Welcome to the 73rd hunger games , these are my second games , i loved doing the last ones so get posting





Appearance (or lunaii)


Backstory: ( Gives me something to work with )






Individual Training Sessions: You can post your own or give me an angle and I will write it:)

Bloodbath Strategy:



Thanks and Happy hunger games and may the odds be in your favor

name district age strengths weakness apperance personaility
Blake Hatch 1 male 17 adapted strong and swimming right angle strong mind and aggersive
jessica diamondworth 1 female 18 axes , boys love her unpopular , no make ugly diamond blue eyes blonde hair and sexy popular and loveable
Cadberry 2 male 16 plants , camo hand to hand. rasberry is this best friend funny with rasberry otherwsie cold and brutal
Rasberry 2 female 16 hand to hand , plants and throwing knives in love with cadberry graceful , deadly nice to cadberry
:Edith Presko 3 female 15 throwing axes and bow blood , careers lunaii nice and caring
Isaac Presko 3 male 16 climbing , hand to hand deep waters and careers lunaii protective and brutal
Jason Oceanwater dead 4 male 14

teeth , axes


dying and a fear of water lunaii loveable , cute and handsome

Jaga Aqua

4 female 15 water queen ! Tridents , harpoon gun and nets axe , spear and land weapons lunaii nice , sly and strong
Ian Vance 5 male 12 clever and great aim hAND TO hand red hair , pale cocky
Casidy Harris 5 female 15 knives and matrial arts , dodging speed not fast lunaii , mix colours black and white

anti-bullying love the backstory

nice and loveable

Raven Mockingjay 6 male 16 swimming hunting hand to hand , left arm lunaii funny and brutal
Amaryllis Silvermoon 6 female 16 throwing knive long distance lunaii really nice
Ray 7 male 18 speed , strenght and hand to hand soft spot for youngests big tall and bulit nice , loving and pity ful
McKenna Ecelinti 7 female 14 snares , plant id , aim ., axes and mace swimming timid , sword shy and mysterious

John Madrick

8 male 17 machete , clubs careers and aes mean

Helen Dugsky

8 female 18 throwing knives mutts and axes

cruel , vicious and hateful

Eli Dawn

9 male 18 sling , bowie knive and crossbow tall but not strong or big rough,harsh but can be nice
Sima 9 female 18 spear weak and too much gutts skiiny pale and blonde caring , gutsy and brave
Tyson Ashford 10 male 17

sword and bow

and tridents

soft spot for 9,11,12 huge a muscle , and bulit lad . brown hair kind , condfident and scary
Jackie Jane 10female 16 smart fast wont hurt a flyyyy 5 foot 7 pale skinny and dark hair
Tyreece 11 male 18 strength hiding and straving cold weather , dumbD big , dark skined and qutie bulit dumb and guts of a warrior
Aleena Galintey 11 female 16 sleath , theif , throwing knives , blow gun unadaptable,plants wont trust and coldheart

Jonathan Magas

12 male 18 sneaky fast and strong attacks for above
Lauren Huntley 12 female 15 traps and bows weapons image caring and skillful

Day 1 Arrival

Caeser - Panem the time is here , the best time of year , welcome to the hunger games , in just a few hours the tributes will be scored , so then augstinea what do you make of this years tributes

Augstinea- Its hard to tell of a reaping and a chariot ride but , district 1 , 2 ,3 and 4 are look strong , maybe will see an addition to the career pack Jaga , Jason , Rasberry and cadberry , blake and jessicia all looking like deadly threat this career are as strong as ever and wonder if they can follow brair and get an another career win ? Maybe will see a district 1 or 4 this year , 2 set out to recapure another win

Caeser - Dont count out the other district last year we saw coco and avery do well .... we have the huge chic magnet Tyson and Mckenna look strong , We see some unusually stock outlines district tributes , What a Year !

Casidy - So im here , the anti-bully , the mma fighter , the hated by bullys and well there this time the bullies are from 1 ,2 and 4 and even 3 ! The way they look down on us , they dont know me ! And thier cockyness will be the death of them , Threats wise we have tyson , he is huge bigger than the career and they know that , but he aint a bully , keep himself to himself and a tall boy from 9

Jaga - Training was great the career pack is forming , tridents and swimming are my strengths , Im i just saw jason go in for the private training good kid but dont think he will do well in the games !

Day 2

Jessicia - Where first , 1 me and blake , oh he totally digs me , but his odd , aggersive in training and strong , threats and plans i go get a bow and arrows , kill and ally , oh blake has just gone in , ermm district 1 2 4 and non career wise we have to ask 3 and the 10 boy ! , Off i go !

