72nd Hunger Games

Hi after taking part in J Mcfee's hunger games ( which were great by the way)

I will be attempting to create my own .

Rules :

This is how it will work :

You can enter your own tributes ( Max 2 tributes per person)

I will start the POVs of each tributes at the training centre . There youre tributes will intract and talk .

Then each of the tributes will be given a training score ( Your score will effect your sponsers Buget.

Once the games begin you can use your tribute buget to buy sponsers for your tributes .

At the end of the day after the fallen have been shown . I will do a overview with information facts on the games.

Arena 72nd hunger games

{C}block are boats (powered by electrical keys found in cornucopia



Day 1- Training Rooms

Day 2 - private sessions and training scores

day 3 - pre games

day 4 - lets the games begin ( up to 2 weeks )

Entering a tribute:





Appearance (or lunaii)


Backstory: ( Gives me something to work with )






Individual Training Sessions: You can post your own or give me an angle and I will write it:)

Bloodbath Strategy:



Thanks and Happy hunger games and may the odds be in your favor

Name District gender age Strenghts weakness personallity appearence

Lion Scrapes

1 male 18 swimmer , maces and plants likes pretty girls and a day dreamer not shy and loves killing others A blonde haired boy with green eyes. Very tall and is very strong. Other tributes fear him.



1 female 15 bow and arrow , speed and uses beauty needs feed at least once a day mean and ruthless long blonde hair , emerald eyes and beautiful

Wren Hayes

2 male 18

trength, Running, Hiding, Killing and edible plants

Very, short tempered

Cocky, Sweet, Sadistic, Sarcastic and humorous

Ruffled dark blonde hair, tanned skin and an evil smirk

Briar Stone 2 female 17 swift strong , maces and throwing knives


and hights

charming , but fiesty and mean Long light brown hair that she ties back in a ponytail, light green eyes
Devon Voltz(dead) 3 male 14 Electricy Swimming Protective of his sister no matter what dark brown hair that he spikes in the front pale skin
Isabelle Voltz 3 female 14 Electricy not strong Sweet and caring Blond hair that comes alittle past her shoulders green eyes 5'2 pale white skin
Baez Rocca 4 male 13 trident skills, charisma and flirting sad things, seeing his family die funny flirty and brave alluring caremal brown eyes, tan skin, ripped with blonds skilky hair raised in front.
Xandra mondella 4 female 15 Spear, Throwing knives Sarcastic, sisnister,drama queen,diva. :Deep red hair, Pale green eyes, amd Tanish skin
Kenny Dery 5 male 16 daggers careers and other male tributes kind , caring and focused short spikely blonde hair with bloue eyes and about 6 foot
sesh kiela 5 female 14 blow darts slow and weak quiet , dull and neet small indian looking with dark black hair and goofy teeth
Brann Clatch 6 male 16 smart swords ans strong the dark and cant swim helpful and smart Brown hair with brown eyes and a very nice smile. Has many muscles and is tall. He has strong legs
Rebecca Charles 6 female 14 speed isnt good at find shelter nice quiet short brown hair and pale skin and brown eyes
Palmer Cershaw 7 male 18 He is tall which makes people fear him. He is strong and can break a nose or cheek very easily with a punch. He knows how to make an axe using tree wood and bark. He comes off as creepy and weird because he is jumbo. He isn't very fast but as long longs that can get good strides and distance. He loves his mom so much and is always attached to her. Socially awkward. : He is shy and awkward. He rarely talks and if he does talk to you, then you must be special to him He is tall and pale beyond belief. His cheeks are always rosy. He has a buzzcut with brownish stubble from the buzz.
Daina coleman 7 female 16 Rope/ thread not very strong Sweet, Shy,Funny,Charming, Goregeous face with pale white skin, Dark brown hair, Baby blue eyes.
Bree Barlow 8 female 16 Very athletic, strong, has been trained with weapons, Tall ( height advantage) speed (i made to make one )

She is very tough willed, Smart, sneaky, Quiet

She is very tough willed, Smart, sneaky, Quiet

'Corolla Toffey'

8 male





'He's strong even though he's small. People underestimate his strength'

Ryder Blask 9 male 16 Extremely Athletic, Tall, Fast, Knows the Wilderness hard to get on with Quiet, Brave Hearted, Protective Of his younger brother Parker tall, Muscular, handsome face, short brown hair, Dark Blue eyes.
Natalie Layla 9 female 17 very fast, resourceful, intelligent, hiding, good arm, flexible, swimming, tiny (she's like the same size as me), 6-pack, can climb Being hungry, not good with weapons, not extremely strong

Sweet, funny, smart, silly, crazy, sharp, logical, laughs...a lot (like, TOO much), very girly (ugh, lip gloss)

black shoulder length hair, olive skin, black eyes, petite, Small for her age, straight teeth, glasses, skinny, Asian (we're not blood related though...)
Gunner Pann 10 male 15 He is smart, fast, and is strong for his small posture, He is vengful so he will never give up, and he can camoflauge but he doesnt like too. He is crazy and wants to kill all d 1 males no mateer what to avenge his brothers Bloodthristy ( 3 brothers have been in games and have all been killed by the D 1 male) He is sort of crazy and messed up in the mind, He is very sarcastic, and very good at lying, He is oddly very smart

