I know its 14 days late but better late than never ! the theme a winter wonder land ???? This will test your tributes to the max and will require sponsers and commitment , please only post if you want to keep up with them , i will update as fast as i can and allow you time (No longer than 7 days )

Happy Winter hunger  Games  may the odds be ever in your favour and the cold be mercyfull 

Name : 

Distirct :


Appearance (or lunaii):


Backstory: ( Gives me something to work with )






Individual Training Sessions: You can post your own or give me an angle and I will write it:)

Bloodbath Strategy:



Reapings (what happend reaped and voulanteers :


Name District Age strengths  weaknesses apperence personsnallity
 Katerina "Kat" Boysiene D1F 18 Strong, She can trick boys into loving her. and axe  A boy once said "no" to her image Mean, Rude, Selfish, Violent, Powerfu
Mytth D1M 17 warhammers and large axes speed and strength  district 1 in pain , very proud and loves district 1 blue eyes , tall , 6,4 , bright blonde hair , stocky but tall  mean 2 every one exsept district 1
Saw wire


18 all weapon types , nature and  anger and chariot rides  big bulit and dirt blonde  cold hearted leader 
Star D2F 16 bow and arrow , speed and axes can be bosssy and hard to get on with also can be arrogant tall , fiece , blonde and brown hair ,  blood thirsty , mean and strong minded
alexandra cable D3F 17



guys and her family blonde hair blue eyes tanned skin rude mean diva


D3M 16 throwing knives not very strong - clever and qutie
Jasper Waves D4M 14 weaving nets , speed , fishing , ice fishing , sneak and tridents not very strong  blonde haired , blue eye , 4 11 tall ,  kind , cunnig and sly
Tori Rich  D4F 17 Spear fast and strong Can't swim or climb trees,falls in love with boys too easily Purple hair and green eyes,always wears black,too much makeup A mean,sassy,cocky,arrogant,ruthless,evil killer
Lauren Rios D5F 14 knife wire  size and not very danagrous  lunaii funny nice senstive 
Zach Carrey D5M 16 knife axe wire spped , commincationiwthothers lunaii clod cruel and crazy 
:ray  D6M 18 straving&strong cold wether bulit both around 6'4 . onl diffrence between the two is ray as a scar on this right cheek kind and clever 
 Hazel Motor D6F 13 Indepentdent, Can hunt , blowgun Swimming, Can't stand forests lunaii Sensitive, Sweet, Helpful, Kind, Loving, Tough
 MANNER KRUEGER D7M 18 GREAT with nature and strong not good at making friends like boy from 10 but has one blue eye and one bkind brave quietlack
 Willow Songheart D7F 16 Kung Fu, Running, Smart  Losing her temper, Failing to save someone close to her. lunaii Willow is very sweet and caring. Everything is happy around her, and most people say she couldn't hurt a fly. But that's not true. As much as she is sweet, she has a temper, and when she gets angry she rampages for hours, and only her close friends can calm her down. If she's angry, she will get revenge on anything or anybody that has caused her pain. Other then that, she is a bright young girl, and enjoys music.
Seth Blaque D8M 16 swords and snares and comaflage seeing aveara hurt  Green eyes, brown curly hair that is not very long, not too tall, nice tan. Everyday clothes are: jeans, shirt, leather jacket, and chucks(converse) Reaping outfit: White button up, black pants, chucks(converse) Kind, charming, cunning, smart, and loves his girlfriend
Aveara(a-v-air-uh) Copley D8F 15 knifes , climbing , running , hand to hand trust issues  Red hair, pale skinned, one blue eye one brown eye, everyday clothes: Flannel shirt, grey skinny jeans, combat boots, wears hair in a side fishtail braid OR everyday clothes: military looking jacket, V-neck, dark skinny jeans, combat boots, natural flowy curly hair. Reaping outfit: black dress with gold outlining, necklace that hugs around neck, and black flats. sjy kind and a drawing 
Murry Frenchach(line wouldnt  come out ) D9M 13 Mace careera - tall , skinny  and strong
Lena Sharp D9F 16  Running. Strong Orphan image  :Mean, Snobby, Arrogant, Violent, Blood-thirsty
Starfall Maize D10M 17  Aim, endurence, and agility. He also knows where all the major arteries and veins are on in animals and people. He can camophashe  He starts to throw up at the sight of other vomit or poop. He cant climb trees or swim. lunaii Dark on the outside, but he is spirited but sorta sad on the inside
Minerva Golding D10F 18

climbing, spying on people and camo

darts, knives

combat, running, falls in love way too easily sweet, daydreamer, stands up for family
Tyreece D11M 18

throwing knifes

:Cold weather dark skin and bulit both around 6'4  mean , dumb but has more guts
Sima D11F 18 spears , natural mediences and climbing  sneaking and sleath blonde , blue eyes and pretty. quiet , mean and focused and determind
Jacob Pribe D12M 14 most weapons and edible foods identflier not very strong and making friends - smart kind athletic
Alice Amanda Hawking D12F 12