Jackie - One by one district by District 5 ,6 , 8 , 10 male im next , i have avoid talking or eye contact with anybody , im a forgiving girl but by my suvival it means 23 deaths , the boy our district 10 , he nice attractive and hugely bulit , ranch worker , big threat , most tributes are in my age range 15-18 tough , tall , but i pitty Ian only 12 and jason 14 but hes a career , im next nervous !

Name Scorce Money sponser sponsers bought remaing buget
10 1000
Jessicia 10 1000

50 wooden club

Painkiller: $275

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Quiver of Arrows (12): $425

9 900
Rasberry 9 900 Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $700 200
8 800
9 900
10 1000
9 900
5 500
Casidy 9 900

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $700

Throwing Knives (3): $200


7 700
4 400
8 800
5 500
7 700
8 800
7 700
10 1000
5 500
6 600
9 900
4 400
8 800

Axe: $550

Blanket: $350

Blowgun: $400

Bow: $950

Bread: $150

Burn Cream: $725

Canteen: $400

Camouflage Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $175

Dried Fruit: $150

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $700

Knife: $275

Mace: $325

Machete: $525

Matches: $375

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $750

Net: $225

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $750

Paddles: $250

Painkiller: $275

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $850

Poison: $775

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $550

Quiver of Arrows (12): $425

Raft: $550

Rocks (10): $125

Rope: $225

Sickle: $425

Sleeping Bag: $575

Slingshot: $425

Snowshoes: $400

Soup: $475

Spear: $525

Spile: $575

Sword: $525

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $875

Water: $800

Wire: $775

Wooden Club: $50

Rules are simple your the mentors , type advice into the comments , youre tributes have bugets plan read and buy ! Good luck and may be ever in favor

games start on sunday

Day 1 - the bloodbath

Jackie - my hearts beating , i die or watch and kill , i cant do this ! , no i can hide and avoiding to kill , i hug my stylist and head up the tube , 60 seconds , as i rise the sunlight blines me , i smell pollen thick lots of pollen , and all i can see is green , its like the 50th games dont get distracted , 5 4 OMG 3 2 1 , The HORN sounds , The careers and some other move like lighting , others are a little slow , I cant be a part of this , ill hide and relie on the sponsers , i run towards the north hills , i fall tumbling down the steep the hill into a wood

Jessicia - im the fastest easilly , i pick up a bow some arrows and some daggers , just then an arrow fire past me cutting some of my hair , anthoer , me , cuts me , i yelp , its 12 girl , i fire back , it hits her in legs she screems i run and tackle her and withdraw a knive ! Plunging her in the chest , i laugh as her blood covers screeming mouth

Rasberry- I run and gather supplies , knives , a sword , and gather some food and other supplies , i look around to see tributes have avoided me and mean while Jaga plants a trident in 6s boy and cadberry is fight with 11s boy , Ifear for him but before i can help , he disarm and kills him , greet him and call the careers who are doing well jason seem to have allied with 3 . I greet cadberry we see Tyson , cadberry look ready for him , "no ! i shout you heard the ,mentor look" As we talk he beheads Ray look ray was strong but tyson is a freak , we look again

Mckenna - I gather everything i need then i see helen , she runs at me , i nail her with an axe , she falls , i grab my bags and head to the dip

Casidy - Ive got everything , i look around Blake kills 11s girl and 12 boy , i turn around dont fancy taking him so i head for the east , then a turn for the worst , 4 male is thier armed with a dagger , he swings , i drop by suppiles and bust his arm , his bone come out of his skin before i snap his neck , the careers see me and look in shock , "Yea im a threat " i shout before i leave , heading to the arid area i have water !

Edith and Isaac - We are both both armed , we see ian we push , both use stab him , we grab some tech and meet with career we see the sky 4 and 5 boy


Name district death details day place
Lauren 12 stabbed by Jessicia 1 cornucopia 24th
Raven 6 trident by Jaga 1 cornucopia 23rd
Tyreece 11 sword fighting by Cadberry 1 cornucopia 22nd
Ray 7 by Tyson cornucopia 21st
helen 8 by mckenna cornucopia 20nd
aleena 11 blake cornucopia 19st
Jonathan Magas 12 blake cornucopia 18th
Jason 4 Casidy cornucopia 17th
Ian 5 Preskos cornucopia 16th
Sima 9 Unable to adapt , dehyrdation in dessert Desert 15th
amaryliis 6 Killed by Diesese in water sea 14th
Isaac 3 killed by tyson on history floor 13th
Eli killed by english books on english 12th
John 8 killed by cadberry 11th
jackie 10 killed by rasberry 10th
Jaga 4 killed by blake 9th
tyson 10 killed by acid and rasp in chemsirty by acid lake 8th
blake 1 jumped to save jesscia on biolgy by lake 7th
cad 2 bleed to death from jesscia and tyson after battle in bilogy 6th
edith 3 killed by mutts in bioligy? 5th
Mckenna killed by ras take out :D 4th
Jesscia  killed by ras outside the libary of horrors 3rd
Rasp killed by Casdiy and her own bone outside the libary  2nd
Casidy  Victor Victor Victor Victor Victor 

