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D1 female amethyst demoir {cupcakesrule}

D1 male garnet wilke {cupcakesrule}

D2 female ellie twist {catorocks}

D2 male draco adams {catorocks}

D3 female sarah barme (awc)

D3 male max voltair {hibrawler}

D4 female katelynn huxley {skytimergirl}

D4 malematt matt alexander {ltallcos}

D5 female navy slyara {cupcakesrule}

D5 male james killick {awc}

D6 female Demi Campbell (2legit2quit)

D6 male brann clatch {robin040197}

D7 female falta kivery {starfighter}

D7 male vince avietr {star fighter}

D8 female Jessica proper (brynn1999)

D8 male spencer holly(brynn1999)

D9 female daisy morales (Awc)

D9 male brian martin {awc}

D10 female lillica daxina {xshilan}

D10 male Quincy Williams (2legit2quit)

D11 female linana bowbridge {lil'rue11}

D11 male brynn mantis {pendillumna}

D12 female blythe smith {brynn1999}

D12 male grayson smith {brynn1999}


d1 Amethyst pov- Me and my sister are standing together in a large group of girls all of them talking about how great a games this year will be but they all shut up when are escort comes on stage she gives the normal speech then says it is time to pick the female tribute she picks the first slip of paper she touches and calls out the name crystal demoir my sister before I can even think I shout I volunteer I walk up to the stage.the escort then picks the male tribute but before she can read the name someone yells I volunteer then out from the crowd comes garnet wilke.i have had a crush on him for years he is very handsome the escort says somethings but I don't hear it because I start to think that I may have to kill him

D2 Draco pov- A stupid looking man walks onto the stage he tells the story of how the districts went against the Capitol and how the hunger games started.he then names all the victors.out of 35 games district 2 has had eight and I know they will soon have nine because Ellie or me will win the games. The escort walks over to the girls bowl and calls a name the girl starts to walk to the stage when Ellie volunteers.the escort walks to the boys bowl when I scream I volunteer I walk over to the stage I walk past Ellie and she whispers Let the games begin

D3 Max pov- A freaky looking clown lady walks on stage her skin is blue and her hair is silver she talks about how district three is the best out of all the districts which is a lie.she then picks the female tribute she says patty sags a fourteen year old starts to walk to the stage when someone yells I volunteer out from the crowd comes a twelve year old girl.everyone gasped why would she volunteer she gets on the stage she says her name is Sarah Barme.then the boy gets called max voltair I walk on stage and hold in the tears.

D4 Matt pov- The escort walks on stage she welcomes everyone to the reaping and everyone cheers. I don't know why they are cheering but my mom said something about games and death The man on stage picks a girl named katelynn Huxley she walks to the stage looking very happy.then the mand picks another name this time it is matt Alexander.someone behind me says to go to the stage I do when I get there the man asks you look confused you ok I tell him I don't remember what the hunger games are then he says well get ready for hell.

d5james pov-

I wake up eat my favorite breakfast Waffles then we go to the square and I go to the back trembling scared of what will happen then the creepy Escort comes on and picks a girl Navy Sylara She looks scared then she chooses the Boy James Killick I almost cry I walk up trembling I shake her hand and go in to the Justice Building

D6 Demi Pov- We are all packed tight into the town square where the very ugly man walks on stage and picks the boy tribute first brann clatch.i know for a fact his sister died two years ago in the 34th hunger games bloodbath.the escort then picks the female.i know it is weird but I want to get reaped I have killed so many animals people should be the same.the man then yells Demi Campbell.i walk to the stage with a smile on my face.

D7 Vince pov- it started like every other reaping a strong looking girl named falta was picked first she showed no emotion and looked like a fighter.but then I was picked I went on the stage and held back tears then was taking into the justice building

D8 Spencer pov- Me and Jessica are standing together hand in hand waiting for the reaping to finish soon so I can go home but the women on stage is dragging her 15 minutes of fame on to long.after about 30 minutes a former victor yells enough of this then pushes the escort out of the way and picks the female tribute Jessica Proper.jessica lets go of my hand and walks up to the stage.then wasting no time at all the victor picks the male and he calls my name I walk to the stage and when I get there I reach for Jessica's hand but she whispers not in front of the cameras.then we are brought in the justice building

D9 Brian pov- it was a very normal reaping a girl got reaped and her family cried none stop.then the boy I was picked but that was no shocker my name was in there 20 times I shake the crying girls hand and walk into the justice building.

