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Few things can top the incredibly wild, colorful, and outrageous fashions from the Capitol, but if you're also a fan of the Shadowhunters books, you know that a certain Magnus Bane would certainly take on that challenge. So you think you can be a supernatural stylist? Well read on.

Right now, we're running a contest on the Shadowhunters Wiki that asks fashion-minded Wikians to dress up the ultra-flamboyant character Magnus Bane from the Shadowhunters book series. What's he like? In short, he's a vaguely Asian, glamorous warlock character who's prone to glittery eye makeup, brightly colored leather pants, nail polish, and perfectly coiffed hair. In other words: Warlock diva. To learn more about him, visit his page .

Our challenge is asking our Wikia style gurus to assemble the outfit, hair, and makeup looks that would create his ultimate party look!

And while we're on the topic, Closet Confidential is a new type of fashion-focused series we're planning for a LOT more wikis - including for Hunger Games. We're considering a challenge around the ultimate Capitol outfit and ultimate Tribute costume. If you have more ideas, please comment below! We're always excited to hear from the smartest brains - our community members.

If you feel up to this challenge, go read the details on contest page here , and submit your entry. Make sure you submit images for each piece that makes up his look. You can do that via comments on the post or using a Pinterest board link or a Polyvore board link. We want to see how creative stylish Wikians can be! It's particularly easy via Pinterest. Here's my sample look:

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!