He is 5"11, six pack, muscular but kind of small, short black messy hair, hazel eyes, tanned pale skin ( like in the middle )

sima 10 female 18 spearing sneaking and stelth quiet , mean and focused and determind blonde , blue eyes and pretty
Ray 11 male 18 hiding&straving&strong cold weather kind , clever and caring dark skin and bulit around 6'4
Coco Carter 11 female 16 Strong,Seasoned with many weapons,Swimming,Sweet-Talking,Perfect aim,Fast runner. :Climbing Sweet,Friendly.But is very Deadly & Malicious.
Grey Marks 12 male 17 Streng ht, Hand to Hand Combat, and Close Ranged Weapons. Speed, Knowledge of Survival, and Long Ranged Weapons. Hard, Tough, but a Heart of Gold Short Brown Hair, Seam Grey Eyes, Pale Skin
Avery Gray 12 female 17 Speed, Knowledge of Edable Plants/Bugs, and Camoflage Hand to Hand Combat, and Close rainged weapons Smart, Loyal,Firendly but a bit cosed off Lunaii

Day 1- Training Centre

Devon POV- We are up bright and early . Our escort Jonnie Malrat says "today is all about learing" . Isabelle is looking eager . Good thats what we need . I tell her " dont look weak where being judged all the time by sponsers , the gamemakers , careers and even the other tributes we aint weaklings" . As we enter the lifts my nerves kick in . Where the First ones we are made to wait in front of the head trainer Rhianna Blocks . Shes about 25 and is staring us down . Time to impress the games start here !

Rosalind Shimmer POV- We are in the lift . Lion gives me a smile . He is ok confident and a good looker . He is also very tall . But I try to keep friendly but not too friendy after all , I may have to kill him ! Where the last ones to arrive . We dont need training anyway . Rhianna gives us the normal talk "23 of will be dead , Use the training well blah blah blah " I go to bow area and start shooting . All of them hit the dummy in the chest area or the head . We start to talk you know the careers , we watch , train and look for other non career who could be used.. The road to re taking my family money and good life starts now.

Avery --- Im in shock as I look at the other tributes . 95% of them could kill me . But I can do this . I work my way around the stations watching the careers . Lion is strong . Rosalind Is beautiful and deadly with that bow .Briar is swift , Wren is a killing device and the fours are cunning and the girl from 4 looks evil . That red hell fire hair.Most of the tributes are pretty hostile . But at the paint area I met the Boy from 11 Ray is huge . But hes friendly and forget the career us poorer tributes are just as deadly is like him is kind. The day comes to end .

Day 2 Training Scores

Tribute Score Starting Tribute Money (dollars ) Items bought

Money added









11 1100

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400


550 1000
Lion(dead) 9 900
Briar 10 1000

Mace: $125

Camouflage Paints: $100

600 1600
Wren(dead) 10 1100
Devon(dead) 7 700

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Isabelle 4 400

electrical weapon pt.1



400 400
Baez 9 900

2xTrident: $550

Poison : $75

2xNet: $250

500 525
Xandra (Dead) 8 800
Kenny (dead) 6 600
Sesh(dead) 5 500
Brann(dead) 7 700
Rebecca(dead) 6 600
Palmer(Dead) 9 900
Daina(dead) 5 500
Bree (dead) 8 800
Corolla(dead) 5 500
Ryder(dead) 7 700 Soup-75 Machete 225 400



6 600
Gunner 8 800 300 1100



6 600
Ray (dead) 9 900
Coco 10


Machete: $150

Throwing Axes (3) & Water = $300

Spile $75

600 1075
Grey 7 700

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Throwing Knives (3): $200

550 1100
Avery 8 800

Rocks (10): $25 Bow: $250

Spear: $125

Rope: $25

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

400 750

Items ( Sponsers )

Axe: $250

Blanket: $150

Blowgun: $200

Bow: $250

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Machete: $225

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $650

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10): $25

Rope: $25

Sickle: $125

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125

Day 3 -Pre Games

Gunner POV- I m going in tommorow . Im nervous but i have a plan and 1s male I think hes names Lion will die. And after that is up to you sponsers .

Avery - An 8 , ill take that . but now theres two tributes i cant kill Gray the boy from home and the ray from 11 . He said "good luck" does he care for me . but hes from home and ray was kind should i ally. Come mentors give me advice !


