The year after Haymitch's victory. The year after the 2nd Quarter Quell. The tributes are a bit shaken up. They don't know what to expect from this year's Games.

Everybody can sumbit 3 tributes. No stylists or mentors necessary. Please mention:









Bloodbath strategy:

District 1:

Nerissa Cora (TheKatnissEverdeen), Silvester "Silver" Jackson (A Wikia Contribuitor)

District 2:

Glaive Buckler (A Wikia Contribuitor), Cholo Werdair (FinnickForever)

District 3:

Isa Guard (Annamisasa), Pulse Narren (A Wikia Contribuitor)

District 4:

Karen Moriharu (FinnickForever), Mark Micheal (A Wikia Contribuitor)

District 5:

Foxibelle-Fishline Hunter (Aquastar4infinity) , North Seeder (Aquastar4infinity)

District 6:

Wallis Streets (A Wikia Contribuitor), Xavier Woods (Attackcobra)

District 7:

Evangeline Wolfe (TheKatnissEverdeen), Luke Searer (Thena.airice14)

District 8:

Calico Lowells (A Wikia Contribuitor), Mike Johnson (A Wikia Contribuitor)

District 9:

McKenna Rozzi(TheKatnissEverdeen) , Watt Powers (Attackcobra)

District 10:

Serina Frostswords (Annamisasa), Matt Treaty (Annamisasa)

District 11:

Hazia Overland (A Wikia Contribuitor), Bronco Bagwell (Attackcobra)

District 12:

Marley-Mason "The Twelve" Olsen (Aquastar4infinity), Greendom Rayes (A Wikia Contribuitor)

SPONSOR GIFTS (The budget is 250$)

Water container (empty) - 30 $

Water container (full) - 50 $

Sleeping bag - 60 $

5x Dried fruits - 40 $

5x Dried beef - 45 $

5x Crackers - 40 $

Flashlight - 70 $

Box of matches - 40 $

Medicine - 150 $

Rope - 40 $

3x Knives - 90 $

Trident - 120 $

Axe - 80 $

Bow and 6 arrows - 80 $

Spear -- 90 $

Sword - 100 $

Harpoon - 80 $

Crossbow - 90 $

Ladies and gentlemen, let the 51st Annual Hunger Games begin!

Death Chart
Tribute How Killer 24th: Calico Lowells (8) Knife to the head Nerissa Cora (1)
23rd: Mike Johnson (8) Knife in the chest Nerissa Cora (1)
22nd: Wallis Streeter (6) Mace in the stomach Marley-Mason "The Twelve" Olsen (12)
21st: Evangeline Wolfe (7) Mace in the head Marley-Mason "The Twelve" Olsen (12)
20th: McKenna Rozzi (9) Mace to the forehead Marley-Mason "The Twelve" Olsen (12)
19th: Hazia Overland (11) Spear in the stomach North Seeder (5)
18th: Greendom Rayes (12) Decapitated Serina Frostswords (10)
17th: Matt Treaty (10) Sword in the back Silvester "Silver" Jackson (1)
16th: Watt Powers (9)

Trident to the head

Karen Moriharu (4)

15th: Silvester "Silver" Jackson Arrow in the chest Serina Frostswords (10)
14th: Mark Michael Harpoon in the heart Bronco Bagwell (11)
13th: Bronco Bagwell Harpoon in the stomach Cholo Werdair (2)
12th: Glaive Buckler (2) Bloodloss (Technically) Bronco Bagwell (11)
11th: Marley-Mason "The Twelve" Olsen (12) Hit the force field --------
10th: Isa Guard (3) Drowned --------
9th: Xavier Woods (6) Knife to the head Nerissa Cora (1)
8th: Nerissa Cora (1) Arrow in the stomach Serina Frostswords (10)
7th: Karen Moriharu (4) Axe in the back Foxibelle-Fishline Hunter (5)
6th: Cholo Werdair (2) Rock in the head Pulse Narren (3)
5th: Pulse Narren (3) Axe in the chest Luke Searer (7)
4th: North Seeder (5) Axe in the chest Luke Searer (7)
3rd: Luke Searer (7) Eaten alive by piranhas -------
2nd: Foxibelle Fishline-Hunter (5) Arrow in the neck Serina Frostswords (10)
1st: Serina Frostswords (10) ------- -------

DAY 1: The Bloodbath

Nerissa’s POV

I felt my metal plate lifting. At first, I see the light filtering through the top branches of the old oaks. Then, I felt the smell of the composting leaves. The giant, golden horn, shaped like a cone with a curved tail, known as the „Cornucopia”, lays on the green meadow hidden in the folds of the forest. It is surrounded by items that are going to help me survive. Supplies, water containers, clothing, fire starters, and most important, weapons. I smile as I spot the set of beautiful, powerful knives.