Sword and snares mostly

Fast runner, great climber, and great at out-smarting people

Hearing or seeing someone in pain(even tho something changed in her the night her dad died she still has a caring heart) Greed eyes, blonde hair, pale Total bas a** after her fathers death. Something changed inside of her forming a dark sinister thing inside her heart.



Day 1 - Public Trainning

Day 2 - Private training + Scorce

Day 3 - Interviews 

Day 4 - Last Day (Advice planning + Image of Cornucopia released + Arena Map )


Day 1 - Cornucopia Bloodbath

Unknown Date - Final 8 family interview broadcasted in arena !

Pre Games 

Day 1

Caeser Flickerman - Well then mr . Babalyon , what can you tell use about this yearsw tributes

Mr-Babalyon - Well caeser , i think from the chariot rides we can see some fan favour from district 1 and 2 , and if we look at the reapings i think we have some big personallies like from district 8 and 6 , i think over the next couple of day will learn , who and what we have !

5 Hours later .............

Starfall Maize -  After hours of a eating and a luxary that ive neer seen before , our guide Octotmus Augeston takes us down the lift , he looks at us , "this is where you make an impression , show your skills and remember you are being watched at all times , gamemakers , sponsers and other tributes , avoid making enemies with the career pack " , " District 1 2 and 4 " i reply "i hate them snobs " , "well you dont want to be target , and snobs are great there the most mannered like the us capitol " he bites back , I look at Minerva , she stays very qutie , i enjoy her company , family mean alot to her , and she is from home , but i know she is a thief and a very good one , back at home , she could rob from the ranches , and evade the owners and the capitol , i cant trust her , as far as alliances go no way , she'd drop my food and run , the lift opens district 1 tributes enter , they stare and mock us , awww i cant stand them , Octotmus glares at me ! , the door opens again where the last ones to arrive , Atala begins talking showing us the station , i just stare at Minerva do i trust her or avoid ?

Kat Boysiene - I Look around , i dont need atala , im going to the weaons and staying thier , my plan kill as much as i can in bloodbath and us the suppiles to outlast everybody else and hunt , the smiles as i look at these dirty scum bags , these feared peasents , they look at my top see my District 1 logo and look away , haha they know and fear my skills , i smile at the careers , but the eigths look every confident they even smile back , we are dismissed , i shove my way to the axes and smash the targets bullseyes , sense fear in the distircts 3, 5 ,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 , but not 8 they sick together and are good with weapons 

Lena - I move across the stations , wood choosing , knock tying ,and climbing , then i got the snow den making how to us a spade to dig snow and make a little , cave , so i have a advanage its a snow arena ! , i look at the careers , they throw weapons war hammers , axes and swords , trident , they send a chill down my back , then district 1 and 2 , start talk and then point at weaker tributes and laugh , and just like that but default almost i can see a pack forming , so D1 and D2 these trained careers , just mold by default  , then jaspers comes along after thorwing tridents , they welcome him him in and yet again this pack molds together and soon tori joins in , im in well almost amazement ,

Saw- I have assembled my pack , and it looks like i am the leader of it , but i need advice do we ask the 8 to join and 10 look strong , who to include ?

Day 2

Willow Songheart - Me and manner are taken to a waiting room , the room is full all 24 of us , the careers and district 8 begin talking and laugh , they espect us to be scared , well im not , so i just start talking to manner , he is sweet and is in love with nature we shared stories at trainning yesterday , we both talk about home we get loud and smile , the careers shoot us a look , but we dont care , then hazel joins in we giggle , we start getting louder to annoy the careers , she is awesome , she is lovey but something is not right , she knows so much about home , then starfall a big tribute from ten joins , and then lena alice and alexandra, all six of us like a rebellion against fear , we refuse to be the hunt , but the time they call Kat , is D1 , D2 , D4 and D8 that are scared , we laugh ! Then we wish each other luck and one by one they go , Star , Alexandra , tori and lauren , then me , my new anti-careers wish me good luck  i enter

Aveara - we sit thier , me , seth , cecicila , woof and the stylists caeser start talking , we begin to shake , seth hold my hands , dont worry its fine , you heard saw and star they want us we are careers stick with me and well be fine , let me hand it , he kisses me on the cheek , then woof and him talk and ceciclia talk you can do this , your a bright girl , she is almost motherly then it start now for District 1 We have Kat with a ............

