Hey guys! The 53rd Hunger Games are very special, because there will only be volunteers. You can read my first Games here and my second ones here. Please don't use any of the tributes you sumbited there. I will be doing Reapings this time. I will not accept "on my profile". When you sumbit a tribute, please mention:









Bloodbath strategy:

They volunteered for:

District, Gender Name Age Appearance Personality Weapon 1 Female Bascule Du Fey 17 -------- Small built, black slick hair, deep brown eyes, medium skin tone Throwing hammers, axes, knives
1 Male Excel Rose 12 Small built, glasses, lime green eyes, pale skin, evil smile, blonde hair ----------- Sword
2 Female Shermaine Wilson 18 Dark brown hair, slim, green eyes Coldhearted, fearless, stubborn, serious Double swords, crossbow
2 Male Clay Kratnea 18 Black hair, electric blue eyes, strong, cute Nice, funny, smiley, deadly when angry Hand-to-hand combat, spear
3 Female Menway Buzz 16 Black hair, scawny Shy, lonely None
3 Male Liam Cascade 14 Short on the side flat on top black hair, black eyes Happy, ready to die None
4 Female Joyon Adourd 16 Blonde curls, caramel eyes, slim and curvy Seductive, hard to impress, sexy, preppy and sometimes a jerk Daggers, spears
4 Male Mars Rocca 18 Sandy blonde hair, silvery eyes, handsome, tanned skin, strong-built Funny, flirty, brave, self-conscious Spears, tridents
5 Female Detria Glace 14 Grey eyes, long black hair, very pale skin, thin Minor form of autism: usually avoids people, almost never speak, hyper intelligence Throwing knives
5 Male Jake Brown 15 Blondy-brown hair Shy Throwing knives
6 Female Freya Nuelli 14 Sandy shoulder length blonde hair, cornflower blue eyes, pale skin, freckles, small nose, 5'3" Sometimes selfish, quite intelligent, giggly None
6 Male Brann Clatch 16 Brown hair, brown eyes, great smile, muscular body, tall Helpful, smart Swords
7 Female Willow Oaks 13 5'1", blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned skin Nice, Clever, Quiet Axe
7 Male Leon Johansson 17 Curly red hair, slightly muscular, 6'0", pale Reckless, adventurous Axes, knives
8 Female Carol Velasque Dark brown hair, dark blue eyes Fun, extroverted Stealth, knives
8 Male Yamir Snatret 15 Black shaggy hair, blue eyes Solemn, quiet, tough Brute strength
9 Female Meghan Camburry 17 Straight chest length brown hair with blue highlights and soopy bangs, blue eyes, 5'4", pale, skinny Shy, sensitive, caring, loyal, nice None
9 Male Franklin Wong 18 Asian, muscular, 5'9", tanned skin, brown eyes, black scruffy short hair, glasses Protective, nice, caring, sweet, loyal, brave Hand-to-hand combat
10 Female Alice Key 15 Black hair, grey eyes, light skin Funny, sweet Bow and arrows, slingshot
10 Male Josef Bruno 16 Soft, wavy brown hair, very muscular, blue eyes Slightly cocky, impatient, rude but brave Tomohawks, axes
11 Female Dorthem Havoc 15 Athletic, honey brown eyes, dark skin, light brown curly hair Loving, sweet Knives
11 Male Archer Sycth 18 Tall, athletic, dark skin, light brown eyes, dark brown hair, muscular Quiet, shy Strength
12 Female Natasha Grey 15 Grey eyes, black hair, olive skin, thin Coldhearted, seriousRfew can make her smile Throwing knives
12 Male Hunter Hatch 13 Black hair, green eyes Slow, funny None


District 1

Bascule’s POV

I walk around the square, careless. I’m wearing my best dress. It’s white and very short, so it shows off most of my tanned legs. Today, I’m going to volunteer, and I want to look amazing when I get to the Capitol.

The Mayor appears on the stage and starts reading the Treaty of Treason. He then reads the names of the many victors we have had in the past 52 years. I don’t pay much attention, I just want the escort to get her ass on the stage and read those names.