DAY 1 - 72ND HUNGER GAMES-The Cornucopia Bloodbath

Coco POV - I say thanks and hug my stylist Parker . And he tells me "use what you know you can win this" . I enter my tube . As soon as i enter the arena , I smell sea water . look around the cornucopia is on a Island . There are Three islands . One is a forest , the other a mountains covered in woods and the corncopia . Behind me are boats , but there locked and only a special cards that unlock and power them . And these Cards are in the corncopia's tent . 10 , 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. as soon as the dong start we all run . A mad scramble . I quickly get to an axe and in the crates , I find bag . I dont have time to look . careers are already killing . Then the trouble comes to me the boy from 5 swings at me . I duck before smacking him sevrel times in back and neck until im sure he is dead and then i prepear to leave ....

Rosalind Shimmer - Im the fastest and get the bow and arrow . Time to kill . I aim at 11's girl but miss and hit a dead body . He was from 5 . 11 got him . I need to kill . I cant look weak . The rest of the careers are hunting down tributes . I think me and Xandra are the only ones without kills . I aim at 8 male . Hes laughting at the dead , freak ! I let go my arrow and 8 boy joins the dead .Then im rugby tackled to the ground! Its bree from 8 . she is strong . And easily out powers me and starts to strangle. I pull her hair . She lets go and we wrestle each other. Its not long before my career training gives me an advantage . she strong but im a career . And pull out my dagger , slit her throat and stab a few times in her chest . i get up and leave her to die . I start to gather supplies

Sesh Pov - I was quick and got supplies and a card . I power up the boat and steer it . I stop and look back and then a trident comes out of the sea .

Xandra POV - Yes ! My plan worked get a trident and hide out in the water and attack leaving tributes.It hit her the face killing her instantly . I climb up and steer the boat back . As I move the toward the cornucopia i pass a boat with the siblings from three . I aim and hit the boy in leg with a trident . His sister screems as blood go everywhere. I land on the shore and see 10s girl , 7s boy and the girl from 12 running away from the careers.. 12 escapes but 10 and 7 are trapped .

Brair POV - There trapped ! me on one side and Xandra on the other . Sima has a spear and plunges it foward but im swift . she misses and i counter by hitting her in the temple with my mace . The boy begs . He drops a picture of his mum . I laugh" your with us mummys boy" . We can use you but betray us and ull hend up like your district partner , sima dead ! . We round up supplies and its dark the fallen appear ; Both 5s ,and 8s , girl from 9 and ten and big lad from 11 . thats 7


Devon is hit badly but isabelle is try to keep him alive ( could use food or anti-infection cream.)

kenny Derry , sesh kiala , Bree barlow , natalie , corrola and ray are dead ..

the careers have set up camp on the coast of the mountain island and are well .

The careers include lion , rosalind , wren , brair , baez , xandra and palmer

Day 2

Isabelle - Shivering , traumatised , depressed and worried . Devons knocked out . hes lost alot of blood . There is proof of that in boat , on beach and on me . I look like a tribute eating mutt. Ive have to do this . Our suppiles are running thin . Im from three i make tech and electrical traps . I cant hunt or find food ! but i have to try for devon . I look for around for about three hour . My plan was hide in mountain . But with devon i needed to land quick so we are on this forest island and no food is near . I guess this could be it for me and devon . No think must positive. I go back to check on devon . The careers took the suppiles and landed on the coast of the mountain island . In addition to the tributes from 1 ,2 and 4 there someone esle coz they have a little water deversion scheme. great. Devon has become infected . "i need you sponsers " and screem at you "god sake please" . Without sponser devon will die tonight and im next . no food and everything is used on devon

Daina POV - I guess im doing well . I would have like more death at the cornucopia . i sound evil but i guess evil is the only way to win . I have got bread , water from the mountain , im armed with a mace and have enough clothes to keep me warm . The mountain is very resource full . I set up wooden traps for animals . and have timber but lighting a fire would only attract the careers . there at coast of this island . I have seen the boy from 1 setting trap for tributes and have seen 11 girl pass by , she has been hunting . the careers know her location but have chosen to avoid her . My plan keep safe and stay out of trouble for now and then make my move. The careers pass by . Im spotted by the guy from 7 . thats it im dead . but he dosnt alert the others . He says " hide " and runs off. But why did he spare me !

Baez- This is working out really well . Today is all about tatics plant traps and plan so we can kill off tributes quickly and so i can win this thing . Me and Xandra swim out to sea to scan the arena . an empty cornucopia island , our island and the forest island . we plan to land there after we kill everyone on this island . There are boas avalible but i want to swim . i spot lots fish . good we have food if the supplies run out . And that mummy's boy from 7 is good at getting firewood . We land at the coast "oi mummy boy spot any tributes " im shocked by the reply "coco and daina " " which low lifes are they " . Rosalind Slimmer step in "dont be so cocky , youre only 13 and coco could kill you " "whatever" . Rosalind is hot but is fixed on regaining her familys wealth. Infact all the girls in this pack are hot may have chance . Im only 13 but clever .tomorrow he hunt . then i can impress the ladies . and bully mums boy ! Its dark so i nod off.