Name District Scorce Budget Inventory Fate Bonuses
Kat  D1F 8 800
Mytth D1M 10 1050 50
Saw D2M 11 1185 85
Star D2F 9 900
Alexandra D3F 7 50

Bread: $150

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $750

Jacob D3M 5 500 DEAD
Jasper D4M 8 825 25
Tori D4F 9 1400 500
Lauren D5M 7 700 DEAD
Zach D5F 6 600 DEAD
Ray D6M 6 600 DEAD
Hazel D6F 8 65 Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $750 65
Manner D7M 7 75 Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $700 75
Willow D7F 8 550

Bread: $150

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Mace: $325

Seth D8M 8 800
Aveara D8F 7 700
Murry D9M 4 400 DEAD
Lena D9F 500
Starfall D10M 11 1100
Minerva  D10F 10 1000
Tyreece D11M 5 500 DEAD
Sima D11F 2 200 DEAD
Jacob D12M 9 900
alice D12F 7 700 DEAD

Alice - A 7 , hmmmm well , atleast now the career wont see it coming , hahahahahahaha 



Name  Place in interviews price
Tori 1st +500
alexandra 2nd +250
willow 3rd +100
saw 4th +85
manner 5th +75
Hazel 6th +65
mytth 7th +50
jasper 8th +25


ok the sponser item will cost , you have a budget your budget will depend on your scorce eg , you got an 8 in trainning so budget 800 , or you got a 5 so 500 plus you can also get bonuses like +800 for a good angle in the interviews 

Axe: $550

Blanket: $350

Blowgun: $400

Bow: $950

Bread: $150

Burn Cream: $725

Canteen: $400

Camouflage Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $175

Dried Fruit: $150

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $700

Knife: $275

Mace: $325

Machete: $525

Matches: $375

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $750

Net: $225

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $750

Paddles: $250

Painkiller: $275

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $850

Poison: $775

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $550

Quiver of Arrows (12): $425

Raft: $550

Rocks (10): $125

Rope: $225

Sickle: $425

Sleeping Bag: $575

Slingshot: $425

Snowshoes: $400

Soup: $475

Spear: $525

Spile: $575

Sword: $525

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $875

Water: $800

Wire: $775

Wooden Club: $50

Extra - Ice items

Heat pads (can be placed in clothes to keep warm) -$250

Heated tent (allows 4 tributes to fit and sleep a warm night uneffected by cold night wind)-900

bottled heater (keep water liquid)-$250 

Salt water conveter -$425

74th hunger games 

Day 1 - Bloodly Snow

Alexandria - Im given a card on ny neck , i push my stlyist , errm i bet you have just messed up my image , well when i win , you can say you met me ! goodbye , dont touch i tell him , we go up on the podium an annoucment soounds "tributes on your neck , you have a card  this well unlock your coat this coats will protect you from the cold , hhow ever the coats differ in quality D1 have the best quality and 12 have the worst , good luck " ,






3 21 , dong we i charge to the cornucopia , i the fastest i run into the deepest part of the cornucopia unlock my coat , then i see my district partner he is weak and timid , he freezes , but before i can moved , he falls to the ground i look to see a tridnet in his back , , turn to see anther trident flies at me , i duck and throgh a  knive back at 4s boy , i look around and i see Minerva run out of the corncopia and run into the forest she has a long sword , a D5 coat and a bag of suppiles , i grab a bag and follow her as it seems safe , i see the D11 boy toss the girl from 6 over a chest , i boot her down she screams out loud , the boy then grab her by the hair , so i run away 

Manner - i grab him off hazel , but he punch me in face , i see blood at first i think its mine , but a look to see D11 boy dead on the floor , willow withdraws her axe from his head , then i grab to bags and a couple of axes and then me , hazel and willow run away , we reach the snow , hazel has a spade we dig a little cave we climb in a seal it leave some space for air , we have some meat and dried fruit , a knives and some water with a heater , we all have coats for our district

Saw - i slice thourgh laurens throat , she falls to the ground , then ray tackle me to the ground , i drop my sword , he grabs my neck , then a arrow flies into his head , he falls ,star runs on top of him and pulls out her arrow and smashes his head with a axe , she help me up i thank her , i turn and see sima swing her spear at myth, he dodges and smash her head clean off with a war hammer and i look to see both 8 stab murry and tori finshes the last tribute with a spear 

Starfall- i hear 7 booms but who ?