Alena Trojan, our escort, shouts with her squeaky voice:

“Happy Hunger Games!” She pauses. “And may the odds be ever in your favour!”

Oh well. I guess she’s going to say that every year.

“Ladies first!” She says, and crosses the stage to the girls’ bowl. She removes her pink gloves and reaches her hand in the bowl, picking the very first slip she touched.

Everybody’s silent as she reads the name.

“Coralie Lucasta!”

A small girl, maybe 12 years old, steps forward. She looks terrified. Didn’t finish her training, huh? But as much as I love making fun of scared kids, before she reaches the stage, I scream:

“I volunteer!”

“What? What’s that?” Alena says, looking around the square, confused.

I didn’t know she was deaf. Maybe she’s just stupid.

“I said that I volunteer!” I scream again, as I hit the other people to get on the stage.

“How lovely,” Our escort fakes a smile.

The little girl whispers a “Thank you” as I walk towards the stage, but I pretend I didn’t hear. When I get next to Alena, she asks me my name.

“Bascule Du Fey,” I say, proudly, hoping she would recognize my last name, as my father was a victor 20 years ago.

“How lovely,” She repeats, without mentioning my father. “And now, for the boys...”

Excel’s POV

“Nigel Rose!” Alena reads.

How about that. My 18 year old brother seems excited as he walks towards the stage.

I’m not going to let him to be the first victor of our family.

“I volunteer!” I shout.

Everyone seems surprised. A bit angry, actually. Usually, when 18 year olds get picked, is better for us, the smaller, not to volunteer. Now they sure think I’ll lose.

“A second volunteer,” Our escort says, but she doesn’t seem surprised at all. “Come on up,” She adds, shooing Nigel.

He gives me an angry look as I walk past him. I ignore him and climb up the stage.

“And what would your name be?” Alena asks.

“Excel Rose,” I answer her, grinning.

“Wouldn’t let your brother steal all the glory, am I right?”

I nod.

Bascule and I shake hands and disappear into the Justice Building.


Shermaine’s POV

I was just getting dressed for the Reaping when my little sister, Karabela, walked in my room. Her eyes were red from crying, her cheeks pale and her lips dry.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” I asked, closing my wardrobe and taking a look in the mirror. Perfect.

“I don’t want you to volunteer,” She said, sobbing again.

“But then we’ll be rich and we’ll live in a much prettier house, because I will win,” I answered her, pulling her small body into a hug.

“That’s what they all say. But... they don’t,” She said.

“Look, Karabela, we’ll talk more in the Justice Building, ok? I’m going be late for the Reaping, and you know that the Peacekeepers won’t exactly love that.”

I took her hand, met my parents and we all walked to the Square.

I patiently sit along with the other 18 year old girls. They all seem to be ready to volunteer. I need to be quick, I whisper to myself as our bored escort, Agricola Arius, steps on the stage.

Of course she’s bored. She’s practically useless, seeing as almost everybody volunteers in this district.

She doesn’t say anything, just walks towards the bowl full of girls’ names. She reaches in and after 2 seconds, pulls out a slip and reads out loud:

“Alcina Madu!”

A 14 year old steps forward. Before our district even looks at her, I shout:

“I volunteer!”

Everybody nods, approvingly. Of course, I’ve trained since I was 7. They were all sure that I will volunteer now, on my last Reaping.

“Come here, darling,” Agricola says.

I walk on the stage and she asks me my name.

“Shermaine Wilson” I say.

“Great. Now, for the boys....”

Clay’s POV

Agricola grabs a slip from the boys’ bowl, and reads:

“Barrius Arvina!”

A 13 year old starts making his way to the stage, looking nothing but worried.

“I volunteer!” I scream.

Again, people nod approvingly, just like they did for Shermaine. I also am an 18 year old.

I walk fast and pass Barrius on my way. I don’t even look at him. I smirk when I stand next to Shermaine, and before our escort asks me my name, I say:

“Clay Kratnea.”

Shermaine and I exchange hating looks as we shake hands. Then they escort us to the Justice Building.

