thirteen in a coffin. Well, Being the bloodbath games Marmora will join the bloodbath, imediately grabbing a pickaxe or her hammers and start killing other tributes.

Tribute Gallery:

  • D1M Magmus Isit
  • D2F Penny Dawson - Tishler
  • D3M Jason Grey
  • D4F Izzy Wilds
  • D5F Ruby Hyrglass
  • D6FRosie Swekitty
  • D7M Jakob Isthmus
  • D8F Bianca Summitt
  • D9M Hank Marshall
  • D10F Rei Maya
  • D11F Paula Twoson
  • D12F Noiri Blanche
  • D13F Marmora Saxum

The Death Chart:

Name: Place: Who by: How:
Rei Maya 13th Izzy Wilds Bled to death
Izzy Wilds 12th Noiri Blanche Beheaded
Jakob Isthmus 11th Mamora Saxum Hit with hammers
Hank Marshall 10th Magmus Isit Hanged and severed

The Arena

The arena is made up out of a cube shaped arena, the walls made up of a force field. The cube reaches around 50 metres round each edge. It is coated with long grass throughout, with a small dip round the cornucopia in the middle, acting as a moat, clear drinking water fills it and small reeds circle the cornucopia too. The golden horn glistens under the sun, it's made from a reflective, conductive metal and the surrounding area of the moat has rocks dotted around the encircling podiums, sharp and jaggedy, but perfect to hide behind. The edge, by the force field is veiled by a row of trees completely enclosing the arena. Finally, a panel in the force field opens up swivels to show a holographic clock and board displaying the fallen. The hovercrafts also enter the arena through this panel.


Twenty years following the second rebellion, a new president rose to power. Announcing that the Hunger Games would return, but of a different form. To try to quell a rebellion that may form, President Paylor II, (who wanted to re-build the legacy of the Capitol, her home) modified the traditional games. To shorten them she would make the whole of the games a bloodbath, adding to the aniticpation, fear and intensity.

The Bloodbath Games

Magmus Isit's POV

I stepped onto the golden plate and smirked slightly as it elevated me into the arena, much smaller than i'd seen in previous years, but much easier, for my job as a career. I pictured Limeria at home, cheering me on with our children, the thought fueled my bloodthirst and I threw grins at the other careers, each nodded back to me, confirming our alliance, then, at the end we'd give the Capitol a real show. The traditional countdown blared through invisible speakers, the synthesised voice sending a chill down my spine, I finally knew what it would feel like to compete in the old games.


Penny Dawson - Tishler's POV

I tried not to stare directly at the golden horn, it's sharp metallic glare was reflection of the 'sun'. I struggled to gaze past it but I caught the vicious, snarling grin of Magmus, confirming what I already knew, I was in with the careers, I let a slight grin creep upon my face and then braced myself. I prepared for the killings, envisioning the bullies that had tormented me for years prior to the games. Each and everyone of them were bullies, tormenting and slapping me with their words, spitting and kicking me and knocking me down.


Jason Grey's POV

I decided not to take the games too seriously, I mean, there were loads of other stronger tributes, it's not like I had too much of a chance, yet I still had to try. In order to prepare myself I scanned the cornucopia for a scythe, knowing it was one of the bigger items it would be towards the back, luring me in for a gory end. I tempted myself, but decided I wanted to make it out alive, unsure of whether to go for it, as I wasn't gonna to come out, or stay back and hope for the best. But I decided not to worry over it and just relax, a near impossible feat, but I had to stay calm.


Izzy Wilds' POV

I tried to hold in the sly smile stretching across my face, as sickening as it may sound, I was excited, but still a litte nervous. Butterflies exploded in my stomach, fluttering round my gut in anticipation, I decided to dedicate my win to my parents and sister, Alexandria, I thought of her and waved towards where I thought the camera may be, add a little excitement to the countdown too. I glanced across round each tribute, all eyeing the cornucopia, scheming my demise. I decided to do the same, despite being part of the careers and having a massive advantage, I still had to prepare, especially since the short period the games lasted would mean i'd have to think on my feet. For all I knew, it could've been seconds before they all turned on me. I started to let paranoia mount inside me, exploding and causing me to grow furious with myself for getting in a state.


Ruby Hyrglass' POV

I tilted my head slightly, anging my eyes so I could get a better view. The careers stood stronger than in the previous years, all threatningly close to my podium, this time, with an extra member. The 13 girl must've been a head taller than I, her hair swept back in a classic ninja girl's bun. She caught my gaze, returning it with the same solemn look, maybe less deadly than I could perceive, but most of the other careers held a facade. My eyes fail me sometimes too, maybe adding to the confusion. I followed suite of the other tributes, scanning the cornucopia until my eyes rested on a coil of wire, all I needed to blow every tribute here into the force-field, but to do that i'd need time, cover, help, an alliance.


