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    Roxy Thornwood

    August 13, 2015 by AddictedtoClove

    Name: Roxy Thornwood

    Age: 16

    District: 7

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Roxy is an aggresive girl with a horrible temper, and a short attention span.

    Strengths: Roxy is very good at throwing axes and surviving.

    Weaknesses: Roxy's weakness is not being in the center of attention.

    Fears: Roxy is terrified of spiders and snakes.

    Weapon(s): Roxy prefers throwing axes but if she cannot get them, she will most likey get a sword.

    Allies: Roxy is a loner, so she prefers to be alone.

    Appearence: Roxy has beautiful green eyes and long flowing dark brown hair with bangs, she has pale skin and a round face. Her eyes have almost an almond shape.

    Backstory: Roxy grew up as a joyful child, until one day when her parents got murdered my the capitol. After then Roxy was…

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