District 3

Menway’s POV

I look at my twin sister as we walk towards the Square. Ever since dad died when we were 13, we always looked after each other, but she was the bravest one, the one that would always help me out, because of... well, my bad leg. I love her so much.

The place it’s crowded with children and their parents. Our mum is next to our aunt, and they talk calmly. I’m looking at the stage, where Mayor Dumree starts reading the Treaty of Treason. But I’m not paying attention. I look at the kids around me. There won’t be any volunteers, my guess.

I didn’t notice our district escort. She appeared on stage wearing her usual velvet, ridiculous dress. My sister always made fun of her and said that she’s crazy.

“Welcome, everybody! God, I missed you all so much! You look so adorable in your cheap clothes!”

See, that’s what I meant.

“Let’s choose the lady first, shall we?”

Her heels made weird noises as she crossed the stage. She pulled a slip quickly from the bowl, and read the name:

“Corisse Buzz!”

What? No! My sister looks terrified. They are not going to hurt her.

“I volunteer as tribute!”

The place falls silent. They all look surprised. Corisse starts shouting and pleading:

“Don’t do this! I promised dad I’ll take care of you! You can’t go!” The Peacekeepers carry her away firmly. I’m grateful, because my eyes started to water.

“Come on stage, dear!” Our escort says. “What’s your name darling?”

“Menway Buzz”

“Oh, and that was your little sister?”

“My twin.”

“Interesting. And now, for the boys!”

She took a slip from the bowl.

“Daunte Cascade!”

Liam’s POV

“Wait! I volunteer!” I scream.

Everybody stares. A volunteer in this district is something rare, and TWO volunteers are... Well, something unique. But I did what I had to do. My brother is only 12.

“Hurry up on stage, boy!” Our escort giggled.

I walk fast towards the stage, without looking my brother in the eye. The last thing I need right now is another reason to cry.

“And what would your name be?”

“Liam Cascade,” I answer with my voice trembling.

“Okay then. Our tributes from District 3!”

Everyone can send 3 items to each of their tributes.

- Small backpack (dried fruits, empty water container, weapon of choice)

- Medium-sized backpack (dried fruits, dried beef, filled water container, weapon of choice)

- Big backpack (dried fruits, dried beef, medicine for burns, filled water container, extra pair of socks, weapon of choice)

- Medicine (for burns and wounds)

- Water container (empty/full)

- Tent

- Blanket

- Pack of food (dried fruits, dried beef, apples, cheese)

- Axe

- Knife

- Bow and 6 arrows

- Trident

- Harpoon

- Spear

- Sword

Death Chart

Placing Name How Killer
24th Carol Velasque (8) Exploded alive Gamemakers
23rd Jake Brown (5) Sword in the back Mars Rocca (4)
22nd Josef Bruno (10) Sword in the back Excel Rose (1)
21st Excel Rose (1) Arrow in the neck Alice Key (10)
20th Alice Key (10) Decapitated Bascule Du Fey (1)
19th Archer Scyth (11) Snapped neck Yamir Snatret (8)
18th Liam Cascade (3) Axe in stomach Willow Oaks (7)
17th Hunter Hatch (12) Axe in chest Willow Oaks (7)
16th Yamir Snatret (8) Arrow in temple Shermaine Wilson (2)
15th Willow Oaks (7) Spear in stomach Clay Kratnea (2)
14th Joyon Adourd (4) Spear in chest Mars Rocca (4)
13th Leon Johannson (7) Knife in forehead Detria Glace (5)
12th Dorthema Havoc (11) Sword in chest Clay Kratnea (2)
11th Shermaine Wilson (2) Unknow Bats
10th Clay Kratnea (2) Unknow Bats
9th Natasha Grey (12) Mace to the head Bascule Du Fey (1)
8th Franklin Wong (9) Knife to the head Detria Glace (5)
7th Detria Glace (5) Skull smashed Meaghan Camburry (9)
6th Bascule Du Fey (1) Trident in chest Mars Rocca (4)
5th Mars Rocca (4) Bloodloss (Technically) Bascule Du Fey (1)
4th Menway Buzz (3) ---------- -------------
3rd Freya Nuelli (6) ---------- ------------

Brann Clatch (6) ---------- -------------
1st Meaghan Camburry (9) ----------- --------------

Day 1: The Bloodbath

Let the 53rd Hunger Games begin!

