Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my page! I decided that I will do a special twist every year. Last year there where only volunteers, this year only boys, and maybe next year only girls. You can read my first Games here, my second ones here and third ones here. When you sumbit a tribute, please mention:








Bloodbath strategy:



District Name Age Appearance Personality Weapon
1 Male Lion Scrapes 18 Blonde hair, green eyes, tall and strong Not shy, merciless Mace
2 Male Rowen Kumar 17 Short brown hair, blue eyes, muscular but with bad legs Gruff, no sense of humour, trouble making friends Hand-to-hand combat, knife
3 Male Ryan Cai 16 Brown hair, green eyes, pale skin, skinny, 5'9" Nice, protective, witty, serious, caring, loving, sweet Hand-to-hand combat
4 Male Taz Rocca 15 Silky blonde hair, brown eyes, tanned skin Funny, enjoys fishing Trident, axe
5 Male
6 Male Ward Essence 16 Dark brown hair, brown eyes, dark skin, strong but skinny Rude, mean Throwing axes
7 Male Hucle Bind 16 Curly brown hair, lilac eyes, tall and strong Friendly, hates Careers Hatches, knives
8 Male
9 Male Banak Crane 17 Dark brown hair, big and strong, blue eyes -------- Trident, spear
10 Male Luca Conrad 18 Scruffy blonde hair, green eyes, muscular, tanned skin, 6'2" Protective, Caring, Kind, loyal Strength
11 Male Bladon Lucious 17 Muscular, chubby, caramel skin, short black hair Smart Nightlock rock
12 Male Blake Hatch 16 Black hair, grey eyes, olive skin --------- Rope

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