Welcome, welcome, welcome! These are my 2nd Games. You can read my first ones here. And I've started the 21st Hunger Games a month ago, but I need tributes. There will be no mentors or stylists necessary, but there will be Gamemakers. I will reserve tributes for only 2 days. When you submit a tribute, please mention:









Alliance: (Please note that I hate big alliances. It's okay for the Careers, but in the rest please keep it simple. 2 or 3 tributes.)

Bloodbath Strategy:

District Name Appearance Personality Weapon
1 Female: Sapphire Justine Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'7" Preppy, sexy, mean-girl, devious Nightlock lipstick, dagger
1 Male: Maroon Cutter Black hair, blue eyes, 6'0" Funny, calm, collected Throwing knives
2 Female: Desla Talamet Dark skin, curvy, black shoulder length hair, dark brown eyes, strong, 5'11" Comfortale in her own skin, strong, internal, doesn't talk about herself None
2 Male: Joey Hunter Blond hair, dark brown eyes, strong, good looking Sadistic, mean Sword, knives, spears
3 Female: Enigma Fay Silky dark brown curls with lighter streaks, flawless milky skin, perfect white, alluring smile, very curvy and fit, petite, muscular, extraordinaly beautiful Quiet, mysterious, sneaky, magnetic almost, intelligent, sly, graceful, elegant Bow and arrows, blow gun, knives
3 Male: Preston Emery Combed black hair, gorgeous black eyes, pale skin, doesn't look like a nerd, tall, muscular Incredibly smart, fun, geeky, clever, knows like everything, kind, caring Anything techy, spears, bow and arrows
4 Female: Hemasis Delaunt Blonde hair, blue eyes, chubby, muscular Talkative, friendly, slightly nieve Bow and arrows
4 Male: Baez Rocca Blonde hair, brown eyes, fit, cute Hilarious and strong Machete, tridents
5 Female: Katie Sundapple Brown hair, blue eyes, 5'4" Fun, escatic, sad, loving None
5 Male: Horace Poj Huge, muscular, brutal looking, tree trunk arms and curly brown hair Quiet, but brutal Batons
6 Female: Lia Mainwaring Tall, skinny, long black hair, tanned skin and nut brown eyes Helpful Bow and arrows
6 Male: Trevor Wallace Light skin, short brown hair, green eyes, piercing on lip and eyebrow Rude Dagger
7 Female: Patricia Nulina Long dark brown hair, light brown eyes, tanned skin, fit, skinny Shy, clever Knives
7 Male: Randall Flynn Dark skin, brown eyes, bald, muscular Nice None
8 Female: Teylor Frean Asian, sharp eyes, black hair, dark eyes, pretty Gossip, chatty, excitable None
8 Male: Carl Los Tanned skin, spiky brown hair, dark blue eyes, strong Creepy, emotional Stealth

9 Female:

Alyss Shepherd Small, pale, red hair, dark blue eyes, slim, doesn't have many muscles Bubbly, friendly Whip, spear
9 Male Leat Aniat Tan skin, grey eyes, black bozzed hair

Calm, unhopeful, doesn't plan on winning

10 Female: McKenna Ekrenet Tan skin, long black hair, blue eyes, 5'6" Calm, nice and laughs a lot but is sometimes mean Bow and arrows, spears
10 Male: Jay Greendale Blonde hair, hazel eyes, caucasin, 5'8", medium built Very sweet, caring, charming, clever, has a mysterious edge Knives, axes
11 Female: May Morningleafs Straight black hair, skinny, dark brown eyes Responsable, friendly, happy Machete, sling
11 Male: Rion Felliter Skinny, scrawny, darkish skin, brown hair with blonder hightlights, 5'10", grenny/grey eyes Optimistic, silly, jokes around None
12 Female: Sula Naireema Caramel skin, large dark eyes, curly dark brown hair Shy, quiet, intelligent, not very confident None
12 Male: Rufus Hatch Shaggy, parted in front hair, scrawny, grey eyes, olive skin, black hair Smart, solemn, quiet None

GAMEMAKERS (if you sign up as a Gamemaker, you're going to have to help me do the arena! My idea is about an underwater long-lost city... Hmm... Still working on it.)

