• AerialSocks

    Hi everyone it's Aerialchinook and Socks6363. We have decided to make a games together. Everyone should join and have fun!

    During the third Quarter Quell the victors were unable to keep Katniss alive so the games continued on as normal. However since the third Quarter Quell The Capitol and District 13 have been forced to send in tributes.

    1. You may have up to three tributes.

    2. Each tribute gets $500. for every kill your tribute makes they will recive $50.

    3. Reservations last 48 hours 

    4. No specfic template has to be used but you should include








    5. Sign up and have fun!

    District  Gender Name Age Weapon User
    Capitol Male Emil Grace 16 Trident,Sword Sambaroses
    Capitol Female Amethyst Moraitis 17 Throwin…

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