Maybe I should’ve made an alliance. That boy from 2, Cholo, is very scary. The girl from 12 looks merciless, too. And there is something evil in the girl, Glaive. I think she’s aiming for the same set of knives.

Before I know it, the gong sounded and I run as fast as I can. I catch the knives before Glaive does, and try to throw one in her direction, but I miss. I grab a backpack, and spot the little girl from 8, who just tripped over a water container. She’s weak. I throw the knife, and it hits her in the head.

Her district partner is running towards me, his eyes filled with revenge. With to hesitation, I kill him with another knife. Then, while the Careers continue the bloodbath, I disappear in the forest.

Marley’s POV

I spot the bow and arrows right away, but the little girl from 3 took them before me. I tried to throw a mace after her, but she was already lost behind the trees.I grab the closest backpack, then run after a bigger one, closer to the Cornucopia. I have to fight the girl from 6 for it, and I kill her right away.

I also kill both girls from 7 and 9, then, when I was ready to run away from the bloodbath, I see the boy from 5 killing the girl from 11 when she tried to stab his district partner. I decided I want him to be my ally.

I follow him and the girl from his district, and, when they were facing me with their backs, I said:

„Hey, nice spear you’ve got there.”

They both jumped and turned around, then he pushed the girl behind him, protecting her.

„Relax, relax, I just wanted to make you an offer. I’ve seen your skills. Allies?”

Foxibelle’s POV

Both North and Marley stared at each other. The powerful killing-machine from 12, wanting us as allies?

North and I knew that if we refused, she’d kill us with her mace. So he answered her, with his voice trembling:


„Great. Now, do we have to keep the brunette?” Marley asked, pointing at me.

„Both of us or nothing.” My district partner said, sharply.

„Alright.” She sighed.

Xavier’s POV

I didn’t manage to get a spear, since the guy from 5 took the only one. But I have a backpack and a sleeping bag, so I’m good.

I couldn’t kill anyone. But the brainless ones from 2 tried to kill me.

I decide to run for a couple of hours, then find a source of water and a place to sleep.

Matt’s POV

Forming an alliance with Serina was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. The boy from 12 tried to kill me, but she saved me. God, I owe her one.

So, thinking that she’d like it, I make a run to get a crossbow, which I know it’s her weapon of choice. I thought the Careers weren’t looking, but just before I got the weapon, I felt a sword piercing my back. As I entered the darkness, I heard Serina’s scream and the boy from 1, Silver, laughing.

Isa’s POV

The girl from 12, Marley, is after me. I know it. I’ve seen her in training, and she used the bow and arrows most of the time. But I got it.

I don’t know if I should be happy or cry.

I didn’t get any supplies from the Cornucopia, not even a backpack, so I shoot a bird and make a small fire, so I won’t eat it raw. The Bloodbath is not over yet, so I think it’s safe. I eat the bird and keep walking, trying to find a place to sleep.

I really hope I’ll get some sponsors. I think the Capitol people liked me. Even my mentor, Beetee, liked me.

I was running when I started to hear the cannons. I count them, using my fingers. Seven. That’s not what the bloodthirsty Gamemakers would have expected. They must me preparing something for us, soon. I watch as the faces started to appear on the sky.

The first one to be shown is the girl from 6. That means that everybody from 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 was alive. Pulse is alive. Yey! Then, the girl from 7, both from 8, the girl from 9, the boy from 10, the girl from 11 and the boy from 12.

Is it me, or is it getting colder here?

Watt’s POV

I can’t belive I made it. I survived the bloodbath. You weren’t expecting this, am I right, mother? I laugh at the thought of my mom’s shocked expression.