Overview , 

the careers are at camp setting up and looking to hunt (D1 , D2 ,D4 AND D8) D10

Manner , willow and hazel are hiding in a snow den , but could use cream for hazel and manners wounds

Lena ,Jacob and Alice  need heat pads as thier coats are poor (D10 tributes took D5 jackets )

Name Distirct How killed killed by Place
Jacob Theradol 3 trident in back Jasper 24th
Tyreece  11 axe in head Willow 23rd
Lauren 5 cut thoart Saw 22nd
Ray 6 Arrow in head  Star 21st
sima 11 warhammer in head Mytth 20th
Murry 9 stabbed in chest both eights 19th
Zach 5 Spear Tori 18th
Alice Hawkings 12 knives in back Alex 17th
Mytth 1 axe in back  Willow 16th
Lena Sharp 9 sliced torso Saw 15th
Minerva 10 airel attack ! Aveara 14th
Kat 1 thrown into tree decor containing mutt bugs which bite her to death mutts + Seth 13th
Tori 4 dround in tidal wave gamemakerstrap 12th
Jacob Pride 12 ripped to pieces by bear mutts mutts 11th
starfall 10 after battle with star and saw saw 10th
Hazel 6 trident in chest jasper 9th
Jasper 4 mace in back  willow  8th
Seth 8 arrow in neck star 7th
Ave 8 slashed chest saw 6th
Star 2 axe in neck  willow 5th
Alex 3 stab sevrel times saw 4th
Manner 7 injuried by willows axe but finished off by saw saw 3rd
 Saw 2 bleed after a brutal battle but final blow from willow with the sword willow 2nd

,Day 2 adjusting to the arena 

Hazel - i where talking when we heard a nocie we look out to see a sponsers gift , some cream we appiled to our wounds and now there start to heal , its day two last night was quite sad in the sky boy from 3  both 5,, the boy from my district , boy from 9 and both 11 , i know only one can win , but he was from home , i and he was firnedly and has going to be part of our alliance but i couldnt find him , i guess thats why , it made me think i love willow and manner and 2 will die , only one fo can win , so today nobody was died yet , we take turn at walking to the  woods and getting wood for the fire , we all have axes and daggers and i can see a romance from between manner and willow hope i dont get cut out 

Tori - we had a  long walk this moring , at least i think it was morning , we have decide to keep the eight alive from now as they are usful for sowing and making our coats better but in a few day i recon willl kill them but i need advice who to trust and who not ? for who long do i remain part of this pack ?

Seth - we have got on thier good side , i kiss ave , see stick with me and youll be find , we have food , warmth and weapons at the cornucopia , but thier has been  a bit of argument somebody is stealing from the the cornucopia and its creating tense 

Overview - most tributes have crossed the river and are look for food , d 12s and  alexandra could use some food sponsers , there is a thief at the career camp and it caused distrust and rivalry amost the careers , star and saw have sworn the each other its not them and now trust each the oher , Jasper and Mythh are hunting , alex has found a camp on the beach its warmer than the rest and  is using the conveter to get drinking water although shen needs food she has seen starfall and lena near by but dosnt want to attack yet , both 12s and lena are lost and neeed food quickly

,  Day 3 , 4, 5  Lazy days 

Jacob Pride - i have been wonder around the area , im freezing , but im coping , im currenty in a small well farm land its covered in snow , but there is are potatos , carrots and turnips i have been using my knowlage to avoid the deadly ones, it sit in long storks that poke above the snow and i used some snares to catch snow foxes and hares , took may a stew , i have avoid the careers for 3 days know , and i feel confident and i believe i can win this !

