Hi everyone I really want to make a games, so I'm going to try again I won't give up until these are over so please join.


Katniss was killed by Peeta at the end of the 74th hunger games, so the games have contiuned. 

Quarter Quell Twist

Every tribute before entering the games will be selected to fight one randomly selected tribute. The winner will then enter the arena. 


1. These games include the Capitol and District 13

2. Make your tributes interesting 

3. Give advice your odds will be MUCH better that way

4. If you are reading this you must enter a tribute

5. Reservations last only 24 hours

6. 3 tributes per user

7. $500 per user

8. I'm not really picky about the format but at least have the following:









District Gender name age weapon user
1 female Andrea Marahall 17 Knife, crossbow, Axe Prezziesnow9704:)!
1 male Pacster Chalmers 17 Sword, Throwing Knives Myworld
2 female Veronica Morderkaiser 18 Dagger PumPumPumpkin
2 male Kalmah XXIV 17 Machete, Sword icanhasnofriends
3 female Marina Zale 16 Trident, sword Alicerosewright
3 male Oskar Pacific 15 Sword, sickle Alicerosewright
4 female Oceania Seacrest 16 Trident xbillix
4 male Titanic Mage 18 Trident,Mace Lightstone123
5 female Rayven Kai 18 Bow, Katana Royaldoggie
5 male Magnas Velocity 18 Mace,Spear Lightstone123
6 female Thalia Wulf 15 Throwing axe  YourFavoriteSalmom
6 male  Twix Juniper 14 Shurikens PumPumPumpkin
7 female Mia Reeme 14 Throwing knives,bow Lexis2685
7 male Wario Wade 16  Dagger, Throwing Knives Myworld
8 female Davinia Parker 17 Throwing knives, axe  Xbillix
8 male Quantum Cleary 16  Throwing knives Socks6363
9 female Lylia Grainseed 13 Sickle YourFavoriteSalmon
9 male Brilord Talkov 18 Scythe, Sword, Knife,  Icanhasnofriends
10 female Alexandria Maydon 18 Slingshot, butcher's knife Xbillix
10 male Justice Reigns 17 Sword,Throwing Knives Lightstone123
11 female Lexi Greenway 14 Bow, mace ,and throwing knives  Lexis2685
11 male Peter Farnsworth 15 Slingshot Socks6363
12 female Katherine Marble 18 Knives,sword,crossbow Ccmoco5
12 male Blondin Ash 15 Shurikens, throwing knives Alicerosewright
13 female Ebony Cestrel 17 Sword,Scythe Royaldoggie
13 male Trent Greer 15 Throwing knives, spear Wesley3016
Capitol female Lulu Glades 14 Blowgun PumPumPumpkin
Capitol male Jaguar Taz 15 Teeth, bow Tehblakdeath 


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Crossbow: $150

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Katana: $150

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Shurikens (5) $225 

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125



Andrea Marahall (1),Pacster Chalmers (1),Veronica Morderkaiser (2)&Titanic Mage (4),


Wario Wade (7),Davinia Parker (8),Peter Farnsworth (11) & Katherine Marble (12)

Capitol and Disrtict 6 Alliance:

Lulu Glades (C),Jaguar Taz (C) & Twix Juniper (6)

District 3, 11 and 13 Alliance

Marina Zale (3), Oskar Pacific (3), Lexi Greenway (11) & Trent Greer (13)

District 4 and 10 Alliance

Oceania Seacrest (4) & Alexandria Maydon


Kalmah Xxiv (2),Magnas Velocity (5), Quantum Cleary (8),Blondin Ash (12)


Capitol: Lulu Glades

 I watch the look of the prison guard as he points his gun at me and my fellow prisoners. His eyes look mad as if to say "I'd kill you all right now if I was allowed" while the warden of the prison gives us the annual speech about how if we try to harm anyone at the reaping we will be killed. It's kinda funny really how us prisoners are locked away for killing when every year they put some dumb kids my age into a arena to fight to the death.

  However this year it will not be just some dumb weakling entering the arena to fight, This year I will be going in to change my current status from prisoner to victor. It's not really my fault that I'm a prisoner. I was pushed over the edge and lost it. I killed over twenty kids my own age so the games shouldn't be that hard.

  Before I know it we are on the prison bus headed to the Presidents mansion. The Capitol reaping is always held here so the president doesn't have to go far. He's a real idiot and I know for a fact that he wants to make these games good because the last few have been so boring. By the time we get there the place is packed me and my fellow prisoners get our blood taken and stand in the group of girls all while being chained together and wearing orange jump suites.

  After a few moments the escort of the Capitol Holly Pop comes to the stage. She won the games two years back and they were really boring. But she's still very popular, that just shows you how any victor can get what they want which is why I need to volunteer. Holly gives the normal speech and Goes to pick the female tribute.

"Sarah-" before she can even finish I scream "I volunteer!!!" A guard comes to unlock me from the chains and I make my way confidently to the stage.

"Hello dear what's your name?" Holly says.

"Lulu Glades" I reply.

"That's a nice costume you have" she says talking about my prison uniform, "Who designed it?"

"It's a prison jumpsuit, you idiot " I reply. The audience laughs and Holly looks embarassed, so she quickly picks the male tribute.

"Jaguar Taz" she says the boy makes his way to the stage and shakes my hand.

"So you ever killed anyone?" he asks quietly.