Mars’ POV

I bit my lip as my metal plate started lifting. I’m so nervous. I don’t want Baez to watch me die.

I open my eyes. Where am I? It looks a bit like the pictures I saw from other district. District 11, maybe. The golden corn, known as the Cornucopia, is surrounded by cheap and old-looking houses. And of course, there are the supplies. Clothing, weapons, food, water containers. Damn it, I need to get that spear.


I stare as a girl explodes alive on her metal plate. Oh God. Did she try to run or...

The gong sounded. And I wasn’t paying attention! Damn it! Somebody took my spear! I run fast until I reach the Cornucopia and grab the first weapon I see. A sword. I’m useless with a sword! I throw it and accidentally hit the back of the boy from 5. He falls, but I’m not going to stay around mourning his death. I grab a trident. Much better. I run and pass the houses, and get lost in the beautiful forest around them.

Detria’s POV

I don’t know what to do! Shall I take my chances and go in for some supplies, or go to the safety that are the woods?

I decide to go in for a backpack. As I run, I trip over something. Oh God. It Jake’s dead body. Tears start dripping down my cheeks. What was I thinking? I need to get out of here.

And I run away.

Alice’s POV

„No!” I scream right before the boy from 1 shoved a sword in Josef’s back.

I fall on my knees. Let them get me. I just don’t care anymore.

The boy that killed Josef starts laughing at me, and calls me „weak”. I don’t know if I’ll feel guilty about it later, but right now seems to be the right thing to do.

I grab a bow and an arrow and shot it at the boy’s neck.

I turn around and see an axe flying in my direction. It goes black.

Hunter’s POV

Come on. I can do this.

I start running for a pack, or a weapon, or anything. But I have to stop because the boy from 8 and the boy from 11 start batelling with their bare hands. I try to go in the opposite direction.

The girl from 7 throws an axe at the boy from 3. He falls, lifeless. Her eyes are now set on me. She stares like a lioness.

She again throws the axe.

Freya’s POV

„Brann, hurry up!”

My district partner holds his sword tight as we run in the woods. Turns out that there are many other houses here, but they all look as cheap and old like the ones around the Cornucopia.

„Let’s stop here, I can’t run anymore”, Brann said, pointing at a small wodden house.

„Okay. But only ’till the bloodbath is over.”

He nods and we step into the house. There only is a table and a cupboard in it, and some dirty rugs on the floor. The air smells of fresh bread. It makes me dizzy.

„Do you think there’s food in there?”

„There’s only one way to find out.”

I open the cupboard and see the fresh white bread. My mom used to call it „smooth bubbles in cloud of cream.” I smile as I remember.

„I’ll try it first,” Brann said.

„Are you sure? It could be poisonous.”

„I doubt it.”

He takes a large bite from the bread and smiles.

„How does it taste?” I ask.

„Like salty milk,” He answered grinning.

So we spent the day eating the bread and talking. We were preparing to go to sleep when I started hearing the cannons. Ten. That leaves 14 of us alive. I cuddle up closer to Brann and pray that no nightmares would hunt me tonight.


Excel Rose, Liam Cascade, Jake Brown, Willow Oaks, Carol Velasque, Yamir Snatret, Alice Key, Josef Bruno, Archer Scyth and Hunter Hatch have died in the Bloodbath.

Bascule Du Fey, Shermaine Wilson, Clay Kratnea and Joyon Adourd are sleeping in the houses around the Corncuopia. Needs: nothing.

Menway Buzz got away from the Bloodbath with a backpack containing food, and she’s sleeping in a tree. Needs: Weapons and water.

Mars Rocca is sleeping in a house, alone. Needs: nothing.

Detria Glace didn’t get anything from the Cornucopia. She’s camping near a tree. Needs: Food, weapons and water.

Freya Nuelli and Brann Clatch got away from the Cornucopia with weapons and food. Needs: water.

Leon Johansson got an axe from the Cornucopia. He’s camping near the house where Freya and Brann are. Needs: Food.

