Hey guys please enter my Hunger Games. I need 1 male and 1 female tribute from each district. First come, first serve. Thanks!

Reservations allowed, but only one tribute per person.




Height/Weight (tall, short, fat, skinny, medium, etc.):


Specialty Weapon:

Other Strengths:


The Tributes

District 1 Female- Leandra Roberts, Age 16, AshtonMoioLover

Gorgeous with flowing blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and skinny body. She is a pro with a knive, and can follow somebody's tracks with her detective skills. She can also use a bow and arrow and can trickilly slip posion into anybody's drink.

District 1 Male- Maroon Cutter, Age 15, Nommyzombies

Maroon is calm, funny, and nice, and plans to stay with the Careers until there are only 5 Tributes left. During Training he discovered a talent of throwing knives. His only weakness is being color blind. He has long black hair and has two pierced ears.

District 2 Female- Clarisse Steel, Age 15, MR.Clove14

Clarisse Steel is an expert knive thrower, she even won the District 2 Weaponry Championships a couple years back. She is short tempered, and is very strong and speedy. She has a crush on Nick, but is afraid to tell him, since he is three years younger.

District 2 Male- Nick Firehart, Age 12,

Short red hair with big blue eyes. He is short but still weighs a lot for his age, though it is mostly muscle. His choice weapon is scythe, but if he has to settle for a sword or spears he wouldn't mind. He is the youngest Tribute in the Hunger Games.

District 3 Female- RESERVED

District 3 Male- Ryan Porter, Age 18, CAREERGAL06

EXTREMELY tall with long hair (for a boy), very thin, and very fast. He is mean, sly, and evil. He is a great swimmer and is a trained sword fighter. His strategy is to join the Careers and kill them all after they are the last one's standing.

District 4 Female- Oceana Bullgetta, Age 16, MistyLovesAsh

Is very short tempered, but also very sweet. She is highly skilled with throwing knives and almost has a perfect accuracy. She has a flirtasous nature which she uses to lure boys in so she can kill them. She has dark blue eyes which look like a pool of water, and flowing blonde hair which glimmers in the sun. She is a very strong swimmer and can fish very well, she can also fish with almost anything (including sharp sticks). She can also make nets practically out of anything.

District 4 Male- Alex Huntsman, Age 13, Dannoh 403

Alex is a VERY handsome tribute, with an average height and weight, he is every girl's dream guy. He also has a way with words and can swim like a fish. His specialty weapon is a harpoon, and his other favorite weapons include knives and spears.

District 7 Female- RESERVED

District 7 Male- Steve Indo, Age 14, Magsisnumber1

Tall and handsome with thick black hair. His strategy is to stay hidden and throw rocks at any tributes who pass by. If thrown into battle he will use an axe. He is also a master hunter, and hopes to return home to his dad so they can make more memories in the forbidden forests next to District 7.

District 11 Female- RESERVED

District 12 Female- Samantha August Age 17, A Gleek Like iSteven

Very short, but quick. Her hair was absoultely a mess so she just shaved it. She can hide easily and is good at creating traps for her opponents. She plans to take her trapped tributes into hidden locations and give them a long, painful death by hanging.

Reapings POVs

District 1 POV- Leandra Roberts

It is reaping day. Every child ages 12-18 stands in the center of town. Our escort, Claudia Monet, arrives on stage, wearing a bright pink wig and an outrageous outfit. She seems to tower above the Peacekeepers with her 10-inch high heels. "Well, lets just get this thing started!" says Claudia with a energetic smile, "District 1's female Tribute will be..." She reaches into the bowl and draws a name... time seems to slow down... "Fiona Roberts!" Fiona is my 12-year-old cousin. Crap. I can't watch this.

My cousin freezes up, then slowly walks to the stage. I have to do something. I run fast and block Fiona from walking on to the stage. I tell her to stay, and then I walk up the stairs. Everyone is staring. I take the microphone from Claudia and say into it: "My name is Leandra Roberts, and I volunteer as tribute." Claudia lightly shoves me back and takes the microphone back, "And now for the male Tribute... Mister... Maroon Cutter! Wow! What an interesting name." Maroon quickly arrives at the stage. Maroon, my beloved boyfriend.

District 2 POV- Nick Firehart

I am now facing the entire District 2. Me and some chick named Clarisse Steel are the Tributes. I feel like crying. But I am prepared... somewhat. Since I'm only 12, I haven't finished training. Wait, why is Clarisse staring at me like that? She's 3 years older than me! Does she think that we could ever love each other? It doesn't make a difference, we're both going to die anyway.

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