Its been over two years since i posted my last games and it feels good to be back ! looking forward to seeing how the users have changed ! Okay so back in December 2012 I did my 73rd and 74th games check them out if you like ! Now im back for my 75th (3rd Quarter Quell)and I want you guys and your tributes to join me!

3 Rules 

No swearing or spammning 

Reservation can be made and last three days

only three tributes per user 

As its the 3rd Quarter Quell we celebrate the 75th games with a twist and this year to teach the districts that family suffers from terrible war the most , parents will be reaped (One pot for parents with sons and one pot for parents with daugthers) and the parents will choose one of thier children to become the tributes for this years edition of the hunger games . In addition to teach that the capitol has all power the citizens(You lovely people) of our captiol will vote for the arena and other bits ! 

and you can post advice via the comments -tributes may ask for advice so stay active 

Enjoy and have fun !!!!!

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour 


District :

[[Click to Continue > by ClickCaption|Age]]:



Backstory(gives me a base to work with):





Individual Training session(desides your score which sets your sponser budget): write it yourself or give me an angle and ill write it

bloodbath plan:


family and friends;

reapings : what happened with the quell twist 

Name district  [[Click to Continue > by ClickCaption|Age]] appearence personality strengths weaknesses
Gleem Bourgeoisie D1 M 18 dark brown hair tall and muscular laid back banterful driven throwing axes and knives charismatic loud arrogant and not vey intelligent
Emerald Star D1 F 17 cocky , energetic dumb weapons throwing knives intellengence and arrogant
D2 M
Opheliana Liu D2 F 18 red wavy hair pale skin and dark eyes sly cunning and deadly body temperature weapons  thirst and fire
D3 M
Electra D3 F 17 IMAGE shy but deadly electric traps and throwing knives spiders and snakes diabetes
D4 M
Aqua Admiral D4 F 16 IMAGE sly creative vicious archery fishing swimming weaving and agility tech and suvival skills away from sea 
D5 M
Luna Tick D5 F 18 curly red hair , green eyes wild child monsterous ruthless skilled and weapons bunnys not rabbits ! Can't swim and claustrophobic
Sparrow Lynn D6 F 12 brown curly hair ashen skin dark eyes scared and shy but determined desire to return home and determination and axes homesick
Kasen Tinger D6 M 13 blonde pale and green eye sweet and a good outlook on the world spears and charasmatic sparrow and fire
Vivien Franks D7 F 18 image motherly rough and sport yet grounded axes hunting forest survival heights bad at making friends
Cedar Ecclaws D7 M 14 Image Intellignet , lots of initiative and can spot when people are lying agile strong and very good language analysis long sleeper and defends the honest
Lea Anelli D8 F 17 Image happy and bubbly easy to ally with ,quick and silent dealing with mutts
Maisy Roccstin D9F 13 Image overactive imagination kind and means well flail and hammer , speedy doesn't need to eat or drink much poor swimmer and not very physically strong
Ramson Jackson D10F 18 tall muscular dark hair and near black eyes empty shell of a person ? can be angry power and temper wrestling and slaughter kills swimmingn, bow and temper
Bloom Flowers D11f 16 blonde/white hair big blue eyes and pale skin slightly odd and bizzare says odds things and very innocent high pitched voice sowing , poison and nature weapons and gentle
Archie Rye D11M 15 lunaii quick thinker risk taker loyal and honourable very skilled archer bit of a marksman , hand to hand combat and weave emotions- rage due to trauma past , hydrophobic and fear of death
Caitynne Glowers D12F 16 chestnut hair 5'4 with some freckles smart talented bubbly but can and will kill at distance prefered throwing knives , poisons and bow and arrow hunger and willing to help others (could be a weakness)


People of the Capitol to show the districts you have ultimate power you will now vote for this years arena !!!!

1: Ruined City

2:Giant Maze

3: Islands (containing different biomes )

4: The game box

5: Tropical Monsoon

6: Train Track (Across different areas eg. tundra or woodlands

vote in the comment section dealine is after the last tribute is submitted one vote per user ( must sign in !)

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