Meaghan Camburry and Franklin Wong are camping near a lake. Needs: Weapons

Dorthema Havoc got weapons, food and water from the Corncuopia, and she’s sleeping in a tree. Needs: nothing.

Natasha Grey is cold and walking alone in the forest. Needs: weapons, food, water, blanket/tent.

DAY 2: Staying Alive

Natasha’s POV

It’s freezing out here...And I’m too afraid to go in one of these houses... Wait, is that a parachute? I start running with energy I didn’t think I have. I open it grinning and find a tent, that would protect me in almost any kind of weather, and a backpack containing dried fruits, dried beef, a full water container and a set of throwing knives. I’ve never felt so happy in my life. Whoever this sponsor is, he or she saved me!

I find a darker place in the forest and put my tent there. I eat some dried fruits and drink some water. I take my knives and look a them, feeling confident.

I was about to take a nap when I heard a scream, followed by a cannon.

Clay’s POV

„Who did this to her?” I screamed, pointing at Joyon’s lifeless, bloody body.

„Look, I have no idea! You told me to go and find some water, and I did!” Bascule screamed back, her face turning red from the anger.

„Would you stop fighting! We’re not the only tributes left in the arena, you know?” Shermaine said, a bit calmly than us.

„Yeah, but I wish we were,” Bascule said, giving me a poisonous look.

We went silent for a couple of seconds, but Shermaine kept staring at Joyon. Suddenly, she seemt terrified.

„It was a spear,” She said.


„A spear killed her. And except for her, who is the only tribute that uses a spear?” She asked, pointing the obvious.

„Mars Rocca!” Bascule says.

„Oh, that b****!”

„Calm down. I say we make a plan...” Shermaine said, with a wicked look in her eyes.

Menway’s POV

I open the parachute, with my hands trembling. Inside, there is a medium-sized backpack. It contains food, water and a knife. I put the rest of the food I had from the Cornucopia backpack in it, then jump from the tree. I continue my journey in the forest.

I finally see the houses. I was about to pass one when I see the boy from 7 near one of them, looking very hungry and holding an axe in his right hand.

Suddenly, a knife flew in his direction, hitting his forehead. A cannon fired. I start running.

Detria’s POV

I take my knife from the boy’s forehead. I kind of feel bad for it. But he probably would’ve killed me if I didn’t kill him first.

I walk alone for an hour, and decide that I should climb a tree and go to sleep, because it was already getting dark. I was just closing my eyes, but the Panem anthem played, and I am curious. I wonder who died today. The first one to be shown is the girl from 4. A Career. Interesting. Then, the boy from 7 I killed. Only 2 today.

At least I wasn’t one of them. I fall asleep soon.


Joyon Adourd and Leon Johannson have died.

The Careers are at the Cornucopia, planning Mars' death. Needs: Nothing.

Menway Buzz found a small house and is safe there. Needs: Nothing.

Detria Glace is sleeping in a tree. Needs: Nothing.

Freya Nuelli and Brann Clatch are in the same house. Needs: Water.

Meaghan Camburry and Franklin Wong are still at the lake, but hungry. Needs: Food.

Dorthema Havoc found a cave and sleeps there. Needs: Water, food.

Natasha Grey is sleeping in her tent. Needs: Nothing.

DAY 3: The Announcement

Meaghan’s POV

„Hey, Franklin, wake up!”

He opens his sleepy eyes and looks at me.

„What’s up?”

„What do you mean, ’what’s up’? The Careers are after us!”

He doesn’t look concerned.

„They are after all tributes. Come on, what are the chances that they find us?”

„Well, we’re at the only water source in the arena. The odds are pretty high!”

„Please, don’t yell.”

I sigh. „Sorry, it’s just... I’m stressed out. I don’t want the people from home to watch us die.”

„And they won’t”, he says, patting my shoulder. „One of us is going to win.”

„That’s the other thing I’m scared about. Just one of us...”

„We’ll be okay, alright?”

That’s enough for me not to worry about it right now...

Mars’ POV

„So what’s your name?”