Day 2 - Suvival Games

(During the night the arena rapidly transformed , now from a green medow , to 4 areas , area one is a dessert , 2 is sea land , 3 woods , 4 a school ground , tributes that couldnt adapt fell

Tyson - Last night wasnt too bad , Im doing what i have to , suvival at any cost , i knew my strenght and power but im not arrogant , 2 cannon sounded last night , i was on the move the woods didnt change much , grew 5 times in size . I Wonder whoes died , the careers are all in tact and bigger than usual , they where hunting early , i avoid them , Cadberry Saw me but i bet they didnt want a fight district 2 i will look foward to finishing them off . Got great weapons and food so day 2 im good

Isaac- our plan is goood at the moment , where sticking to plan , im guiding my sister , using weapons and hunting we didnt get to anybody , we got i in the bloodbath , no sponsers needed yet just hunting

Jessicia - Ok day , i need your advice blake not the fall in love person , ive been try bout he is strong mind , who can i trick ? The broadcast begins the fallen district 6 female and dstrict 9 female

Day 3 -

Mckenna - Day 3 errmmm , im actually having fun , i saw a school rise up , ill stay away thank you ! get up qutie a few snares , and had some luck ! Killed some tree rats and im armed up , no deaths since yesterday , Got pat st tyson but my chances against him are slim , love some water !

Blake - Today has been pretty good , but im stuck in a tube , Me and the careers apporched the school and a tube appeared and suck us in , now in a tube , a game make brief us , we all have a weapon go on a football pitch avoid mutts and kill , we are released . what a joke , use careers kill the mutts and the tributes escape , fools , now we get the supplies a map , i had to the school english , books start landing WTH , Dracula opens a set of vampire teeth fly out hiting Jessicia in back she falls , cad and ras have his , we move to find a small camp its inside and outside

Day 4 The Fight down

Casidy - Day 3 was dull in nearing the top of the school , ive avoided dinosaurs in science , and suvived the amercian civil war , and fough british emperial mutts , im tired , 11 of us remain

Jessicia - We stare down , tyson gonna be hard but saying that i saw what casidy can be do ripped john in haft , the wind blow softly , the word all of the capitol every dsitrict panem is watching , then from slow mo to fast, tyson withdraws his sword , i fire at a casidy , she moves like lightning and then i all see is blakcness

Tyson - Jessicia falls , blake run at me come on then you want a fight , he swing a slash him , he rolls aways , the preskos want to try me , isaac and my sword CLANG , i overpower him , and cut his head clean off , edith screams, casidy disarms Jaga , Cad and Ras where they , i warn casidy she looks at them , so i and casidy stare back they run for , until we meet again i say to casidy she smiles and i take off

Caeser: What a show down , the career 2 down and silt , Edith and blake , Cad and rasberry , and jaga where packs !

Day 5 the Feast

Eli-Last night i was in a shock , two careers dead , tyson or traitors i bet , well the career are split jessicia is oneher own in biology by a lake , cad and rasberry are hunting for tributes in maths attacked by mutt numbers as for blake he is with jaga and ..... AT FEAST IS BEING HOST PLEASE DO JOIN IN ! i run then out of the tree a razor shape book his me , i falls to see my blood and look down WIlliam Shakespear BOOOOOOMMMM !

Jessicia - Im not 100 percent still wounded but i have a plan ......

Cadberry - come on ras , we run , qucikly we have to get thier first , we make your way to the playground we open the bag for 2 , golden knives can chop thourgh aything and a diamond tiped sword , we arm our selfs and instant relief , we hide under the table for the bags , we heard footsteps i run and male from 8 , i cut his sword in half before i behead him

Ras - i heard a boom and see cad come back got him , we hear more steps , i rise to jackie , see run on me , i out power her she drops her sword in beacuse she cant do it , i kill her but fall in pain , cad appiles nstant relif , but im drained of enery , cad carries me to a pond in biology we rest ,he comes closer , we kiss ...........

