This is my first games so add tributes in comments with






three tributes each

Dead district 1 female:emily hatches {the hunger games girl}Dead

Dead district 1 male:derek trike {finnickmellark} dead

Dead district 2 female:marla kantoon{thena.airice14}Dead

Dead district 2 male:matt coupe{finnickmellark}dead

Dead district 3 female:rister casrae{thena.airice14}dead

Dead district 3 male:seth mauceri {hibrawler}Dead

Dead district 4 female:krystal clearwater {hungersisters1108}dead

dead district 4 male:hunter jaelynn {icanhasnofriends}dead

Dead district 5 female:tamota summers{ashtonmololover}dead

Deadb district 5 male:tristan james{fht}Dead

Dead district 6 female:lynette handsows {the hunger games girl}Dead

Dead district 6 male:marson mckellen{cbuscrew344} dead

Dead district 7 female:drina vox {nommyzombies} dead

Dead district 7 male:buck titanim {icanhasnofriends}Dead

Dead district 8 female:savannah freeman {ashtonmololover} dead

Dead district 8 male:daniel wing {jo34546564}dead

Dead district 9 female:miya rye {orangegreencoverse}dead

Dead district 9 male:waverly mare{orangegreencoverse}Dead

district 10 female:savannah rose hadamik {lilyxoxo}

Dead district 10 male:malecai giriama {dead

Dead district 11 female:zafina jones (mrweare121)Dead

Dead district 11 male:jacob thresh{hungersisters1108}dead

Dead district 12 female:samantha brune {the hunger games girl} dead

Dead district 12 male:T.hawk dead

Arena:the cornucopia is on a large field of the left of the cornucopia is a very large forest with small lakes in the right is a wasteland with nothing but big boulders and rocks.

Day 1 the pods rise into a beautiful field of clovers and the count down starts 60,59,58.the carriers are geeting ready to run to the cornucopia.hawk(12) is looking at the forest and everyone else can't seem to tell where they are going.30,29,28.savannah rose (10) screames hurry up everyone looks at her shocked when it comes to zero she is the only person ready to run she grabs a pack and a sword and is off into the woods.The carriers are the next at the cornucopia. Derek trike (1) grabs a spear and throws it at Manson (6) it goes straight into his heart he falls on the ground dead.krystal (4) grabs a trident and throws it at Samantha brune (12) it goes into her back she falls down dead.derek is looking for his next kill when out of the corner of his eye he thinks he see Marla (2) a fellow carrier so he does not attack. it is actualie drina (7) she throws a knife at Derek it goes into his eye he falls dead she then picks up 3 more knives and a bag meets up with buck (7) and runs away into the wasteland.Seth (3)runs in for some wire when savannah (8) comes up behind him with a knife and throws it at him she misses and Seth picks up the knife and stabs her she dies.seth then takes the wire and knife and runs into the forest.Matt (2) is chasing rister (3) he tackles her down and stabs her she dies.By now everyone except the carriers and the d 7 alliance are in the forest. The d7 alliance are in the wasteland and the carriers have made camp at the the forest Miya and waverly (9)meet up and forme a alliance.the d6 tributes have made a alliance and are very close to daniel(8).


The carriers (d1 female d2 and d4)are at the cournacopia D7 alliance are hiding under a giant rock in the wasteland Seth (3) has set up his wire around a tree he is hiding in The d6 alliance is still very close to Daniel (8) Hawk (12) has made a alliance with savannah (10) Both d11 tributes are by themselves D9 alliance is sleeping in a tree close to savannah and hawk D5 tributes are by themselves Malecai (10) is by himself looking for savannah

day 2 Seth(3)wakes up to a scream he looks down to see the d5 boy electrified and dyeing Seth is almost happy that he has killed 2 people in 2 days then the canon fires.drina(7) wakes up when the canon fires buck (7) doesn't wake up.drina let's him sleep she gets out from under the large boulder and try's to find some water but before she can a large gust of wind blows all the large boulder over even the one buck was under a canon fires it takes a minute for drina to under stand what happens but when she does she let's out a tear holds her axe clos to her heart and walks towards the rain forest.the careers wake up and notice that a bag and knives are missing and so is Marla (2) Matt (2) swears and says we should have never trusted her they decided to stay at the cournacopia and hunt tomorrow.marla is running throw the forest and runs into tamota (5) they form a alliance and decided to make a plan to attack the carriers.savannah(10) and hawk(12) are drinking water they found in a pond when Jacob (11) jumps out of a bush and lands on top of savannah and starts punching her hawk comes up behind him and slashes him with Savannah's sword he falls dead savannah gets up thanks hawk and sit there in the quiet all night.malecai is siting down by a tree when s spider mutt comes out of nowhere malecai has nothing to protect himself with she knows she will dye. But zafina jumps out of a bush with a sharpened stick and stabs the snake in the eye she asks for a alliance she accepts.