1. Head Gamemaker: Totilus Froteg (A Wikia Contribuitor)

2. Autumn Remus (A Wikia Contribuitor)

3. Sherwoon Dolkud (A Wikia Contribuitor)

4. Jennesea Rivers (A Wikia Contribuitor)

5. Eros Lujano (ErosDistrict1)

6. Diamond Leafby (Readwritelivenikki)

7. Springer Romglin (A Wikia Contribuitor)

8. Willard Marm (A Wikia Contribuitor)


Okay, so everybody can sent 3 items (only things that would keep your tributes warm. No weapons.):

- Blanket

- Sleeping bag

- Tent

- Brand new jacket (that would keep your tribute warm for 2 days)

- Hot chocolate

- Tea

- Soup

- Fire starters

Death Chart
Placing Name How Killer 24th Hemasis Delaunt Axe in the chest Horace Poj (5)
23rd Horace Poj Dagger in the back Sapphire Justine (1)
22nd May Morningleafs Dagger in the forehead Sapphire Justine (1)
21st Enigma Fay Dagger in the back Sapphire Justine (1)
20th Alyss Shepherd Mace in the head Desla Talamet (2)
19th Rion Felliter Sword in the stomach Joey Hunter (2)
18th Rufus Hatch Sword in the head Joey Hunter (2)
17th Leat Aniat Trident to the head Baez Rocca (4)
16th Sapphire Justine Nightlock kiss Maroon Cutter (1)
15th Preston Emery Dagger in the chest Trevor Wallace (6)
14th Lia Mainwaring Arrow in the neck McKenna Ekrenet (10)
13th Katie Sundapple Freezed to death -------
12th Randall Flynn Knife to the head Maroon Cutter (1)
11th Patricia Nulina Spear in the chest Joey Hunter (2)
10th Baez Rocca Stealth in the back Carl Los (8)
9th Carl Los Spear in the stomach Joey Hunter (2)
8th Desla Talamet Unknown Bear
7th Sula Naireema Arrow in the forehead McKenna Ekrenet (10)
6th Jay Greendale Unknown Bear
5th McKenna Ekrenet Dagger in the chest Trevor Wallace (6)
4th Maroon Cutter Dagger in the head Trevor Wallace (6)
3rd Trevor Wallace Decapitated Joey Hunter (2)

2nd Joey Bloodloss Trevor

Hunter Wallace (6)

DAY 1: The Bloodbath

Horace’s POV

My metal plate started lifting and I opened my eyes. The cold air hit me right in the face. I look around the freezing place. It’s very large and mostly flat. I thought that no trees would grow here, because of the temperature that it’s like arctic, but I was wrong. The snowy forest surrounds the Cornucopia, probably creating a perfect circle, protecting the giant, golden corn with a curved tail. Unfortunately, I don’t see batons in the pile of goodies. I guess an axe would have to do it.

I’m a fast runner. That’s why, when the gong sounded, me and the girl from 1 where the first ones to get there. I grab an axe and try to hit her head, but I miss and she grabs a dagger. I run and, before trying to leave, I throw my axe at the girl from 4. It hits her in the chest. The dagger pierced my back and I close my eyes one last time.

Sapphire’s POV

I take back my dagger from the boy’s back. I already spot my next target, a small girl from 11, and I throw it in her direction. Of course, I don’t miss.

Stupid Capitol people. They didn’t realize. That the deadliest thing that could be in this arena is me. My lipstick.

I’m a charming person. It wouldn’t be hard for me to find pray. But the beautiful girl from 3, she’s my competition. I search for her with my eyes, and when I finally see her, she’s almost lost in the forest. But my dagger hits her head before she would embrace the trees.

It’s truly cold in here. My stylist said that our jackets would keep us warm for a couple of days. That means that we need sponsor gifts very soon. But I’m sure I’ll get sponsors.

My allies were just killing the girl from 9 when I found them.

I smile, and start gathering supplies.

Teylor’s POV

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t get supplies from the Cornucopia. It’s just so scary. The Careers. They’re terrible. Now I’m walking alone in the forest, leaving footprints in the snow, avoiding to look back.