Rosie Swekitty's POV

The rage from when I caught that one glance off my 'sisters' still hadn't worn off. A strong ball of hate swelling in my gut, expanding and increasing my urge for revenge, not that I could get it. But I had to try, survival was the first step. I knew how hard it'd be, with 12 others battling for their lives, against me. I surveyed the cornucopia as did the others, catching sight of a set of throwing knives, deep in the cornucopia's dark, hollow mouth, but within my reach. I set my thoughts on it, setting my goal and then shifting my concentration to fantasising about my life post games, I'd never be hungry, thirsty or poor, and most importantly, I could get revenge. Out of character for me, but everything I ever loved, destroyed by them. I snapped out of it once the hollow, monotonous voice of the countdown reached it's end.


Jakob Isthmus' POV

The gong reverberates throughout the arena as a a wave of tributes breaks over the cornucopia, I stayed still on my podium, no way was I going to kill anybody. I'd think of another way. I leapt into the opposite direction, crawling over the jaggedy rocks surrounding the podiums then sprinting along the grass, vulnerable from all angles. I finally scaled a tree resting at the top and hoping I was invisible. I seemingly materialised, not that anyone would notice, which was my aim. I snapped a small branch off and wore it down against another, sharpening it into my own spear.

Bianca Summitt's POV

I knew I had to keep going through everything, even though I knew there would be a dark outcome, I pressed on, allowing myself to be positive, I thought to myself, at least I have a chance. As soon as the gong went I swept into the where a pack rested by a rock, I lunged to grab it to be tackled by another tribute, squirming underneath their weight I wriggled out, confused and desperate. The other tribute, Magmus, was held in a stranglehold by Ruby, I smiled at her, then sprinted away, still clutching the pack, I pondered over Ruby's motives to help me, risking her life with probably the most powerful career.

Hank Marshall's POV

I strived to keep going, dragging my body along the ground through the undergrowth, sharp flowers prickling my skin; the skin tight lycra suit wasn't built to protect and the thin, green jacket over the top crinkled and rustled between the grass. I tried to lie low and watch the others, my brain processing a thousand thoughts, eyes darting and my body felt as if it was pulsating. The 5 girl took on the 1 boy, hands tightly clasped around his throat, I could see the fury swelling in his eyes until he lashed out, she darted back and skidded along the ground, he turned and advanced, looming over her as she struggled. The 8 girl who she'd saved darted round to grasp a pack then produced a knife, with a surprisinlgy menacing snarl, she hurled the knife through the air, skimming the 1 boy's leg, just enough for him to collapse. The 8 girl dashed to meet 5, 1 still scrunched amongst the dusty dirt.

I marvelled at the courage of both girls, taking on the 1 boy in the heat of the bloodbath, I knew I needed them for a chance to survive.

Rei Maya's POV

I glanced around me, unable to find a suitable weapon when a voice approached me from behind, "Hey, little girly!" The 4 female, Izzy smirked, a knife clutched between her jaws and one in each hand, she flicked them in circles, oozing with arrogance. I shrunk back in my skin, scanning for something I could defend myself with, she freed one knife and used the same hand to grasp the back of my neck, I gasped slightly as she traced my neckline, my eyes widening and my fear spreading, my lips trembled and my hands shook. I desperately scrabbled with my feet, trying to retrieve the fallen knife, she dug the knife in deeper, blood sprung from my collarbone, I fell to the ground with a hollow thud, a pounding in my head grew, intense and throbbing. I reached out as she smirked, standing over me in a giant like state, my hands fumbled for the knife and she slowly moved away from me, drenched in a pool of my own blood. I grasped the knife between my fingers, she deserved what was coming, as she stepped away I slashed at her foot, her blood spurting into my face the way mine did to her. She tripped, landing in a bloody, tangled heap, completely separated from her foot.

Paula Twoson's POV

I grimaced slightly as the first cannon fired, Rei Maya's face projected into the then golden sky, even though my chances were increased. The death and destruction of lives sickened me, I sighed as I twirled my awl between my fingers, proud of myself for my achievment of getting it with minimal damage. Fights raged on around me, Magmus and Penny ganged up on the 5 and 8 girl and the 9 boy, probably working together.

The 3 male cut in front of me as I dashed to the cornucopia's mouth, wire looped round the cornucopia and static frizzing his hair.  Unsure of where to go I evade the conflict in the center, aiming to escape and maybe form an alliance, even for the short duration of the games.