D10 Lillica Pov- Everyone in d10 is pumped because the victor from the last games was from here.savannah being last years victor must chose the tributes for her district.savannah says good luck to everyone and picks the male tribute first Quincy Williams the boy walks to the stage acting tuff.then savannah picks the female she does not pick me but instead my best friend.she has no chance of winning she is weak.but I am not so I volunteer I walk to the stage and look at the people on stage Quincy is not crying I am not crying but savannah is.

D11 brynn pov- I have no one here at the reaping supporting mom is in bed sick and my brother is taking care of her.i know I will be reaped because I have my name in there so many times.the man on stage has been talking for ten minutes but I do not hear him he is very quiet.but he is very loud when he yells the girls name linana bowbridge.a good looking girl walks to the stage.then he calls out my shocker there I walk to the stage keep my eyes down and walk into the justice building

D12 Blythe pov- Me and my brother Grayson are stading next to each other the man on stage is Getting ready to pick the female.blythe smith. my brother shakes me I walk to the stage I look at the crowd they avoid my eyes. They then call the boy grason brother walks to the stage.i start to think I am strong enough to be a carrier but he is weak I must decide what to do stick with him or the carriers.

Training scores.

D1 female Amethyst demoir (9/12)

D1 male Garnet wilke (8/12)

D2 female Ellie twist (9/12)

D2 Male Draco Adams (10/12)

D3 female Sarah barkme (3/12)

Dead D3 male max voltair (7/12) dead

Dead D4 female katelynn Huxley (10/12) dead

D4 male Matt Alexander (9/12)

D5 female navy slyara (6/10)

Dead D5 male James killick (9/10) dead

D6 female Demi Campbell (8/12)

D6 male brann clatch (9/12)

d7 female falta kivery (8/12)

d7 male vince avietr (7/12)

Dead d8 female jessica proper (9/12) dead

Dead d8 male spencer holly (9/12) dead

d9 female daisy morals (8/12)

d9 male brian martin (8/12)

d10 female lillica daxina (10/12)

d10 male quincy williams (8/12)

d11 female linana bowbridge (8/12)

d11 male brynn mantis (6/12)

d12 female blythe smith (10/12)

d12 male grayson smith (7/12)

arena:the cournacopia on a large metal plate in a field of quick sand.the only way to get on the metal plate is to the right of the cornacopia is a large forest full of mutts.and to left of the cournacopia is a fresh water ocean

day 1

Draco pov-I am raised into a field with about fifty feet of grass then what looks like sand.but I know from training in district 2 that it is really quick sand.

Sarah pov- a mans voice is counting down 3,2,1 go and everyone is running except me I just stand there watching.the d8 boy is running the fastest when all of a sudden he falls he screams help the d8 girl runs over to him and trys to reach out to him but the d12 girl shoves her in the quick sand.

Amethyst pov-me and all the other carriers plus the d12 girl are at the cournacoupia looking for weapons but there are none just food water and tents.draco yells how do we kill without weapons.i turn to him and say we drown them in the we all go and grab someone I grab max and throw him in the quicksand and katelynn try's to grab lillica but she jumps out of the way and katelynn falls in the quick sand.

Blythe pov-I am looking for someone to push into the quick sand when I see my brother grayson he runs up to me and says lets go to the forest before the carriers see us I look at him and say I am a carrier.i punch him in the face he falls I grab his hair and start to pull him towards the quick sand

Lillica pov- I got some water and bread from the cournacoupia And start to run when i see the girl from d3 stading on her plate not moving.i run over to her and tell her to run she doesn't move.i turn to see Draco coming our way.i start to think that I can't leave this girl to die so I put her on my back and run to the woods.

Grayson pov-I am about five feet from the quick sand when I bite my sisters hand until there is blood.she lets go of me and screams I get up and run as fast as I can garnet try's to chase me but gives up when I make it to the woods.

Navy pov-I am tired of walking so I climb a tree and look at the sky waiting for the faces. When I hear feet running I look down and see my district partner James he is running very fast but trips.before he can get up I jump from my tree and land on his back.his back cracks and his canon fires I then climb my tree and sleep.

Matt pov- me and the other carriers are talking strategy when the faces apper in the sky d3 male,katelynn,d5 male,d8 girl and boy and that is it.ellie and Draco are talking to each other amethyst and garnet are also talking to each other.i turn to blythe but before I can say anything the trumpets sound a voice you may have noticed there are no weapons in this arena but that will soon change because tomorrow the cournacoupia will move into the middle of the Forrest and this time it will only have soon as he is finished talking we all stand up grab some food and water and walk towards the forest

After math: Carriers are making there way to the new cournacoupia site Lillica and Sarah are talking and decided to not go to the new cournacoupia Everyone else isby themselvs and making there way to the cournacoupia

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