Avery - Im still upset . I didnt know him but ray was kind to me and was best thing to a friend i had . Him that Gray from home who said good luck . We had some laughts like when we ate like gorrilas at dinner table at the capitol and effie trinket , ow if looks could kill . But ray was kind and now hes dead . he mmust have lots of friend and family greeving . " Im sorry " i wisper . I been about over 24 since his death. Im at the peak of the mountain. The careers didnt see me . But i have trap worked out all i need sponsers to give me a spear , rocks and a rope .Its dark no ones had died today but tomorrow more dead and more greaving . Another day in the arena

Day 2 of the games -review

Avery is creating a trap but needs rocks , spear and a rope

devons is infected and anti-infecton suppiles will die tomorrow and without suppiles isabelle will stuggle

Gunner is stalking the careers but needs advice and when to strike

Rebecca is at the forest but needs water

Day 3 - Sponsers rain

Coco - Yes , things just got better not only do i have an axe , food , water , shelter in a tree and there is crops from home , so i can avoid posionous plants , but a sponser just dropped of a machete . Game time . I think im good enough to hunt . I hide my supplies and look for tributes . todays been qutie until now. I can see a tribute. I get my new machete ready. he runs but falls "please you can take my suppiles " he begs "pity i say ". I slash at his legs he screems . I need to send a message to the careers . who after that screem are on thier way . "goodbye brann you where strong but" i kill im with a slash at his head . I take out my axe and crave coco in his back . That you send the career a message . Boomm! the cannon fires.

Devon - errr , wha thet hell , I awake up and see isabelle with fruit and meat "whaa-whaat happend " " sponsers sent us food and medience . It heeled all most right away . And the anti-bactrical thing help that infection" . the last thing i remember i was hit in the boat i passed out . I tried walking i can but with a limp. But we are strong . I find some wood we light a fire the careers are on the oppersite side of the mountain , so its ok we cook the meat and eat it with the fruit , Im still in pain but im ok . Isabelle tells me 7 dead in the first day . None in the second . And one so far today . Almo st three days i had been gone . I kiss isabelle on the cheek "thanks sis , you saved my life " We laught and talk until we see a sponser gift landed on the peak on the mountain . " Leave it sis" . say and see laughs and when something lands it huge. isabelle say its weapon ." We can use to electcute the other tributes" she say . I smile . "not yet , wait till we need it" i reply .

Avery - It all arrived the spear , rocks and rope . I tie the rope in between the last two three on the stop and place the rocks on the rope and rap the spear in the rope . When i let go the spear will move foward at the speed of light and kill the vicitim and I can pull up his suppiles . and since i have assembled this on the top the mountian the only way up is straight into my trap . This games could be easy . Time to test it . I light fire , the smoke go in sky , And they come . Arrogant and mocking . The girl from 4 comes first , so i fire it ripping her body in two . Using rope i take her tridents and food . . The rest of the pack arrives . They are in shock . But they can see mine reload the weapon . I didnt even need the rocks . Rosalind Slimmer fires at me . , but misses ! They have learnt that coco is the only threat on island . I fire again it hits the boy from 7 . he screams and drop a picture on the ground Boom ! Boom ! two cannons theyre both dead . The careers , coated in food run away . Hahahha that ill teach em ! I light and fire and sing asloud as i can !

Grey Pov - 3 more dead , i hear three more cannons . but for me the games havnt started . no careers yet ! I got some deadly weapons from the bloodbath . Large swords and a huge war hammer . Its was heavy but thanks to dad been hard on me ; i quicky mastered it . Yesterday i took out a male deer . Seen primates in the tree but they avoided me . I have seen rebecca and Daina , They both ran away as they saw me .Im a threat ! Need to find Ryder kill him and find avery and ally because nobody else is trustworthy. Its getting dark . All i need is night goggles . I have a career mind set ! Im on misson concure this island.

Ryder POV - Im using this forest to my advantage . I know the wilderness . but i wont hunt any one . Im just going to out live the other tributes and just walking should keep me alive for now . I have a spear and some bits of food and some clothes but i could use a fan and a sleeping bag . Its night and the fallen appear girl from 4 , the boy from 6 and the boy from 7 . Im in shock a career pack and saw the boy from seven with them . some bad stuff but happenping in the mountain 2 dead careers ! Im off the sleep

Overview -

Avery trap means she untouchable at the moment

Xandra , Brann and Palmer have died today

Total 10 fallen and 14 tributes remain

Day 4 , 5 and 6 Lazy Days

Ryder - With only 14 left and getting sponsers in day 4 I believe more than ever that I can win this. The sponsers gave me some hot soup . It may not seem like much but warm soup filled me with hope . 5 Mins from heaven . And with Machete I fill deadly but I will use it only in self-defence . I athletic and I am a wild child . I know im tempting fate but this games makers must have been sleep . other than last night unknow event , I been traps and mutts free . I would like some advice from mentor on what to do . Then it hits me " I must be fans hero a fav , a capitol icon . Thats why . So im going to act like a celeb . Show em what im made of.! Yet again days 4 and 5 have quiet . See the boy from 12 he big , a butcher boy but a fight with him could be fatal . I watched him wrestle and boar and butcher it . It had horn too but he was fine . At moment with the careers he fed and looks well . Aint see any other tributes yet . But ive heard Rebecca but she too much of a girly girl . Dead before the haft way mark . Day 6 was good day I killed a dog . It was mutt and blew up . Only a few burn marks . But i would be nice if i could some cream before they become sore .