Aftermath The carriers plan there hunt for tomorrow Seth Is still In the tree but is getting hungry Drina is now hiding in a tree near Seth and has been crying all night The d9 alliance have run into hawk and savannah and form a alliance and are planing to attack the carriers The d6 alliance is still very close to Daniel (8) Marla and tamota are sleeping by a lake Malecai and zafina are sleeping by a lake to Daniel is planing on switching camp spots tomorrow

Day 3 Hawk,savannah,Miya and weverly are walking towards the cornacopia when they come across Marla and tamota they circle around them and tell them they must come with them and attack the carriers or they will kill them.marla and tamotan do what they say and go to the cornacopia.emily (1) is sitting down on gard duty well the other carriers sleep Emily starts to drift off to sleep when a spear lands right in front of here she screams all the other carriers wake up and grab a weapon.hunter gets a spear and throws it at tamota it goes through her heart she dies.emily grabes a knife and throws it at hawk he dodges it,savannah runs up to Emily tackles her to the ground and slashes her in the stomach she bleeds to death.krystal grabes her trident and throws it at waverly it goes through his head.savannah,hawk,Miya and marla run off into the wasteland.matt swears and tells Krystal and hunter that Miya is his kill.marson and Lynette (6) have spent the last day making weapons to kill Daniel.they sneak over to Daniel camp and jump out he is not there.they look around for a second confused when Daniel jumps out of a tree and lands on marson's back lynette throws one sharpend stick at Daniel but it hits marson in the chest he falls Daniel jumps at lynette but she dodge pulls the stick out of marson's body and throws it at Daniel it goes throw his chest.she then sits down and crys.seth is starving he decides to leave his tree he jumps over his wire and walks around looking for food he see a bush of berries he reaches in to eat the berries when a voice says don't eat That he turns around and see's drina she then says they are poision but if your Hungry I killed a rabbit they then climb a tree and talk about each others homes family's and a plan to attack the carrers.malecai has decided to kill zafina he goes up to her and stabes her in the stomach she asks why he says nothing she dies and her canon fires.

Aftermath The carriers are still at the cornacopia Seth and drina are talking about a plan to kill the carriers Malecai is walking towards Lynette Lynette is still crying Hawk savannah Miya and Marla are making a plan to attack the carriers

Day 4 Lynette has been crying ever since she killed marson she has decided to take her own life she reaches for her spear but it is not there she looks up and see the spear about to go through her face.malecai is so happy he has killed the d6 girl that he yells out come on carriers try to kill me no one comes so malecai keeps walking through the woods.the carriers are packing for there hunt when they see something move in the bushes hunter grabes a sword and runs over to it there. The d3 boy is there he begs hunter not to kill him Seth says he has berries he gives them to hunter.hunter eats the berries and falls down dead.the other 2 carriers run over to kill Seth,Seth yells now drina, suddenly a axe comes out of a tree and hits Krystal in the head she dyes.insted of fitting back Matt turns around and goes into the wasteland.seth congratulates drina a job well done drina thanks him to.

Aftermath Drina and Seth are at the cournacopia taking about the poison Berrie trick. Hawk and savannah are thinking about leaving the big alliance Matt has no idea where he is and is close to malecai Malecai is walking straight towards Matt

Day 5 Hawk and savannah wake up bright and early.they plan on taking all the weapons and food and leaving Miya and marla With nothing.hawk and savannah get up and start to grab the food quietly but hawk trips and wakes Marla and Miya up.marla knows what they are doing because she did it to the carriers she takes a knife she was hiding in her shoe out and throws goes into hawks back he falls and tells savannah to run.savannah doesn't think twice she runs as fast as she can.Malecai is walking through the woods when Matt jumps out at him.matt gets him on the ground and says how do you get to the cornacopia from here malecai says walk straight that way for 2 hours and you will be there.matt thanks him then snaps malecais neck.two hours after that the gamemakers make a announcement there will be a feast tomorrow at the cornacopia there will be something there you all would love to have.seth and drina look at each other they are at the cornacopia right now.they know people wil be coming here tomorrow and they decided to go to the tree where Seth hid the first two days.

