Hi everyone it's Aerialchinook and Socks6363. We have decided to make a games together. Everyone should join and have fun!


During the third Quarter Quell the victors were unable to keep Katniss alive so the games continued on as normal. However since the third Quarter Quell The Capitol and District 13 have been forced to send in tributes.


1. You may have up to three tributes.

2. Each tribute gets $500. for every kill your tribute makes they will recive $50.

3. Reservations last 48 hours 

4. No specfic template has to be used but you should include








5. Sign up and have fun!


District  Gender Name Age Weapon User
Capitol Male Emil Grace 16 Trident,Sword Sambaroses
Capitol Female Amethyst Moraitis 17 Throwing knives LovelyLies
1 Male Sebastian Glaze 17 Axe YourFavouriteSalmon
1 Female Alexandrite Bohamia 14 Bow and arrow,Sword Mrs.Whale
2 Male Jake Locketback 18 Sword Mrs.Whale
2 Female Orelia Vesilissa 18 Knife gloves LovelyLies
3 Male Tommy Harns 14 Throwing knives HaraiGoshi345
3 Female Natalie Tecknus 14 Throwing knives,Tomahawks YourFavoriteSalmon
4 Male Harvey Free 14 Trident Harvey The Hunter
4 Female Coralyn Hamlimeda 16 Trident,Nets,Throwing knives Sambaroses
5 Male Tom Loleris 16 Throwing knives,Blowgun Tehblakdeath
5 Female Zoey Proasheck 15 Axe, Katana Tehblakdeath
6 Male Tinius Runathel 17 Throing axes PumPumPumpkin :3
6 Female Ruby Burn  12 Dagger Pippycat
7 Male Jayson Huff 17 Axe NIBy001
7 Female Eva Fenrir 14 Sword Pippycat
8 Male Connor Smitherson 14 Scythe HaraiGoshi345
8 Female Missy Randos 15 Bow and arrow MissRandomStuff
9 Male Steel Elegy 16 Sickle icanhasnofriends
9 Female  Silver Kronos 18 Bow and arrow icanhasnofriends
10 Male Jakub Kunnson 14 Sword,Spear HaraiGoshi345
10 Female Lilli Peters  13 Bow,Axe MissRandomStuff
11 Male Havan Famin 15 Sword, Sickle Yoonie
11 Female Sharlet Free  13 Knife Harvey The Hunter
12 Male  Diamond Reaperson 17 Spear, Sickle Tehblakdeath
12 Female Blossom Breeze 15 Throwing knives,Blowgun Sambaroses
13 Male  Athan Leventis 13 Knife LovelyLies
13 Female Aeralene Ekiert 18 Machete Pippycat


Careers: Amethyst Moraitis (C), Alexandrite Bohamia (1), Sebastian Glaze (1), Orelia Vesilissa (2) Locketback (2), Coralyn Hamlimeda (4) & Tom Loleris (5)

Young People Alliance: Natalie Tecknus (3), Ruby Burn (6), Eva Fenrir (7),  Blossom Breeze (12) & Athan Leventis (13)

District 3, 8 And Capitol Alliance: Tommy Harns (3) & Conner Smitherson (8) & Emil Grace (C)

District 4,11 and 13 Alliance: Harvey Free (4), Sharlet Free (11) & Aeralene Ekiert (13) 

Loners: Jayson Huff (7)

Undecided:  Missy Randos (8), Jakub Kunnson (10), Havan Famin (11), Diamond Reaperson (12) 


Emil Grace: The Capitol

I stand Back stage with all of my fellow tributes as Corey begins speaking to the crowd about how each of us has three minutes to do our interview. I'm very nervous due to me having to go first. Before i know it i'm being called on stage.

Corey: Ladies and gentleman give it up for the first tribute of the night Emil Grace from the Capitol!

Emil: Thank you corey.

Corey: So Emil how do you feel about your chances of winning?

Emil: I'm confidant in my chances of winning.

Corey: Why is that?

Emil: You'll have to wait and see.


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