Rebecca - Im amazed . Im good a bit hungry but well . Im fast been in the tree . I have a axe and ropes and some light thin armor from the cornucopia . Which has all served me well . I on the move , I plan to left this island and move and hide in cornucopia . Should work . Nobody is there the tents in empty . And during quieter days I need to move , before the audience gets bored and gamemakers add spice . I need to move tomorrow I plan.

Overview - This three days have been dead , The capitol are getting bored and last night the 72nd hungers games lost 300 viewers , You could use the hint and warn your tributes (better chance of suviving a twist)

Ryder is burnt and needs cream

Rebecca - could improve chances by getting foods sponsers

The careers have recovered there lost and planning tactics ( Mentors give the remaining members advice )

Day 7

Grey - Im suviving well and to be honest , i could live here its not be the usual games at all. But that the problem for every day that goes without action the capitol will demand blood . It sick but ive had a lot of time to thing , Ive being Wieghting up the remaining tributes : the career pack al.l deadly includes both 1s and 2s and the boy from 4 . The boys will hard to beat . Lion and Wren good scores 9 and 10 . The girl from two is fast and was good with maces at the training centre and Rosalind possibly the biggest threat 11 . Bow and arrow , beautiful and deadly . Now 4s boy i dont know him well , Hes smaller than me , District partner is died on the three or four day ..... Girl from 11 , She was friendly and was the only one who talked to me . She was deadly but not aggersive . I got a mentors note . Keep suppiles close and try not to sleep got it ! Avery a girl from the seam , see her in school but im from the market place so im not that poor but she can go longer without food. Ive been chopping up animals some have mutt features but these are nothing . Maybe they want slow games ....

Gunner - Ive been staking the career pack for a week now and im getting restless but the boy from 1 lion must die for my family . And have to win ! I gotta win ! Im good Ive been stealing of the career thier arrogance makes it easier to steal food that is . I have a sword and some axes . But I am going to strike . Ive got my mentors adivce and soon i will strike.

Rosalind - Them night vison goggle allow me to move at night , Im going to avenge my sister Lila , I have seen her games and while it break my heart . But lila and the shimmer wealth I will re-take . Today at camp we laughed and told story . Wren went first he is strong and has the typical 2 warrior mindset . But he boasts " I killed the 11 boy in the bloodbath he was huge a monster but he was no match for wren " We all laugh although i think everybodys laugh was fake . And he just a piece in the games . My 11 made the leader the career listen to me . I advise them and lion , Briar and Baez listen to me . And with the new quiver of arrows has made me , a deadly B***** . On her quest to re-take my familes wealth

Coco - Ive got this in the bag . The new throwing axes , Yes three throwing axes , the large axe from the longer cornucopia and the water i should hunt the careers . But my mentor said no dont do it . So i will not , Not yet just hoping rosalind and briar need to die so i can pick off the big dopey males . Lion and wren may scare the others but not me . But will need advice on what to do now armed and with water . But what to do ! I safe i might attack avery but i need advice .

Overview - day 7

Rosalind is summing up the careers

Coco has weapons , food , water and suppiles

Grey is predicting other events .

Daina is still hiding out of sight and rebecca is moving to towards the cornucopia

Day 8 Day of action .

Grey- It came , it was early morning dark in the arena . I made my new sponsered night goggles and I saw it . It was coming for straight for me , Knocking me out of the tree , It was a reptilian bird thing , It riped my flesh out of my arm , causing me so much pain its unbelivable , I need to think quick this mutt is eating me alive , so i used my mentors advices , grabbing my sword with my good arm and slabbing it . Killing it . I looked up to see two more fighting over its dead body.I need to move quick , but as i am running , i can feel i pain , so i stop , falling over in the process , I grabbed some vines to tie around my arm . they help but due to the lack of blood loss , I pass out , I awake at sunrise , then I hear scearming , there back !

Ryder - I here screaming , then a huge bird attacks rebecca who is very far . She has armor so it cant get to her flesh , she kills it just in time ,three more hover in the sky . Thats it shes dead but then more screaming , they go to the screaming instead , she legs into the forest . I hear a cannon ! I decide to escape the island . I get to the beach avoiding mutts , I see Rosalind on a boat , I run at her , she fire two arrows , both miss , i tackle her to bottom of the small boat , I withdraw a sword , and then a net hits me , and then it tightens

Baez - I have him now , I pull my net so it get tighter it , he falls into the sea , and with the help of my net he starts drowning , So i withdraw my trident and throw into the net , red spills out and begins to dye the sea red , and then i hear his cannon , second of the day , I help rosalind up and grab her arrowns . She thanks me , and with xandra dead she is the only one alive , that i trust .