Alex - its day 5 and finally something good that happend , i have complete control over the beach ,  i have planted mines along the cliff so if anybody walk close the mine will blow and the tribute will fall down the small cliff and ill finsh them off , the goggle mean i can kill ice crab at night , i have a good coat and a sleeping bag and a cave to protect me from the freezing drafts 

Alice Hawking - I have walking in a storm for hour im freezing , i just then i smell food and run its the first  thing since day 3 that i have eaten , so i run , then Boom , crash ! the next second , im lying on the snad , bleed from my head , then i feel a sharp pain SMACK me in the back , i still try to get up , then a drop the pain stops and my sight start blurring all i can see is alexandra pull her knive out of my back BOOOM

Tori - we laugh as we hear a cannon , we spent today hunting but the tributes and too faraway , saw has argee day    9 we go futhuer to find more kills , im ready next kill we been mine , today has been ful of arguments and fights , people throwing accusations around about the thief, mytth , jasper and Kat where blaming saw but star defends him and says its the 8s but both of them deny and then saw looses it !

Seth- after about an hour of shouting , saw get up and withdraws his sword , and head for aveara , get up defend her the others watch , i stop his stab attemps , he punch in face , all i can hear i fixed noice , as a fall with a bloody face , star clarm saw down whilst kat and mythh laughts , and jaspers withdraws his trident , but then aveara see some mines near our supplies , she throws her token at them , bang they blow  the career a mile , they hurt not dead but hurt , me and aveara run away with some of the suppiles i stole , i was steal but i saw the 10 girl but i let her , we find shelter in the trees , the careers are recovering , then i look and see girl from 12 in the sky , then we heard a annocement 

Tomorrow there will be a feast , think about attenting as it willl contain four items you need the most , 

Overview - Alice is dead , alex has control of the beach , seth and ave have blown up the career supplies , but some are left , but they need food and water , and burn scream , everybody else is still exploring 

Day 6 The feast 

Manner - Its early but i saw the capitol hovercrafts , so me and willow head to the feast , hazel has decided to guard our little cave , im nervous of what could lie , we start moving but caution , we enter the forest of christmas trees, i stop to admire the beauty of nature and as turn around i cant see willow panic enters my stystem , what happen was she taken by careers , killed by mutts , or is she lost , i scream but when i remember i have to keep going to the feast , with tears in my eyes i run towards the cornucopia , i arrive to see all the bags are present , im the first to arrive , then i sit down and weep , where are you willow , i grab the both 7 bags and hazel and jut the sheer sight of her face on the bags makes me cry more , i am tapped on shoulders , i joyfully turn around , hopeing for willow , but im greated by a smash , a fall and i feel a sharp pain and look to see mytth , smiling wield his new golden warhammer and food , he lifts his hammer to finsh me , willow , willow where are you , willow ! hazel anybody help, then i give up , mytth swings down then , it hits me , put not that hard , i look to see the hammer dropped on me and then i hear a cannon , mytth body with a axe deep in his back , willow picks me up , i kiss her , she help me to walk , and she applies some instant relief , we see saw and star enter the area , so we leave quickly

Tori - i quickly run and grab my bag , as i leave i see , saw and star enter , she stands back guard him with her bow and arrows as he gets the bags , he stands thier arrogantly dancing as he fits his armor , i stay and watch , i drink some water and hold my new spear just in case they see me , then the girl from 9 attack him , see has been hiden for a while , she smash him with force , but saws armor protects him , but he is shocked , she smiles as see a duel coming , then star fires an arrow , it miss , saw seeing and taking advantage of the distraction , almost slices her in half as he smash his new sword in her torso , see falls and as they leave a cannon , i head back to the frost river , ill cross and hunt tributes , i  carry on watching , boy from 12 and 10 then the girl from 10 and the boy from 4 run in and grabs thier backs , so decide to leave

Kat - I move to towards the cornucopia , i have already heard two cannons at the feast so i think i have a good chance of getting , by pack and then i hear a  a bang andscream and look to see the girl from 10 lying about 10 metres away and then a cannon , then what ever killed her jumps of the trees and smash me in the back , i feel my blood trickle down my back , then i see her a tribute from 8 the thieves , she jump out of the trees ! she tries to stab my again , so i floor her and and stab her twice in the stomach , im withdraw my axe to finsh her but i feel something pull me off her and swing my axe at him , he avoids my axe and throws me into a tree decoration , it exploseds and bugs , mutts bugs bite me i fall , and they take my bag , i feel bite and after bite each one more painful , then it stops boom !