I didn’t get any weapons or supplies, so I hid behind a tree and waited for the bloodbath to be over. I mean, it took ages. I almost felt asleep.

The Careers went for a hunting, and they left the beautiful girl from 4, Karen, I think it’s her name, to guard over all the goodies.

And I thought, this is my chance.

But... if I wanted to survive, I would have to run. And I’m so tired. Maybe I’ll sleep here for a while, then go and get some food.

As I was sitting down, some branches cracked. Before I knew it, a trident flew in my direction.

Karen’s POV

I’ve never used a trident before, but I’m pretty good at it! I mean, I killed that chubby kid from 9. And it was easy. I’ve got skills! Hatt-or whatever was his name- was my first kill.

Anyway, we’re strong. Silver, Glaive, Cholo, Mark and I. Nobody can take us down.

Still, I’m a bit worried about Nerissa. And the girl from 12. Is Morley her name? Or Marley? I’m not sure.

The only thing I’m sure about is that I’m going to kill her.

DAY 2: Staying Alive

North’s POV

I wasn’t sure if I should trust Marley.But, at night, when Foxibelle was cold, she gave her the jacket she was wearing. I’m very grateful for that.

But I know what she thinks about her. That she’s weak. That she won’t stand a chance if I won’t be here, to protect her.

As we walked, the air became colder. I asked Marley what was happening, and she said that it’s probably a Gamemaker trick.

„Maybe they want you to be cold. To make a fire, attract the Careers and die.”

I nodded. I think she’s right.

I stood guard as my allies were sleeping. Suddenly, I felt Foxibelle shivering and whispering:

„North. North, are you there?”

„Yes, Fox. I’m here. Do you need something?”

„Water. Water...”

„OK. I’ll check Marley’s backpacks to see if we’ve got something.”

I found a water container in the first one, but it was empty. And in the second one, another container, but this one actually contained water.

„Here. Drink this.”

She took one sip every time, always looking at me, but I told her to keep drinking. When the container is half empty, she hands it to me.

„Thank you,” she said, before falling back to sleep.

Serina’s POV

I’ve got my hands on the crossbow. And I will avenge Matt’s death, even if it’s the last thing I do. I know who did it. Who killed him. It was that porcelain boy from 1, Silver.

I hope that tonight he will sleep tight. For the last time.

Luke’s POV

The sun shines with such power, that I can barely open my eyes. I take my axe from behind a rock, and again look over my supplies. A tiny box of matches and some dried fruits. It’s better than nothing, anyway.

When I saw Evangeline’s face on the sky the other night, I just wanted to die. She was so young, and kind, and deserved to win. She was actually a person, she had feelings and a big heart, not like the Capitol clones and their lapdogs, the people of District 1 and 2.

I made a promise to myself. That I would to anything to win, for Evangeline and my family.

And of course, I’ll kill Marley.

Pulse’s POV

Isa made it. I’m so happy.

I couldn’t get a spear. I tried, but I came from the Cornucopia empty handed, except for the water container I grabbed in the last moment.

I waited in the tree, waiting for the Careers to flee, but after seeing the girl from 4 killing the boy from 9, I decided that I’d better go in the woods and get some food. If, of course, I don’t want the same ending.

And I don’t.

I also tried to find Isa, but she is well hidden. I’ve seen her grabbing a bow and some arrows, so I’m assuming she’s safe.

Suddenly, I hear a cannon.

Serina’s POV

His body jerked it pain as I retrieved my arrow from his bloody stomach. I remember his face, when I said:

„This is for Matt.”

I won’t end his suffering. He doesn’t worth it.

But as I walked away, his cannon fired.

Glaive’s POV

„Who’s cannon was that?” I asked Cholo, while hunting for tributes.

„I don’t know. We just saw Karen at the Cornucopia, Mark is here, so neither of us. Wait, where’s Silver?”

I start looking for him behind the trees and bushes.

„He’s not here. I’ll guess we’ll have to wait for the night.” Mark says.

I suddenly feel a hit on my forehead, and I jump back and hit the ground. Blood starts dripping from my face as I watch the hideous scene.