Noiri Blanche's POV

I felt a small buzz in the pit of my stomach at the sight of the Scimitar, resting in my hands before me, I gripped it tight and swiftly looked around, most of the area was near deserted, but for the careers picking fights. That was when I noticed Izzy, the D4 girl lay limp on the floor, clamping her teeth into a scrap of her jacket to quell her screams and clutching a bloody stump at the end of her leg. The other careers ignored her dampened screams and continued fighting as she wimpered and wiped up blood. I siezed my opportunity, maybe the only one i'd get. I scampered over, still gripping my scimitar, so tight my hands grew pale white.

"Surprise!" I called as I brought my scimitar down to the ground and sliced through her legs, more blood spurted out and hit my in the face like a fountain. I flinched then continued, I listened to her shrill cry then beheaded her, simple as that. He head didn't leave her body until the D13 girl crashed into it though, she tumbled and fell over onto her as she aimed for me, rapidly smashing a hammer round my feet. I jumped onto my toes and sprinted away, taking no more chances.

Mamora Saxum's POV

Strong, blustering winds started to rattle through the sturdy trees ringing the arena, as if urging more a. The 7 boy poked his head out of one of the trees, stupidly surrendering himself to me, but I pretended not to notice, I clutched my hammer tighter, pumped by the adrenaline rush that was triggered by my bloodthirst, my first kill. I scaled the tree adjacent to his, completely oblivious of the scene around me, the blood pounding inside my ears just urged me on more, I let myself swing into the next tree, screaming, "Surprise!" and wildly smashing my hammers. Jakob writhed beneath me as I kept smashing my hammer into his face, almost rhythmically until he lay limp.

I gathered his belongings, only a hand crafted spear, but I could still take out an eye, a life changing advantage if I ever needed it.

Magmus Isit's POV

I clenched my teeth at the sight of the red gash widening on the back of my leg, a pain rocketing up through almost every vein, but I pressed on. I clenched my fists around the cold metal of my sword, Penny mirrored me and we strode closer to the 5,8 and 9 tributes. They put up little of a fight with but a knife between the three of them. The boy, Hank, took charge, lunging towards me, stupidly, as the other two scampered off, Penny chased after them, which meant Hank was all mine. At his actions I sniggered, raising my sword over my head and picking the foolish boy up by the scruff of the neck, then prizing the knife from his grasp, which I hate to admit, but he was strong and he fought back. Attempting to bite and kick me numerous times. I glanced over my shoulders, confirming that no-one could ambush me, then I tied a small noose over a thick branch, six feet off the ground.

Hank struggled against me, resorting to hand to hand combat until I threatened him, my sword prodding the tip of his nose. I picked him up then pushed his neck through the noose, his eyes widened and he thrashed as I clasped him under his arms and tightened the noose, then raised my sword once again. The squirming body in front of me only excited me and I was ready for a bit of practise. I rapidly slashed in front of me, then took precision and care to accurately slice down each of his limbs from a distance, then finally decapitating him as I closed my eyes, picturing Limeria's smiling face, proud of me and the joy lighting up her eyes when I return. Hank's head lolleh to the side before rolling to my feet, with one swift boot it fizzed as it came into contact with the force field. Pleased with my work, I turned to help Penny and hopefully get more practise.

Penny Dawson-Tishler's POV

Ruby backed into the cornucopia with Bianca at her side, I could hear the resistant yells of Hank as I pushed the two girls further into the mouth, they'd practially surrendered themselves to me, just one move sacrificing their lives. I jabbed my sword into the metal milimetres from Bianca's left eye, causing her to wimper and flinch recieving a snigger from me. I attempted to yank the sword from the metal, it stayed embedded in the dirty yellow metal. Both girls shot quizzical looks at me as I desperately tried to force the sword out.

I could tell by the sudden shift in their expressions, that they'd fight back, now they had the chance. It seemed that the more I tugged at the sword, they worse it'd be stuck. By then I was screeching at the other two girls to stay away, despite the fact they were defencless anyway.

Magmus' figure appeared next to me as I was about to give up, with one swift tug he'd pulled the sword out, and flung it back, carelessly jabbing it in front of him, I laughed as a tear dripped down Ruby's face, stumbling to avoid the blade's edge that skimmed her skin with every slash. Magmus gave a cruel grin as he handed the sword to me,  then tightly clasped on to the arms of the younger girls. He dragged them outside, insisting that their deaths would be painful, for their efforts before.

Jason Grey's POV

TBC (Maybe this didn't go as planned, but I will definitely finish these XD )

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