“Yes” I reply.

“ME TOO.” He says we should be ally's, even though he kinda seems crazy I accept and we are quickly whisked away to the training center.

District 1: Andrea Marahall


I sit in my kitchen looking at a picture of my sister. She was so beautiful and full of life but sadly she contracted a rare disease and died. I start my morning off like this, remembering my little sister then going to my neighbours house to eat breakfast with her. We normally talk about happy things that keep my mind off my sister but since today is the day of the reaping and I plan on volunteering I want to say a goodbye to her, as I may never see her again.

I walk to my neighbours home and see her working on her garden. "Well good morning Andrea" she says cheerfully, "lovely day isn't it?" 

"Yes" I respond, but she can tell something's off and gives me a quizzical look.

"You're planing on volunteering aren't you?" I slowly shake my head and she begins to cry. She wraps her hands around me in a warm embrace and to my surprise I feel myself begging to cry.

"Promise me you'll win" she tells me.

"I will" I say for you and my sister. Our hug lasts a few more seconds then she wishes me luck and I'm on my way to the reaping. By the time I get there the place is packed and people everywhere have looks of excitement. I look to the stage as our escort Ben Nowe takes the stage. He gives us the normal speech about the games then reminds us of the Quell twist. Only 14 tributes will actually enter the arena the other 14 will die in one on one battles. Ben wraps up the speech and asks for a female volunteer.

 "I VOLUNTEER" I scream along side fifty other girls. Ben examines the crowd and picks me I quickly join him on stage and the crowd goes wild they love me and they don't even know my name yet!

"What's your name dear?" Ben asks

"Andrea Marahall" 

"Well Andrea, let's pick you male counterpart! Any volunteers?" Ben asks at least fifty boys raise there hands and tell for Ben's attention. He picks a boy with blonde hair and tanned skin the boy quickly runs to the stage and Ben asks for his name "Pacster Chalmers" he replies with a giant smile on his face.

Ben takes the microphone and yells, "Give it up for your tributes Pacster Chalmers, and Andrea Marahall!" The crowd chants our names and we are taken to the train soon after.

===District 2: Kalmah Xxiv===

Now your best bet to win these games is to ally with the careers" My father tells me. He's a high ranking Peace Keeper and thinks he can tell me how to play the games.


"I'm not going to ally with them They'll make me weaker". My father rolls his eyes and let's out a grunt.

"Well it's you're funeral" he says then walks off. Screw him I'll win these games and show him that I know what I'm doing! I leave my house without saying goodbye to anyone and make my way to the reaping. I show up early and hardly anyone is here. After a half hour the place is packed and the escort Cameron Dunn takes the stage.

ello district 2!" The audience goes wild but I remain silent Cameron is a idiot and I pretend that he's a good escort. "So district 2 this year only half the tributes will enter the actual arena so let's pick some strong tributes!"

The audience goes wild and Cameron walks towards the male bowl but I scream at the top of my lungs "I VOLUNTEER" I walk up to the stage and Cameron try's to shake my hand but I ignore him and act like he's not there.

"Well that got awkward" Ben says and the audience laughs. I won't let him make a fool of me!!! I quickly run towards him but a peace keeper throws me to the floor. I look up to see my father. He then takes his baton and hits me over the head and I black out.

I wake up on a plush train and look around sitting across from me is a victor from a good few years back she's quite popular. Sitting next to her is a girl with long black hair who looks exactly like the victor. The girl see's me starring at her.

"My names Veronica Moderkaiser and I'll be leading the careers this year" she says with a evil grin.

"Well have fun with that because I'm not joining." With that I stand up walk away thinking about killing her with every step I take. |Oskar Pacific "It's reaping day" I say to my father who sits across the kitchen table from me. My father doesn't look up but continues to eat his cereal. I know he doesn't care about me but reaping day is the worst day of the year he can at least act like he cares about my well being on a day like this. "Do you even love me?" I say to my father. He continues to stare down at his food and looks up at me after a moment. "It was your mother's job to love." He says with out a hint of compassion for my feelings. I feel my eyes begin to tear up so I get up and walk out of the house I walk around town avoiding the reaping until I absolutely have to go. Several thought fill my head. Would getting reaped be a bad thing?, Does my mom watch me from heaven? And worst of all do I even love my family? Soon it's almost 12 and I force myself to show up at the reaping. I get my blood taken and the escort takes the stage. Her name is Katie Biles and she's a complete idiot. Last year she showed up in a dress made out of food while standing in front of a crowd of starving people. Needless to say she not popular here. "Hello everyone" Katie says with out a smile on her face. "This year is a Quell and I sincerely hope that District 3 gets a victor this year". She sounds board as if she already know we won't win. "Well let's pick our lucky female" Katie picks a name out of the bowl and reads it out loud. "Marina Zale". A beautiful girl walks up to the stage and stars shouting at the top of her lungs. She may be beautiful but I think she's crazy. "And out make tribute is" Katie says as she pulls out a boys name. "Oskar Pacific". Wow I don't think I'd actually get reaped. I walk to the stage and take my place next to Marina who is still screaming. "So anything you want to say to anyone watching?" Katie says to me. "Well.....I guess I have to die at some point...." I say "Very true!" Katie says like a idiot. Katie then walks me and Marina to the train. I'm glad I don't get to say goodbye to my family. Because I know they wouldn't show up....and that would kill me.

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