It’s the boy from 11, Bronco. He battles Mark and Cholo with his axe, and seems to be winning. Mark throws a harpoon at him, but he catches it and pushes it into Mark’s heart, and he falls down, lifeless.

A very weak Cholo smashes a rock into Bronco’s head, making him lose conscious, then he finishes him with Mark’s harpoon. He comes running at me, and says:

“Glaive, are you alright? We need to get to the Cornucopia, quick. You’re losing blood. Glaive! Glaive, do you hear me?”

I look at his beautiful face as the darkness surrounds me.

Foxibelle’s POV

“Hey, can we slow down a bit?” North asks, trying to hold me by my waist, so I won’t fall.

“No! I told you that she’ll slow us down.” Marley said, walking fast in front of us.

“She’s not slowing us down. You’re practically running!” North protested, stopping.

“Look, you can come or you can stay. I don’t care.” She answered.

That’s when she actually ran, and fell after hitting the force field.

North’s POV

“Marley!” I came running to her, letting go of Fox. “Please, answer me.”

Her face was emotionless. She didn’t feel pain, embarrassment, or anger. She looked... peaceful.

“I’ll see if I can find something,” Fox said, and started searching for leaves.

I was compressing her chest, and then pinched her nose closed. I take a normal breath, cover her mouth with mine and gave her 2 one-second breathes. I wanted more than anything to watch her chest rise, but it stood still.

Foxibelle came with a bunch of big leaves. When Marley’s cannon fired, she dropped them, and sat down, crying.

“Now now, Fox. Don’t cry. It’s not our fault.”

“Yes, it is! It’s my fault! I should’ve kept up with you, guys.”

I heard steps approaching.

“Please, Fox. Stop. And run!”

An axe flies across us, but misses. The boy from 7 quickly got it back and started following us.

“I didn’t have the chance to kill Marley, but I’ll make it up by killing her allies!”

I finally see Fox’s ability to run fast. She took my hand and we noticed that the boy from 7, I think his name is Luke, was a lot slower. He suddenly stopped and screamed:

“I’ll be coming after you!”

When we were sure he was far behind, we both climbed in a tree. Fox’s hand was shaking and her legs were tired, but she still managed to sing.

Her voice was so sweet and beautiful. She kept singing and I fell asleep, still holding her hand.

The Panem anthem woke me up. The faces of the fallen tributes started to appear on the sky. The boy from 1, the girl from 2, the boy from 4, the boy from 9 and Marley. 3 Careers died today.

DAY 3: The Announcement

Isa’s POV

I haven’t been eating in days. I lost my bow after the Careers came running after me. I’ve still got a couple of arrows, but the animal would have to be right next to me to kill it.

At least I’ve got a good source of water. I think I’ve found the only river in the arena. The water is fresh and tasty, but it’s hard to reach.

Feeling thirsty again, I take the water container I’ve stole from the Careers camp and try to fill it up. But then I into the river.

The icy tears trickled down my cheeks, sending a chill up my spine. Gasping, flailing arms to attract attention, failing. As my life flashes before my eyes, my head bobs up and down, dipping it into the arctic water over and over again. My clothes are heavy weights, dragging me down.

Everything will be okay, I told myself as I entered the darkness.

Nerissa’s POV

I ate my last cracker today. I’m wondering what I’m going to eat now.

As I was walking around the forest, looking for something to eat, I spot the boy from 6 eating some dried beef from his backpack. I throw the knife at him and when his cannon sounds, I take it back and steal his backpack. He also had some dried fruits, a flashlight and a sleeping bag. That’s great!

Cholo’s POV

I miss Glaive. I really do. I’m glad that I least I killed Bronco, or I’ll be out looking for revenge right now.

Karen and I are the only Careers left. A tear fell down her cheek when I told her about Mark, but she smiled when I told her what I did to the boy from 11.

We were both glad to see that the girl from 12 died yesterday. She was a big threat. Now, if we’ll take out Nerissa and the girl from 10, I think we’ll be alright.

I grin when I hear Claudius Templesmith’s announcement:

“Attention, tributes. There will be a Feast tomorrow. Each of you need something desperately, and we will assure you that something if you will do put out a fight.”