Starfall - its dark i go and get my back , i see alex from 3 , she throws a knive i dodge and run off with my bag , i rest in woods to see the fallen im shoced both careers from 1 , the girl from 9 and 10 , my thief of a district panter , the one turned down as an ally , im slightly sadened , but aleast this antoher less tribute , i still thier , looking to the stars , then i see alex again with her bag , i hide she run into the dark

Overview - Most Tribute got in and out safely , apart from both 8 who didnt go and kat , mytth , lena and Minerva who died tring and manner who was hurt from a near death experince with mytth , but has gone back to Willow and hazel who are healing and caring for him 

Day 7 - The wave 

Alex - Im awoken by a loud slam , i leave the sea cave to ....... bang im on the floor ...... hurled down the beach , the wind , i get up to look at the sea it smashes and moves , its crazy but its not natural the game-maker are tested and deploying thier toys , i see random lazers and heatwaves melting glaciers , basic creating some sort of arena weapon , it looks horrible , but what ever in action on the beach im vurniable , so gather my food and feast suppiles and deactive my mines in the cliffs and watch the waves ,within a few hours the rocks are under water , so i get up and start moving in store and suddenly i meet jasper , i drop my suppiles and he drops his , we stare at each other wield our weapons , then i break the tenison " so we finsh what we start in the cornucopia , ill kill you " "well i was thinking alliance " he say whilst smiling , i cant notice his thick locked brown curly hair and tanned olive skiin , fitted with a district 3 jacket my partners jacket , "put it this way sooner or later mutts will come and both the careers from 2 are ally and are hunting the rest of us " he says "but your a career ! " i shout "yea , an your clever and skilled so we should ally " then he runs to the left and toss a trident into the snow , firt i think why did you do that , to impress me and then i see blood "whats that ??" "snakes" he replies "in the snow ???!!!! "i reply "i  guess there mutts , snow snakes , but im a fisherman im tranied to hear sea and beach snakes in district 4 these are a little harder .... look out " , i see a snow white snake thing jump at me , i chop it in half , one by one these mutts attack we me and jasper kill these mutts but some get me , i fall to ground,  the vemon i can feel it in my cutts , i feel more bite and i can jasper shriek as he takes them off me, he carrys me to the water , then somethng magical the sea salt heals me , jasper smiles as a return to normal "allies "he says i smile "i gueess so" then water smash us , against the cliff ,  feel jasper carring me to shore 

Willow - we laugh and talk about the reason events and D1 deaths and tens girl , then water smash our snow cave , and takes around a huge tidal wave and flood , the salt water must be destorying the snow , then manner our natue boy , save me and swims with me to a high tree and he up on it thier is about 2 metre above water , kiss him  with relief he smiles "i love you " he whispers in my ear then we hear i cannon , "hazel i "scream he jumps back into the water and goes back for her , i cry and wait for hours , the i hide as i see saw and star swimming past , saw has his armor hide so he can swim , then after they leave , i see hazel on a log flot into a tree she smiles  we hug , we have lots most of our suppiles and need food ! but we have instant heal

Manner - i dive looking for hazel , i cant find her the, tiger shark dump me , kick them away , then a large one bites me deep into my lower abdomen , then they turn and shread a dead tribute , i pull my self out to higher land , i try stop the bleeding , i have lost our suppliles , so i lie thier , i need some instant heal ! i hold my gutts in and i look into the sky and ee tori from district 8 

Overview - most tribute kept thier suppiles and avoid the flood , Tori dround to death , her corpes where toren by sharks , star and saw need advice on hunting , hazel and willow need flood, manner is seperated from hazel and willow and needs instant relief or will die soon !

Day 8 - Mutts , allies and storm 

Jasper - we are awoken , by the sounds of running and howls and roars , mutts , we quickly get up and arm our self , then we move i think its early but the storm has cut off alot of light , so i cant tell , and then scream of pain , human scream , we folllow it to a field of crops , it took us an hour but the screaming its still going , alex looks in horror as a limbs are sent our way , then boooom ! a cannon , then the big tribute from 10 runs out , polar bear mutts attack him , but he is clever and knows where to cut them and quickly brings them down , i throw a trident it at him and alex kills some bears attempting to attack us , the boy runs so i chance , but after i will i lose him in the storm , and i cant find alex ...... cut off it the storm 

. star - we are walking , laughing and then our of nowhere , starfall our biggest threat runs past , Yes ! we have been hunt him for days , once he is dead , me and saw are the biggest threats left , being the favourites will help , i fire my arrows at him whlist saw runs after him , i then withdraw my dagger and run passed saw , i look for starfall and i feel a sharp smack 

