• AcheronPineapple4

    I shall explain the blog and the account, along with it's purposes. The account is a collaboration account by Kekai and Mist to write a blog about Kodai and his mindset throughout his life. We will begin with a reaping and have him go through the games, and then we'll have his life in luxury under the status of a victor. We will take turns, alternating each week in writing, Kekai writing one week, me writing the next. We hope you enjoy this and also hope that "Pineapples, Murder and Insanity" will become a must-see for the wiki. Enjoy!

    "Yo, Kodai, get up motherfucker. Reaping day" are the first words I hear when I jump up and before my eyes, I see the sexiest creature I've ever seen; Bill Bosh the floating pineapple with sunglasses. My room…

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