Adien Shepard

  • I live in The Devil's Triangle
  • My occupation is Inventor
  • I am Happy To Be Alive
  • Adien Shepard
    A Long Awaited Reunion ;

    After Years of Living In Exile 


    Living On Earth Discovered That President Snow 

    Lied About ET A Yanme'e By The Name of Aiden Holmes 

    Infiltrated The Palace Arcives And Discovered a Truth 

    That Was Concealed From The People of Panem 

    For More Then a 1.000 Years The Yanme'e 

    Reunited With The 

    President Snow Is About To Find Out What Happens When Plamsa Meets Snow 

    Things Are Heating Up At The Capital As Millions of Yanme'e Fight To Reunite With a Long Lost Friend 

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  • Adien Shepard

    The Car Thief

    March 8, 2015 by Adien Shepard

    Adien Grew Up In The Capitel But He Did Not Agree With Snow or His Leadership Tactics 

    Adien Joined a Local Street Racing Club & Learned How To Steal Cars 

    Adien Knew Snow Personally So One Day Adien Went Into Snow's Garage And Stole a 

    Resulting In a Brutal Police Chase Ending At The Boarder of The Capitel District 


    Greeted Him With Batons And Fists 

    And Later Adien Was Sentenced To Death In The Hunger Games 

    When The Games Began Everyone Flooded The

    After The There Was Some Stuff Left

    He Grabbed a…

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