I got a note from my mentor saying that I should ally with someone. I found this girl a few minutes ago. She is from District 3 and seems trustworthy. And she’s not a Career. That’s good enough for me.

„Menway. What’s yours?”

„Mars. Mars Rocca.”

„And what supplies do you have?”

„I had a spear a while ago. But now I have three tridents. Two of them are back at my shelter. I can show you if you want.”

She nods, but remains quiet. She doesn’t want to talk. Good. Neither do I. But... I’m dying to ask her some questions.

„So how’s District 3?”

„Not as pretty as District 4,” She answered.

I smile. I kind of like her.

Bascule’s POV

Clay removes his sword from the girl’s body as a cannon fires. I think she was from District 11.

„Fool... She hid in a cave,” Shermaine says, laughing.

„Yeah, fool...” I say, not really paying attention.

„What’s bothering you?”

„Nothing... It’s just... Sitting around in a cave won’t help us find Mars.”

Suddenly we hear a strange sound. An ugly black thing with wings that are thin and leathery. Even more animals of this kind appear, with hungry looks on their faces.

„Bats!” Clay says, and starts running out of the cave.

But he trips and falls. I run and try to get out of the cave. Both Shermaine and Clay are screaming and begging me to come back. But their bodies are already covered in bats.

„Goodbye. And I’m sorry,” I whisper, and run without looking back as their cannons fired.

What am I going to do now? I don’t have allies. I don’t stand a chance against Mars. Or maybe I do. We’ll see tomorrow.

As I walk, I see a tent. I throw my mace at it, and easily a cannon fires. Well, that was easy.

Claudius Templesmith’s voice filled the arena.

„Attention, tributes. May I congratulate the 8 remaining tributes. Also, there will be a Feast tomorrow, at the Cornucopia. Each of you need something desperately. If you will to put up a fight, we can guarantee you that special item. Good night and may the odds be ever in your favour.”

DAY 4: The Feast

Franklin’s POV

„Meg, you know we’ll have to go.”

She remains quiet, staring at the lake.

„But I don’t want to. It’s just a bloodbath. We can manage without it.”

„Look, I’ll know what to do. I’ll go at the Cornucopia and you’ll remain hidden. If I need help, you’ll be there. Nothing bad will happen to us this way.”

I kiss her cheek and we both walk to the Cornucopia.

We stay hidden behind one of the old houses. Nobody came to pick up their pack, I see. There are 6 packs on the tables, each having a number on them. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9. I hug Meaghan and start running.

Well, that was a mistake. I grabbed my pack and accidentally push the pack with „5” written on it off the table. The girl from 5 must’ve thought I want to steal it, because there she is, holding two knives in one hand and two in the other. She throws the first one and I use my pack to protect myself, but the second one hits me in the leg. I fall, but I don’t scream for Meg. She’ll die if she’ll come. I can’t risk it.

The girl throws one last knife to my head.

Menway’s POV

„No!” A girl ran from behind a house, screaming, as a cannon fired. She was filled with anger and attacked the girl from 5, Detria, with her harpoon. She was clearly blinded by revenge. Detria started running to get her pack, but Meaghan threw her harpoon at her, piercing her stomach with it. Then, in a fit of rage, when she had Detria at her mercy, Meaghan smashed her head into a rock. Another cannon goes off. Meaghan kissed a body of a boy on the forehead, then took her pack and ran.

Mars starts running towards the wodden table. What? What is he doing? We haven’t talked about it! He makes a sign with his hand in my direction, telling me to stay hidden.

The girl from 1, Bascule I think, appears from another house. She holds two axes in her right hand and another in her left one. Mars was clearly expecting it, because he jumped when the first axe flew, protected himself with his trident when the second one flew. I can’t stand it. I run in their direction, wanting to protect Mars, but then another axe flew. Before I could even think what to do, Mars threw himself in front of the weapon. He falls.

It’s his stomach. He’s bleeding. I start screaming and crying.

A very weak Mars throws his trident at Bascule, hitting her chest, and her cannon fired. I kneel next to Mars.

„Why did you do that?” Tears start dripping down my face.