I jump when I hear steps approaching.

Carl, my district partner, was coming towards me, holding two backpacks in his hands.

„Relax, he said. I’m not going to kill you.” He tossed me one of his backpacks and smiled. „Allies?”

Sula’s POV

The boy from 2 removed his sword from the boy’s stomach. I think he was from district 11.

„Don’t!” I scream as Rufus went to take a backpack.

It was already to late. The same boy, the one from 2, threw his sword in his head. The tears start dripping down my face and I cover my mouth before I scream.

I take off. No supplies, no weapons, no clothes. I only leave with my life.

Katie’s POV

It was a late afternoon when I startes hearing the cannons. I count them. Seven.

I hold my precious backpack tight. It’s all I got. I only hope that it’s enough for me to get back home, to Lily, and even to my family.

I climb a tree and decide to go to sleep. But the Panem anthem made me open my eyes. The faces of the fallen tributes started appearing on the sky.

The girl from 3, the girl from 4, Horace, the girl from 9, both from 11 and the boy from 12.

Horace died. Why didn’t he make it? He was a lot stronger than most of the tributes. I was actually glad that our district would finally have a victor.

Because I know, I know in my heart, that I’m not going to make them proud.

DAY 2: Staying Alive

Leat’s POV

I’m walking around the small forest, waiting for someone to appear and kill me. I know, that’s weird, but I’m sick of this place, and I want out.

I hear the Careers, telling each other how they killed innocent kids. OK, this is my chance. I sneeze and they remain quiet. Then, the small kid from 4 sent a trident flying in my direction.

Finally, I think. It goes black.

Carl’s POV

I wake up and get out of my sleeping bag. I see Teylor, who seems to be very concentrated.

„What are you doing?” I ask her, with a sleepy voice.

„Sewing,” She answered.

„And what are you using?”

„My backpack and some fur of the rabbit you killed earlier.”

„How did you learn how to sew?”

„I’m from District 8,” She said, like it was something obvious.

„So am I, but nobody taught mr how to sew.” I say.

She locked eyes with me and a smile appeared on her face.

„Do you want me to teach you?”

Sapphire’s POV

It’s so painful. Is like life is slowly leaving my body. It was that boy, Randall, from 7. He

threw an axe in my stomach. Just to get a sleeping bag.

„Oh God, Sapphire!”

Maroon was running towards me, his face sick with worry.

„Hello,” I say, trying to smile.

„Who did this to you?”

„It’s not impo...”

„Just tell me who did this to you!”

„The boy from 7,” I eventually say.

The anger started melting away and he said:

„Is there anything I can do for you, except for killing him?”

I remove my ring and pull out a small lipstick from it. My Nightlock lipstick.

„Put it on,” I say.

He did.

„Now kiss me,” I continue.

„Well, hmm..”

„Just kiss me already!”

He pulled me gently in a kiss. When our lips parted, I closed my eyes one last time.

Patricia’s POV

I can’t belive my luck. My backpack is huge, and it contains a sleeping bag, some matches, a rope,

dried fruits and crackers. I also got an axe.

I might be even coming home!

Trevor’s POV

I remove my dagger from his chest. What a nerd.

I take his backpack and look inside. Nothing. No weapons, no food.

What a nerd.

Lia’s POV

I’m okay. It’s okay.

I climbed a tree, preparing to see the deaths from today. I heard three cannons earlier.

The Panem anthem plays, and the faces started appearing on the dark sky. The girl from 1,

the boy from 3 and the boy from 9.

That leaves the boy from 1, both from 2, the boy from 4, the girl from 5, both Trevor and I,

both from 7, both from 8, both from 10 and the girl from 12.

Just when I thought I was safe I felt an arrow piercing my neck.

DAY 3: The Announcement

Katie’s POV

It’s... so...cold. I sit in the snow, trying to find something I could start a fire with... I don’t care if the Careers find me... I just want to be warm when I die...

Then I do the worst thing you could do when you’re freezing... I fall asleep...

Maroon’s POV

I just heard a cannon. Was it Randall’s? I hope not. I want to kill him personally.

I follow some footprints in the snow, and I can’t belive it, but I found his ’camp’.

