Name: Roxy Thornwood

Age: 16

District: 7

Gender: Female

Personality: Roxy is an aggresive girl with a horrible temper, and a short attention span.

Strengths: Roxy is very good at throwing axes and surviving.

Weaknesses: Roxy's weakness is not being in the center of attention.

Fears: Roxy is terrified of spiders and snakes.

Weapon(s): Roxy prefers throwing axes but if she cannot get them, she will most likey get a sword.

Allies: Roxy is a loner, so she prefers to be alone.

Appearence: Roxy has beautiful green eyes and long flowing dark brown hair with bangs, she has pale skin and a round face. Her eyes have almost an almond shape.

Backstory: Roxy grew up as a joyful child, until one day when her parents got murdered my the capitol. After then Roxy was angery, she was never joyful again. Her sister, Giana Thornwood, took care of her.

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