Aftermath Matt is hiding on the edge of the cournacoupia in a bush Seth and drina are talking about what will be at the feast Miya and marla are hiding behind a rock Near the cournacoupia Savannah made it to the forest and is in a tree 5 minutes from the Cournacoupia

Day 6 It is eleven a.m the feast will start soon Matt is a minute and a half away from the cournacoupia,Miya and Marla are two minutes away from the cournacoupia savannah is in a tree 5 minutes from the cournacoupia and drina and Seth are in the tree Seth hid in the first 2 days which is 2 hours from the cournacoupia.Matt Miya and marla are the only people who are going to the feast.a table starts to rise from the ground on the table is one hand gun.miya and Marla wast no time they run as fast as they can to the table Matt is also running it is clear Miya is the fastest she will get there first but Matt throws his spear at goes through her leg she falls and starts to scream Marla doesn't stop to help her she gets to the table and gets the gun she aims it at Matt and fires.nothing happens she shots again and again but nothing happens.matt jumps at Marla and gets her on the ground he then takes the gun from her and checks the bullets there are none.matt then takes the gun and hits Marla in the face with it 29 times before her canon fires.matt then goes over to a crying Miya takes the spear out of her leg and stabs her in the chest with it she dyes.nothing happens for the rest of the day.

Aftermath Drina and seth know they will have to split up soon Matt is at the cournacoupia planing for tomorrow Savannah is thinking about going to the wasteland tomorrow

Day 7 Drina and seth know it is time to split up they split there supplies drina and seth shake hands and walk in different directions after 25 minutes of walking in different directions seth turns around and starts to head back to the tree.savannah has made her way to the wasteland and has made camp under a large rock and has started making a plan to kill the other carriers.matt has been making spears he now has five he also killed a bird and a rabbit and is having a great meal.

Capitol It was a very boring day in the Capitol they want more action.the gamemakers know they have to make tomorrow better

Aftermath Savannah is sleeping under the large rock Matt and drina are 16 minutes away from each other Seth is 54 minutes away from drina

Day 8 Seth is in his tree he has decided it is time to go he jumps out pf the tree and starts to walk.drina is walking through the woods when she comes across a small river she sits down and starts to drink when a spear goes into her left arm she grabs gets up pulls the spear out of her arm and runs. she is crashing through the trees she doesn't turn to see who is chasing her.because she knows it is Matt.drina is losing blood fast she has been running for at least a hour.she is getting dizzy she falls Matt jumps on her he takes a spear and is about to kill her when Seth jumps out of a tree and lands on Matt. seth stabes Matt in the neck Matt dies.seth turns his attention to drina he try's to help her up but she is in to much pain.drina tells Seth that she is so greatful for saving her she tells him to tell her parents she loves them and that he has to win.She then closes her eyes and dies.seth starts to scream and cry he takes drina and Matt's packs and climbs a tree and stays there all night.

After math Savannah is having a good sleep she knows tomorrow will be a hard day Seth is crying in a tree

Day 9 Savannah wakes up and sees to snake mutts she gets up and runs to the cournacoupia.seth wakes up and sees two monkey mutts he jumps out of his tree and runs to the cournacoupia he knows what the gamemakers are doing they are trying to get him and savannah together.seth gets to the cournacoupia and decides to hide in it.savannah gets to the cournacoupia and decideds to his in it but Seth jumps at her a knocks her to the ground and trys to stab her but savannah knocks him off her she grabes her sword and swings it at him it slashes his chest Seth takes his knife and stabes her above the stomach.seth pulls the knife out of her and stabes her again in the stomach she falls.but seth thinks she is dead but she is not she pulls the knife out of herself and stabes him in the neck Seth falls his canon sounds.then the trumpets ladies and gentleman intraducing the winner of the 35 hunger games savannah rose hadamilk.

Savannah after the games: savannah went home and became addicted to alcohol.she was then reaped again for the 75th hunger games she was killed by a tilde wave.

36th hunger games I will be making another games the 36th.but this one will be different I will be doing reapings and interviews and you will tell me what you want your character to do

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