Saw - Star falls to the ground , he hit star  in the with the back of the sickle , it wount kill , wasnt sharp enough but knocked her out , its down to me , he battle , i try slash him and fall he smacks me in back my armor shatter , i stay in the legs , he cut me with this sickle , we wrestle and he locks he , i bite hits finger ,, we break it apart , both of us covered in blood , its been bloody but i will win , he runs at me i stab him in the  gut but he uses his huge strenght to slam me , but as he tries , star who is back up fires a arrow into this chest , he stands thier so i use my sword and behead him , i fall so cut and tried from the battle ,  then star joins me , we got him ! she says the big one we share almost a kiss and smiles , then star says "if it comes dwon to us well walk away , and give them a battle of the ages , a fair battle to show the srength of our district !" , "agreeed i answer , we see hazel and willow walk past but after the battle we cant attack , they have bread and are looking for manner hahaha, there next without manner we will kill them

Manner - after heal i move the instant heal helped im 99 percent , and must find willow and hazel , but what if they got spilt , oh willow i will find you , then a bear appears , it tries to attack but i dodge and after a hour of sweet talk in befriend it , then another bear tries to attack me , my new mutt pet stops it and killls it , ive called her suprise , beceause that is what she is , ride her and look for willow and hazel , but after an hour me and my new mutt rest i look and she the fallen im shocked as i see starfall , he was huge , nice and friendly he laugh at the careers with us , but he was a huge threat , the ditstrct 2 careers must have got him and the boy from 12 who must have dead earlier , now i have to find them , with starfall dead , willow and hazel are targets

Overview - manner is healed and has a new pet , saw and star need heal after a bloodly batle with starfall , starfall and jacob are dead and we have 9 final tributes 

Day 9 - The Threats ?

Seth - its midday , i can tell from the sun , in district 8 people used to it to check shift times . Ave is still asleep , but the morning has been ok , for a change. last night shocked me ! i expect the 12 boy to die soon , being from such a poor district and having no advantages . But the 10 boy was a physical beast , and had alot of capitol backing , but in the end . he wasnt a career and lost against them. but me and ave can beat them and ill die if it takes that to beat em and get ave home . With 10s boy dead the new threat is the career pack , which now has three members . After jasper from 4 joined them , well rejoined them , they have been hunting the tributes and explored the entrie arena and started setting traps.

Jasper - I took your advice and joined the career , they didnt know what to say . but with me they know we now are the strongest ! just then i see star walking towards the forest so take my tridents . Saw is off hunting around the river which is clearing up 

Willow - we are walking into forest i see some drop supplies and reach for them , "NOOOOOOOOO " hazel screams ! ...........................................

bang i feel a sharp bang , next mintue i knowq, i lay strap in some sort of knoty trap , district 4s work or a saw and star , hazel start freeing me . . I can feel her paniced breath . Then star pounches out of the bush . She fires her bow , hazel ducks and toss an axe ,. Back star leaps backwards like a gymnast . I free my self , we can hear more noice from the bush "run" she scream at me "why , not without you " i scream back "coz i was born in 7 like you , so remind me of home , we had to move to 6 , so if cant win , you will , i love you willow like a sister" she shouts , hazel expecting saw station her slef to prepare for a hand to hand fight , but jasper rips through the bush ..............

and throws his trident into her chest "noooo " i scream . with tears in my eye i run form the she . Until i falls , under the long overgrown grass i weep . I see both district 8s run away . I hear hazels cannon , i scream noooooooooooooo noooooo !!!!!!!!

Alex - I heard a cannon about 3 hours ago , with them dead just eight of us , I wiegh up threats and i can remember they told me to join this outline alliance , non career pack made up with tributes from 6,7,10,11 and 12 and i knew it wouldnt work . the alliance had only tributes from 6 and 7 confrimed they where in . but they were disorganized and 6s boy was killed in the bloodbath and im pretty sure the last 3 of them will be found by the pack and killed and i heard that jasper is back with his pack , well hes an enemy now ! then i hear the panem anthem "horn of plenty" plays i look to see the logo and then 6s girl in the sky . So that confrims it careers are my threat 