„Because I’m not one of them... I’m not a Career... I actually care about other people.” He pauses. „Especially you.”

I try to say something, but all it’s heard are hiccups from my crying.

„Shhh. Don’t cry. Win this thing for me, Menway.”

He closes his eyes and a cannon goes off. I try not to cry, but I can’t. The pain is tearing me appart.

„Attention, tributes. Because today is the Birthday of President Snow, there will be a... rule change. The four remaining of you can win, but only if you all make it through the worst day you could imagine. You’ll have to drink the blood of the tributes you killed, from a river. And I’ll let you discover the rest. Congratulations, and may the odds be ever in your favour.”

Day 5: The Victors

Freya’s POV

"Hey, put me down! I'm not dead!" Brann screamed.

„Be quiet!” I shout at him.

They must’ve given us some sleep syrup in the hovercraft, because we wake up in a whole diffrent place. A much... scarier place.

„Where are we?”

And that wasn’t Brann saying it. A young girl with black hair and a metal leg appeared next to us.

„I don’t know. Who are you?” I ask her.

„I’m Menway Buzz, from District 3.”

„And who is she?”

A girl with blue hightlights that match her eyes was laying on her back on the cold ground of the cave, staring at some point far away.

„She’s Meaghan, from District 9. And who are you? I haven’t seen you in the arena. Maybe in the training center.”

„I’m Freya Nuelli and this is Brann Clatch. From District 6.”

„Well, I guess we’re in this together, right?”

We nodded but Meaghan still didn’t move. She kept staring, without even blinking.

„Is she dead or something?” Brann whispered.

„On the inside,” Menway said wisely.

I start looking around the place. Yes, it’s a cave for sure. There isn’t much light here. Actually, it’s because of Brann’s flashlight. It’s the only thing they let us keep from the initial arena.

„God, I’m so thirsty!” Brann moaned.

„I think I hear something. It’s a river!” Menway said excitedly, grabbing the flashlight and pointing it at the place where she heard the sound from.

„It’s definetly.... liquid. But why is it red?”

Silence set between us. I remember that Claudius Templesmith said something about drinking blood... of the tributes we killed. Something is not right. Brann and I didn’t kill anyone.

„Well, you didn’t think they will make a special river for each of us, right?” Menway asked, reading my thoughts. „I didn’t kill anyone either. She’s the only one who did.”

She pointed at Meaghan. We stared at her.

„Please don’t tell my his or her name. I won’t be able to drink this after that.” Brann said.

„Wait, don’t do this! Can’t you just wait a little longer? I’m sure we’ll find another source of water. I’m going to find one right now. Anyone coming?”

„Freya, you do realize that we’ll have to stay together, right?”

„Right. But... what do we do with Meaghan?”

Brann shruged and said:

„She’ll have to walk if she wants to live.”

„Let me handle it.” Menway kneeled beside Meaghan, and whispered with a sweet voice. „Meg, he would’ve wanted you to win. I know how it’s like. Losing someone you care about. In the arena.”

Meaghan closed her eyes, breathed heavily and got up. Menway smiled at her and helped her walk.

„I’m tired. There’s no other source of water!” Brann said, after we walked for about two hours. „We’ll have to drink it, Freya.”


„Don’t worry, I’ll go first.”

I close my eyes and refuse to watch. „How does it taste?” I ask him, like I did when we first entered that house.

„Like salty copper.”

22 hours later

Brann’s POV

It was horrible. Especially after the batteries of the flashlight ran out. Those things there... I can’t even describe them. Drinking blood was the easy part.

But we made. We all survived. Freya, Menway, Meaghan and I. We won The Hunger Games.

But after this day, I wish I hadn’t...

Special thanks

Kind of weird, these Games, right? But I wanted more than one winner this time. Make more people happy, you know?

I would like to congratulate:

- Robin040197 and his tribute, Brann Clatch of District 6;

- J McAtee and his tribute, Menway Buzz of District 3;

- I Want Seddie 2 Happen98769 and his/her tribute, Meaghan Camburry of District 9;

- Thena.airice14 and her tribute, Freya Nuelli of District 6;

For winning the 53rd Hunger Games!

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