Devon - Isabelle is alsleep , so i try out her electrical equiment trap things, but it goes wrong . Smoke go in sky , Isabelle awakes into a rage "you idoit , i need them and if the careers " she is interupted by career shouting and saying "haha where coming " , We pack up but theyll catch us "go ill hold em up " , she grabs me "no , no " , I shout at her " go mum and dad loved us , i dont want to break there heart even more . ill die so mum and dad can have one of us" she cry and weeps out "kill them all and come and find me " . I being to cry coz as she takes of this is the last time ill ever see her , i turn and then im on the floor . the careers laugh at me , three of em "haha why are you here to dum to run are we " , wren laughts and smile at me , he on top of me now then brair taunts me "ow , saving little sis are we , well dont worry she join you , ill in joy smash her skull with my mace " I shout " no she more clever than all three of you " lion smile he and brair are stood up watch armed with spears , both wren and lion are huge and brair look like a warrior she finally says " you aint gonna be alive to see it " Wren laugh gets of me and with a huge sword lash at me legs my blood all over the rocks ...

Isabelle - Boom a cannon goes "noooo , no no " scream , cry and screech , over and over again . then i see the fallen i see devon in the sky , i begin to stab my self in the hand over and over again ! forget mum and dad i want my brother

Brair -Rosalind and Baez arrive with another tributes blood they have killed a tribute , because none of them are cut but rosalind is brused on her face and arms , We fight a fire and the fallen appear , boy from 3 "mine" wren shouts , then the girl from 7 , we all silent , mutts or the arena , and finally ryder the boy from 9 . can tell from baezs look that thier kill

Overview - terradactile mutts arrive on the forest island killing Daina and injury grey badly and breaking rebeccas armor .

Daina , Ryder and Devon have been killed today

Greys right arm is badly hurt needs sponsers

Isabelle is going crazy and is stabbing her self needs advice and is hurt try look for sponsers

Day 9 Hunting Games

Wren - I got my first kill since the bloodbath that adds the boy 3 with the monster from 11 to my list . And only xandra and gunner have are dead from the career pack . Not that we need palmer but xandra was killed but the 13 from 4 has a charm with the girls and that charm has allowed more careers to vote in favour of rosalinds stratergies instead of mine . So It was rosalind plan not to hunt till day 7 or later . Its diffrerent because the island are diffrent and most of the tributes on the rainforest island were killed yesterday . We got devon who didnt put much of a fight. And Ryder who was in a candidate to be invited in the career pack . He hurt rosalind a little but baez got him i think ." With 11 tributes left and 5 are careers.thats 6 others ermm lets think " I say Its early morning the careers are awaking up , even briar who was guard fell asleep . It most be about 6;30 am arena time .So im try to get the convo going , we are eating and then We go hunting for the remaining ."4 left is there " I say again " .... "errrmmm......lets count Coco , Rebecca , Avery " Briar lists "Little cow cost us suppiles and xandra food supply" Rosalind mumbles " I can fish " say Baez "Grey , Isabelle and Gunner" Briar continues call me a nerd but i study the tributes so can kill them easy like i did to Sima " Rosalind and Lion laugh at her lets move.

Gunner - There about to move , i just stole axes and my aim is good , im going kill him when the time is right but it aint today . I remember my mentors advice so today ill sit tight , any advice ???????????????

Rebecca - Puff Puff puff , my lungs are about to burst ive been chased my mutts all day long porkupine mutts that shoot spike it hit me and now all i can see is purple . Careers are running at my , ive won , im dieing , im watch my dead body being brough home . now im at district 1 2 3 and 4 , taking about thier tributes . I cant find real from hollusonations , I in story snap i fall and fell and sharp pain . The careers have got me first one was real ! "please dont , i can help you , il will serve you " i begg and lion laughts as more appear. Damn gamemakers forced me into them.

Lion Pov - Baez called this kill hes when we herd mutts and screaming , but i beat him and wren to this and rosalind and briar were jogging , but i threw my spear into her torso . She should be dead but she has armor but she is cut very deep . And baez arrive with his tridents if looks could kill . Then as rebecca begs a mace flying thourgh the air . And smashes into her skull and see briar "haha mine " , then baez moans " You cudda kill me " she reply " shut it you little girl and oh i forget your only 13 " This face off is followed by a cannon . We got back to camp and we see the fallen in the sky. Just rebecca

Grey - im still her but the sponsers helped me and rebecca is died 10 left . 5 careers and five of use game on


advice needed !!!! for tatics on final 10 and careers need advice on what to do !!!!