And he climbed in a tree, he’s sleeping. I shout:

„Hey, Randall!”

He opens his eyes and falls out of the tree.

„This is for Sapphire,” I say, and throw a knife at him. It hits his forehead.

Joey’s POV

I’m wondering what happened to Sapphire. Desla, Baez and I left her guarding over the supplies. When we returned, she was gone, and we saw her face on the sky.

I removed my spear from the girl’s chest. I think she was from 7. She tried to take me down with her axe. It didn’t work.

„Hey, check this out!” I whisper to Desla.

Someone must be camping here. Obviously, they made fire. But where are they now...

„See, it was easy. You are a natural talent,” I hear a girl’s voice. She’s coming towards her camp. Someone else must be with her.

„Well, you’re a great...” The boy saw us. „Run!”

He threw a weird weapon, a stealth I think, it Baez’s direction. It entered his back and he fell, and a cannon fired. Desla and I chase them both and I throw my spear at the boy. In his stomach.

„No!” The girl screamed as she heard his cannon, but she didn’t stop running.

„Oh God, is that a...”

A bear grabbed Desla and started hitting the ground, using her body. I throw my spear at him, but for some reason, I miss.

„Help me!” She screamed.

But I don’t. I run away, leaving her there. I hear a cannon after five minutes.

„Attention, tributes,” Claudius Templesmith’s voice fills my ears. „Each of you need something desperately. You will to put out a fight for it. So there will be a Feast, tomorrow at the Cornucopia.”

I smile and hear a scream, followed by a cannon.

DAY 4: The Feast

Jay’s POV

The Feast is today. I’m ready, and I know what’s in my pack. The jacket that would keep me warm for a couple of days.

McKenna and I are the only tributes from the same district that are alive. Yey!

I make up a plan in my mind. Okay, so I’ll wait for the Career boy to take his pack, then I’ll...

I suddenly feel a pair of furry paws grabbing me by my shoulders.

Teylor’s POV

I cried a lot last night. But you know what? I’m ready, because I know that Carl would want me to win. And I’ll try, I’ll truly try.

So I sneak out and hide behind a tree. From here, I have a perfect view at the Cornucopia. 4 packs are beautifully wrapped, laying untouched on a wodden table. The numbers 1, 2, 6, 8 and 10 are written on them.

I startle and watch the girl from 10 running to get her pack. The boy from 6 appears shortly after her entrance. She tries to hit him with an arrow, but she misses. He throws his dagger at her chest.

Her cannon fired and he grabbed both his pack and hers. But the boy from 1 appears, trying to throw a knife at him. He also misses and the boy from 6 again throws his dagger in his head.

He escapes in the woods and the boy from 2 comes to get his pack. He grabs it and runs. After 10 minutes, making sure it’s all safe, I run to get my own pack. I get it and run to my secret hide-out, a tree.

DAY 5: The Victor

Joey’s POV

He stabs me with his dagger in the stomach. Damn it, I think, but before starting to lose much blood, I decapitate him using my sword. He falls, lifeless.

I fall next to him. Okay, I thought that there where just the two of us left. I thought I won. Who was the other tribute, anyway?

I suddenly see her. A little girl, in a tree. She’s 12 years old, maybe 13. How could she be the winner?

But I don’t really mind. She probably has a family waiting for her back home, praying every night that she would come back home. My family didn’t care about me ’till I was 18, and I could volunteer for the Games.

So, as I close my eyes for the last time, I smile at her.

Teylor’s POV

His cannon fired and I her Claudius’ voice:

„Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you the winner of the 52nd Hunger Games, Teylor Frean of District 8!”

Oh God, I’m the youngest victor of The Hunger Games. And I didn’t kill anyone.

I jump on the ground. Everything goes silent and a hovercraft appears to pick me up.

Goodbye, I whisper as I finally leave the worst place I’ll ever see.

Special thanks

I would like to thank to everybody who sumbited tributes, and to everybody who read this story, and to everybody that supported me (especially J.M :) ).

And I would like to congratulate Thena.airice14 and to her tribute, Teylor Frean of District 8, the winner of the 52nd Hunger Games!

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