Overivew - Hazel was killed today .Willow,Manner,Saw,Star,Ave and Seth have earned a free gift costing between 0 - 800 dollers 

day 10 - reunion and icy due 

Manner - I awoke to hear a whitsling noice and i look to see a sponser give i look to see a axe , like the ones from home but lighter and more for killed . too big to throw , ment for swinging and smashing . then the advice . thenit hits me "WILLOW" . Hazel died yesterday and willow is target . I gather what little of supplies i have and head towards the forest . Being a source of fire wood in this cold . most tributes are around this area . Anybody who hide in east was killed by careers or mutts . So i head west to the forest . I begin walking when Jasper throws out a trident at me , its miss . We glare at each other . Then he withdraws a long knive . We enter a strong battle i slash he plunges . In a horrid battle. He swings again so i move out of way . and this time my axe meets his back  B . I hobble my self up and hold in my muscles from the new giant cut on my right arm . Then i find instant heal , some knives . I turn to see jasper full of blood with his knive still not dead , but on his way out from my blow with axe . I hear a smash . he falls to ground BOOOMMM . I see willow she drop her axe and sobbs . As runs into my arms . I catch her and craddle her as she cry . You poor thing i whisper . I know by the uspet and cold sobbs she saw hazels death. Im never goonna leave you , i owe it you and hazel .I think . I pick her up and carry her to my camp . And wrap her in blankets with pads . I kiss as she falls asleep . Then a hear the anthem i look to see interivew . i awake willow to see hers . And she is full of hope . Mine was empty apart from a friend . i move closer to willow .

ave - Where is he , seth said he is gonna look for food but hes been gone hours and i hear a cannon before i watched the interivews, i miss my family and mine was very basic . So worryed me start to search for seth . I see seth . he runs towards me but before we meet . Saw apears and smash his sword into my chest . I feel a sharp can see my blood . I watch seth scream as star fires her arrows into his neck "Noooo" i think

Day 11 and 12 - Tenison Turns

Manner - I am thier when willow awakes to a hot wind,its heating up now , the forest has little snow now and poison flowers blossom , the arenas spring . we quickly get moving ,  . Im constantly looking behind to make sure that willow is there and then a thick gust of pollenly wind knocks us out .............................................

Willow - Manner ! , i have an axe but manner is no in sight i run around looking for manner , then i run into star she smiles "ive got you and saw has got manner" , Manner no i have to save him ! she fires her arrows and so i duck and smash my axe into her neck . She drops to the floor and a cannon sounds and i look around for hours before a   second cannon is sounded 

Overview - Star was killed today after a fight with willow and after saw realised his partner was dead he turned into a bloodthirsty besreker rage hunting manner and willow , but in this rage he found and killed alex .


Day 13 The Final Battles 

Saw- I up ready , with star and that girl i killed yesterday its me and them left , I and i will crush them , my district will get rejoyce , the career trainers will be happy . Because im ready for them my training will come in tommorow , CRUSH AND PRIDE I WILL CRUSH AND BRING PRIDE !!! then i hear movement . I Have lost my armor days ago after i killed starfall ! but i have my sword and i will bring blood !!!! I look and find my sword and head towards the noice , ready then i see him and he sees me . i Charge at him he slashes so block and we collide 

Willow - I use my last bit of food , i can do this ! , I gather my suppiles and head to taking refuge in the woods after about an hour i hear manner scream ...... WHAT to do , YOU TOLD ME TO SAY but how can i sit here , whilst my lover who has protected me screams in pain , no hazel died for me , i owe it her to stay ! but after 10 mins i cant bear so i run , i look to see two men , violently grabbling , i stare before i toss my axe out of the bushes , then the worst happens , look as it cascards in the air , then everything speed up saw moves and i find a horror my axe buried deep in manner's back , he falls to the ground , saw laughs im in shock as he moves towards me , manner no !!!!!!!!! , then an axe fly pass saw just missing him , look to see manner , bloodly and on the verge of death . Saw runs at him booooommm !!!!! i quickly grab manner's large axe whilst , saw kills him , Sorry Manner then we glance before he swings i conter by hiting an axe into his back . he falls , he must be dying , as i look at manner's corspe i hear a grown asthis bloodly boy saw tries to lift him self up , i smack him again in back , but the boy bloodlied gets up i swing again he ducks and feels a sharp bang in my stomach ..............................................

willow - I fall to the floor to see i have been stabbed badly , look in horror as blood flows all over me . then i and saw see saw's sword about a metre away . Saw also see it , both us are too badly injuried to walk . we battle in race as our blood soaked bodies crawl to this sword , i just reach it as he is behind me , i feel him bite deep into my leg . i yelp in pain , before swinging his sword into his back , i lie thier bleeding waiting to see who dies first , then i hear a cannon before i know it bright white lights and then hours later the roar of the capital . 

Congrats to district 7 , her mentor and Willow the victor of the 74th games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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