Day 9

Baez- 5 of us and 5 of them now it gets fun . Even , well i taugh rosalind to basics of fishing for a the basics in archery . We eat fish again its new to the 1s and 2s , but this diet suits me well and as xandra has passed away , i can selfishly reap the benefits . only diffrence is rosalind shimmer caught the early catch . the arena fish are bigger than 4 and alot easier to be caught . Some are mutts but i can avoid them. We have just finshed eating , and propose my mentors idea . "hey lion , i should jump on your back and throw tridents " His laught is greeted by a scream its about 10 am . Early kill

Avery - Nooo ! Im caught its got me good, My legs and arms have been caught in rope and small axe . I start to struggle but then just become restless , the career will arrive to finsh me . I ly there in my final moments of life and then lion huge lion runs in with baez from 4 , they smile and rosalind , briar arrive " oh look what happend t little miss brave" brair starts patronising me baez laughts and whispers in my ear " clever are we , youre gonna pay xandra death was need thanks but youre a gonna " , Then lady luck sweeps down . Out of the trees and bushes , Gunner arrive and throws 4 axes , first 2 hit brair and rosalind in leg . they both fall ! the last two land in lions chest and throat . He falls spashing blood over baez who fell when lion fell . Rosalind and brair injured , Lion cannon goes off he dead and wren and baez stunned , the careers are done ! Wren moves towards a smiling Gunner "My brother can rest i have avenage them " As he says the word them , Coco appears throws knives into Wrens chest he pumpmits BOOOOMMM !!! I free my self to see Rosalind and Brair crawling off and Coco and gunner gone , A dead lion and wren and baez crying . I head back to my trap .

Coco - Did what you sed , thanks two careers dead , good 5 others and three careers left ! I look in sky to confirm what i all read know Lion and Wren

Overview - Rosalind has used her instant heal to heal herself and brair

Coco , Gunner , Grey , Avery , Isabelle , and the three suviving careers (Rosalind,Brair and Baez remain final 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Announcement !!!(on TV)

Caeser Flickerman :Attention !!!! The capitol will travel to the final 8 tributes districts to interview the tributes friends and family , Now , not only will the interviews be broadcasted across panem , but they will be streamed directly to tributes via the arena . These interviews will be used to help tributes mentally but will be used to deside your tributes new sponsers buget for the final 8 . You have till tomorrow 2pm (British time) to post the interviews . Thank you

Day 10

Grey - Final 8 guess my mentor wants me to be ready to fight , them knives confirm it . So i avoid others and practice its about 4 am . and an announcement is aired "Tributes congratulations on reaching the final 8 . Today the hunger games capitol filming team will travel to districts 1 ,2,3,4,10,11 and 12 to interview your famillys ." Hopefully this will give me the boost to win !!! Then a loud noice is sounded , like a blowhorn , then in the sky , "capitol tv presents " and then the interviews appear , the career families talking and an exteremly arrogant girl from 1 appear , boasting about thier skills and teaching rosalind , I dont know what the career famlies are worried for , thier children trained and chose to be a appart . We watch our families cry as we went into the games.A morning family from 3 , they lost thier son about 4 or 5 days ago. But they boost thier daughter moral . I feel sorry for her mother and father , they knew that atleast oneof thier children will die in these games. Then another sick sad career family belonging to baez from 4 . Gunners and Cocos are sad but hopefull . Then i see averys family and i feel a warming , thats home

Rosalind - Cheeky cow ! Glimmer steal the light of me and my family . Regaining the shimmer wealth that what the 72nd games are about , briar seem confident after seeing her family and seem more confident . Good we have both received adivce from our mentors , this just cerments the trust i have with her , but even though i think of briar as an ally , it must STAY like that , winning means everybody will die , but i trust her and her abillitys . So heading into the final 8 , she the best tribute to watch my back . baez is usful. but he has no back bone and i dont like this brothers from thier interview , so its briar that im trusting ,

briar - seeing my family make me want to win for them , just then " Tributes of the 72nd games , the capitol has kindly offering all 8 remaining tributes to a feast , Think about this as the risks of traveling to the cornucopia island are worth it , as panem knows capitol has power and in the feast is a bag contain what each of you need to win the games , what need to most " we get our weapons , "time to boost our chances " says baez , Baez readies the boat , We set off. , Mace , Bow , Arrows , Trident , Nets and Fish all packed by baez and on the boat god he has really though this . " kill just like training " baez say , we arrive on the shore and run , rosalind is the fastest , bags saying 1 ,2,4,10,11,12 and 12 in pink . but thats seven and then rosalind corfirmes it "no 3 , isabelle has took hers "

Gunner - Knive to her neck , his hammer to my pack , 4 of us armed to teeth , at stail mate . Then avery pops it "lets work together to get our suppiles , three careers , 4 of us " where all in mutral agreement , avery and grey from one end and me and coco attack from the other get our suppiles and go . 3,2,1 we run out , then slow mo , each second slows down , each second feel like 10 . We run out , Rosalind fires

Avery - Im running so is grey , Then rosalind turns and fires , it hits gunner in the chest , he fall , then a cannon , i fire back hits her in the legs she falls in pain , Baez throws a trident at grey , missed and tackles baez stabbing him in shoulder , hurt but no dead ,