And I think, “Easy.”

Pulse’s POV

A weapon. That’s what I really need. But I can’t go there empty handed. Or can I?

For a moment, I actually consider going. But the next second I give up that thought. There will be a lot of blood, or else why would the Gamemakers do this?

It was already getting dark, and the Panem anthem played, showing the fallen tributes.

Isa and the boy from 6.

Isa. I think I’m going to throw up. She was too young! I swear I’ll find the one who did this and kill him or her in a painfully and slow way.

DAY 4: The Feast

North’s POV

“Okay, Fox. You stay here. I’ll go and get our sleeping bag and food from the Feast. We’ll meet at the Willow, ok?”

She nods, but doesn’t say anything.

“Hey, don’t give me that face. I’ll be alright. Here, take the axe we got from our sponsor. To protect yourself.”

I hug her before I go.

It’s getting colder every damn day. There are 8 of us left. I don’t assume that everybody will go to the Feast, but there will be a lot of blood.

I see the Cornucopia and stay hidden behind a tree. There are 7 packs on a table, beautifully wrapped and having the number of the district printed on it. I startle when I see the girl from 10 running to get her pack, holding a weapon I’ve never seen before in my life in her right hand. Then, the girl from 1 appears and throws a knife at her. It hits her leg. She falls and her face is screwed in pain. But takes her weird weapon and shoots an arrow at the girl. Her cannon sounded, and Serina (I think it’s her name), still managed to run.

Then the girl from 4 and the boy from 2 make their way to the packs.

The Careers grabbed their backpacks and flew. I decide to take my chances and I run for our pack, and just as I was about to grab it, a trident hit my leg. I turn around. It’s Karen, again, with an evil look on her face. But without Cholo. Just as she was about to stab me again with the trident, her body was pierced with an axe by somebody who was behind her. She hits the ground, and her cannon fired.

Foxibelle was standing, with a shocked look on her face, like she couldn’t believe what she had just done.

“You saved me, Fox.” I say, staring at her.

I took our backpack and she helped me to go back in the woods.

Luke’s POV

It was easier than I thought. I took my backpack and ran away. It contained food and water. Thank God!

I hear a cannon. Then, the boy from 3 came running, holding a bloody rock in his hand. He didn’t see me. I throw my axe at him and he fell, only for me to hear a second cannon.

DAY 5: The Victor

Foxibelle’s POV

This is it. The last day. I can feel it.

My last day with North.

“I love you,” he whispered, when he thought I was asleep.

I love you, too, I thought.

We took each other’s hands when we arrived at the river, ready to face Luke. I was holding my axe, and North was holding his spear.

He showed up with his deadly axe. The boys hold the gaze for a few seconds, and then it was on.

North let go of my hand and jumped on Luke, stabbing him in his arm, making him drop his axe, but he quickly got it back with his other hand. He stabs North in his chest, and a cannon goes.

“No!” I scream from the top of my lungs, running to reach his lifeless body. For a moment, I forgot that Luke was aiming to kill me. I ran and looked at the river. That’s when I notice the piranhas.

“Now it’s your turn, silly girl. You can go and visit your stupid lover.”

The anger exploded inside of me. I throw my axe at him and it hits his shoulder. Then, I go behind him and push him in the river.

I watch as the hungry piranhas eat his flesh. The water turned red and he was shouting for mercy. I throw my axe again and the cannon sounded.

I startle at the sight of my bloody hands. Then, I hear somebody saying “I’m sorry”. The arrow hits my neck and my last thought is “North, we’ll be together forever...”

Serina’s POV

Oh God, forgive me. I did what I had to do. That poor girl... I watched the whole fight. How she screamed for the boy from her district...

I fall on my knees. The birds stop singing and a hovercraft appears to pick me up.

It will never be the same without Matt, I thought before seeing for the last time the horrible place where 23 kids died.

Special thanks

I would like to thank to everybody who submitted a tribute (even if it was or wasn’t posted). I’m really sorry that I had to kill 23 of them, it was really hard, but this is The Hunger Games, right? There had to be a Victor.

And congratulations to Annamisasa and to her tribute, Serina Frostswords of District 10, the winner of the 51st Hunger Games!

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