Jessicia - i grab my bag and turn to see blake and jaga , he stands in between in me and jaga , kill her she shouts , no kill jaga , we scream at blake to kill no and other , then i burst out" because i love you and i thourgh him the club , he smiles and kills jaga we leave to togther , i run to see casidy take her bag and tyosn also appears they smile and leave ,

Overview- final 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blake has been tricked and is in love with jessica

ras is hurt and needs sponsers

casidy needs some sponsers to kill edith

jesscia would like somemore weapons to attack tyson or ras and cad

As its the final 8 , plaese summit the interview of the tributes familys , these will been streamed into the arena and will help your tributes

Rasp-I awake to be fully healed , in fact better than ever i have some healing cream left, damn i missed the interviews , but there is no cad , then i hear his screamm, PANIC


damn i knew he would , look to see him and tyson battling , is been brutal but cad has took the worse , although , tyson has more internal injurys , despte his strengh , cads careers training has helped him , i see tyson lift his sword , i pounce , i jump on his huudge bag , he sticks and shackes like a bull , he throughs me off , he stabbs cad , i gather acid in my water cup from the acid lake , u pounch again , i throw the acid in this eyes , he screams so take the chance , i pounch and strangle him , first thier is lots of moving and screaming but i hear a cannon , now just blood , i pick up cad and move him to a near by lake , then a knive hits cad in his back i scream and turn to see blake and jessicia ,

jessicia - i smile as her beloved falls , she screams and all of sudden she changes , becomes posesed by odious enery and hate , she charges at me , blake runs , she quickly disarms him , and stabs him in legs , i fire , she fires , now i have just knives , fires it move towards my head , all of a sudden , blake jumps and takes it booooomm ! i ill show my mum , so i deicde to run , she turns to cad

,Casidy - i move to towards the noice i see ras try to 2 help cad , she appliles cream but it dont hellppp booommm

mckenna - i look into the sky the fallen .... district 1 male , district 2 male , and district 10 male

Day 6?

Edith - Omg there here still , i withdraw my sword , swing and plunging , damn mutss there is 100s , i wish i still had my brother or the careers , damn , arrrrr ? look to see im frog mutts , i black out doooomm...

Casidy - I my awaken by a cannon , 4 left i need to plan me , district 1 girl , Ras and mckenna .... 4 girls 4 bablyouns ..... i eat the last of my food and drink some water , i got a letter from my mentor , god they all count on me , i have to do this , keep moving , up wards , my plan head to the forest outside the playground that way i have the element of suprise .....

Mckenna - I look around then she comes out like crazy , withdraws her sword , im not ready i run , she is faster , i withdraw , she look at me , a an evil is in her eyes , we battle , i know shes a career but is crazy , she knocks the sword clean out of me hands , this isnt ras , cads death has sent her crazy ....................... booommm?

Jessicia - I load my arrows Jusst 3 , ? i look into the sky Mckenna ... she was talented the games must be getting tough ....................................?

Overview - Cadisy needs more food or water to prepair her , Ras has gonna crazy and her attacks have improved shes a huge threat (needs advice) Jesscia is mearly out of arrows PLUS ALL 3 NEED ADVICE !

Day 7  Three Left But thier can only be ONE WINNER 

Jessicia - I aim fully loaded , now if i was casidy where would i go , move around the school from the libary of horrors , a book open i scream , i can see is me ugly old horrid , no ,no, no i scream, the mother laughs at me uglyness 

Caeser : Good People of the captiol a true test of heart is on play , Jesscia has been trapped inher worst nightmare will she have the willpower to escape or can rasp or casidy avoid the trap and take the advancige

Jesscia - i awake in a pool of blood and vomit , i feel weak , i suvivied but it got me bad , crall out of the libary to see soemthing bad , Rasp heared by screaming and came , i use whats left of my enery to fire but my aim is gone , "no you cant kill me , if you win you have nothing Cad is DEAD " she answers "maybe" boooommmm..............

Caeser - want a line the final goodbye "maybe but you killled him so its my turn " as she behead her victim District 1 are out Jesscia picks up 3rd place 

Casidy - boooom thats it just me and somebdy else i wonder , 2 hours later .... I am awoken by Rasps screaming , So jesscia and i think rasp in the libary of horrors , i move i screep to see her , covered in puss , blood and vomit , im not sure if she is even human anymore , i appear she smile "just you " , i withdraw , we scream and run , bang , stab , scrach , bite , i look around she is on top of me , blood baths both of us , i she prepare to stab , i grab her arm , i snap it she , she scream , i see bone exposed thorgh her arm bone dangle out of their arm, grab her bone and stab her in the neck , she screams whilst i force her own bone into thier throat , she  stops and then boooommm

i rise from a huge pool of blood to see the hovercraft

Contrats to  Dedejacob and casidy the victor of the 73rd games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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