Coco - Rosalind and Baez are down , avery and grey have took thier bags , briar runs at me , swings , miss , so i take her legs out with my machete , wont kill but that will leave a mark . i turn "look at what your messing with " i take my bag , i planed to finsh off briar , but baez is up so i run

Rosalind - I look to see baez , taking mine and briars bag and runing away , prat , feeling us for dead , then he meets his justice , bolt of lighting hits him and sends his corpse in air , cannon fires , my bag and briar land on the island , My bag has explosive arrows , briar has medicine and a mace that fires bombs , , we cant move yet , a few days

Isabelle - YEA !!!! I killed him , bag had an generator inside , my trap was compete , so i killed him , thats your you Devon ,my first career kill for you !

Overview - Your intervies helped so much

Baez is killed by isabelle and Gunner is killed by Rosalind

Final 6

Rosalind - Found explosive arrows and medience

Briar - Mace with bombs firing device

Isabelle - Genorater

Coco - full body suit of armor and Map arena with mutt trackors

Grey-Guide to mutts , anti - infection and warning 101

Avery - Golden tipped arrows can fire throw anything

Day 11

Flickerman-Early hours of day 11 , And what a games its been , Final 6 !

Romulus-Yes , i think whats interesting is the two exteremes 3 of the richest district have one tributes each and three outline tributes from outline districts !

4 hours later ......

Rosalind : I hear it 5 of us left , a cannon blasted 2 hours ago , its been a huge rain storm and i cant tell if its night or day . Then a capitol screening ;" Midday arena update , Grey fallen reason hyperthemia Goodluck " five female tributes from 1,2,3,11 and 12 . We walk by a cliff and see a genorater, must be isabelles , briar says "let me take the bow " "ok " i reply , she should kill me im disarmed but she hits the genorater . Bang an explosoin sent us back in the air , we land to hear a cannon . We light up a fire and see the fallen Isabelle and Grey

Day 12

Briar - T were equall , we healed each other and we are ready , avery and coco watch out , its midday we are walking and then something fires hourgh the tree , blood goes everywhere , i fall the arrow is struck deep in my legs , i fall and hobble into a bush , watch my blood go everywhere , Rosalind and Avery are exchange fire , boom i hear rosalind bombs , I Wrap my wound , grab my mace and charge out i run at avery , an arrow hits me in the gut , but i cant feel it , i hit her with my mace , boooooooommmm ! her arroow blew up sending me and avery in the air, i hear averys cannon . Burnt , cut and bleeding out i lie at a ditch , and Rosalind runs away , Her and Coco , but im not dead not yet anyway ....... helllllppppppppp me

Coco - averys in the sky ,i need what ever you can give me ! Soon there will be a final battle , i need to winnn.

Overview _ Avery was killled by Rosalind , Avery places 4th . And briar is well on her way to finishing 3rd unless you help , Rosalind and Coco need what ever you can give them for the final battle!

Day 13 --- The Battle

Thank you sooooo much , you people with your advice , tributes and sponser have made these games soooo fun ! Please could you post some feedback on this games and look out for 73rd games !!!!!!

Rosalind - Ive got my bows , im healed thanks to the sponser , i made sure i got brair aswell as avery ! shes my friend and ally , but only one can win , she didnt die but i can pick her off , im moving north armed and hunting coco , she aint a career but ive seen what she can do , im walking , then i see her , the tree fall and vanish , me and her a left in a savanna , she run at me , so i aim

she runs

she gets closer .......................

So i fire , i miss , she tackles me to the ground , arrrrr , i can see her tolding an axe , she wing it towards me , im dead nooonnooonooo, i pull out a dagger and plunge it !

Briar - Im not dead far from it , thanks to venus , im armed to a huge mace , im gonna do some damage ! Booooooooooommmmm I hear i cannon im in the final 2 , pray coco got her , rosalind my ally and friend , but i would rather fight Coco i move .......

Coco - Im badly wound but rosalind is dead , see got my good with the dagger , im walk and she jumps out of a bush , ambush , we wrestle , clang , shing the metal of my axes and her mace , i swing she ducks and nails me , as she moves in for the kill , i feel a rush , so i get up stabbing 2 twice , we wrestle her rotten brown hair and my flithy hair mix as we wreslte i and see a mix of blood

Briar - I bite her in the skull the ground is covered we are bathing in blood , she screams in agony , i use my body wieght to slam her head on a rock , she stop screaming , i pick my mace , bang ,bang ,bang i cant stop , i see rosalind in my mine , bang bang bang , boom ! bang , im stoped by caeser i look at the ground Coco skull has been mashed by a beast , i wipe the blood and fall , i cry in saidness and joy

Congrats to Epic Hobo (Venus) , District 2 , Briar and her family!!!! Brair the victor of the 72nd games

Thanks to everybody your tributes where amazing look out for next games !!!!

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