ok so i have been trying to start a series of games but i never get enough this will be my last try.if i get enough i will write more though.

introduction:coins grand child has restarted the hunger games 10 years after they ended.And as punishment for killing her grndmother coins grandchild has decided to make these games very fun...

twist: 12 People who competed in either the 74th hunger or 75th hunger games will compete against 12 newbies.and for even more fun the tributes can be the same if cato is the district 2 favorite then the newbie can also be male or female your choice.


1.if you want a favorite just comment with the name of the favorite.

2.$500 per tribute

3.four tributes per user

4.please join

5.give your tributes advice

fawn/favorite district name supplies needs money user
fan 1 noah everest spear,water,bread


favorite 1 marvel
Raven HG
fan 2 emma manson
favorite 2 cato Raven HG
fan 3 edwin bordes
favorite 3 beetee
fan 4 morolith dmitry YoungGuy5
favorite 4 finnick
fan 5 ashley light A random person who likes hunger games
favorite 5 foxface
fan 6 Flame Dire
favorite 6 female morphling
fan 7 Raven Mockingjay axe,knife,sword,tent,water,bread $150
Raven HG
favorite 7 johanna axe,water,bread $400 FrostSnake
fan 8 John Madrick
favorite 8 cecelia awl,insta heal water,bread $150 ViniciusDeAssis1999
fan 9 Jonathan Magas
favorite 9 gale
fan 10 Sophie Charlotte ViniciusDeAssis1999
favorite 10 peeta
fan 11
favorite 11 rue
fan 12 Emily Wintercrest FrostSnake


12 katniss
Raven HG

yes gale and peeta are not from 9 or 10 but to bad no one was frome there anyway



water $50

bread $50


spear $200

trident $400

axe $150

throwing knives (5) $150

bow $150

arrows $150

awl $100

knife $100

wire $200

sword $300


tent $50

insta heal $400


noah's pov:

i couldnt sleep at all because this was the day of the district 1 reaping and i was going to voulnteer.My mom asked me not to but i knew i had to.Just think i will be put into a arena with some of most ruthless killers the games have ever seen.As i left my house i kissed my mom on the cheek.I saw it in her eyes she knew what i was going to do.

I arrived at the reaping and got a front row seat.after everyone showed up the escort came on stage and gave us a speech about how luckey we are to live in this great nation.Then she said it was time to pick are first and only tribute.because there are only one tribute from each district the boys and girls bowls where mixed together in one bowl.the escort put her hand in and picked a slip but before she could read it everyone yelled i voulnteer.the escort locked eyes with me and said you front row.i walked up to the stage and she asked what my name was.Noah Everest i said well noah i dont know if you know this but the fan from the district gets to choose the faviorte that they will compete aginst.then out of nowhere marvel,glimmer,cashmere and gloss apere on pick the faviort you will play aginst.I wont pick gloss or cashmere because they won once and i wont pick glimmer because i dont trust her.Marvel i say out loud the escort takes marvels and my hand and raises it in the air and says the district 1 tributes the crowd goes crazy.Me and marvel then head to the train

the games day 1

Johannahs pov:

I cant believe i am going back into the freaking games i mean i already did this twice!!!

emmas pov:

I say good bye to my stylist and get raised into the arena.I look around in front of me is the cournacopia farther behind that is a large My left is a forest to my right is a desert and behind me is a swamp.Then i focus on the cournacopia.there are weapons food and water everywhere

johns pov:

As soon as the countdown ends i am running i grab a knife and aim it at Raven and throw it but he moves out of the way and it gets beetee in the chest.then i grab a bag and run

Catos pov:

I want revenge on katniss so bad.I want to be the one to kill her.But i dont see her so i go after the next best thing Peeta.i sneek up behind him and grab him he tries to grab a awl but he cant reach it.He then screams out katniss's name and she looks over.

Katniss pov:

I look over and see cato snap peeta's neck.I stand there in shock i cant believe it.Then Gale runs over to me and says "we need to go now" all i can say to that is peeta.Then gale looks me in the eyes and says Peeta is dead he does not matter any more.That made me snap i grabed a bow and hit gale in the head over and over agine.

morolith pov:

I caught the district 11 fan and rue and stabed them with my trident.I then head back to the cournacopia. and listen to the canons.only 5 but that does not matter because tomorrow i will hunt everyone down and kill them one by one.


Everyone from district 1,2 and 4 are at the cournacopia

Johanna and Raven are together in the forest sophie is also in the forest but by herself

Female morphling and Flame are togehter in the swamp emily is also there but by herself

cecelia,katniss,john and johnathan are by themselves in the mountain

edwin and ashley have formed a alliance and are in the desert foxface is also in the desert but by herself

and anyone that got a kill gets $50 bucks

Emmas pov:

I think it is about two a.m.I am on guard but i know i have to leave so i grab my bow and arrows and run to the edge of the woods i turn and see if i have a clear shoot at anyone.Sadley i only have a shot at Marvel so i let my arrow fly and it lands straight in Marvels chest.I then turn and run deep into the woods

raven pov:

I know i must kill Johanna so i grab my axe and turn to see johanna holding her axe.We look each other in the eyes waiting to see who will make the first move.But insted of fighting johanna just says 'even when you picked me at the reaping i knew you where a loser.I mean you are a wimp i could rip you to shreds'. That made me snap i ran at her and swined my axe at her.But she ducked at kicked my legs out from under me.I am up quick and know that she is to tough so i run as fast as i can and dont stop running.

Cecelia pov:

I found a nice little cave in the mountain.It is warm and nice i am about to fall asleep when i hear a noise ouside the cave i grab my awl and crawl to the front of the cave i peek outside and see john walking around.I jump out and kick him in the jaw.He then falls and i take my awl and stab him in the head with it.I am here to win i think to myself and no newbie or fauvorite can stop me

Ashley pov:

Me and edwin are talking when the faces come up in the sky marvel and john only two kills which brings the death toll to seven.But my mind stops when i hear a noise in the bush noah,cato,morolith and finnick jump out they grab edwin but i get up and run someone throws a spear but me but misses. then from behind me i hear not Emma but almost as good.


noah,cato,morolith and finnick are at the cournacopia

female morphling and flame have let emily join there alliance

katniss is in forest emma is close to her johanna is on the other end of the forest flame is in the middle of the forest near sophie anf raven

ashley is in the desert near foxface

cecelia is near the bottom of the mountain and johnathan is near the top

Cecelia pov:

i start to head down the mountain and towards the forest.i look back at the mountain and see Johnathan heading down the mountain to

Sophie pov:

I am in the forest with female morphling,emily,cecelia,flame,johanna,emma and are preparing for the attack on the carriers.We go over the plan one last time then head to th cournacopia

Noah pov:

The carriers and i are chlling at the cournacopia when johnathan and raven come running out of the forest with there arms in the air they come over to us and explain that we are going to be attacked.then as soon as they finnish a arrow comes flying from the woods and goes straight into morolith head.

female morphling pov:

As soon as morolith dies all hell brakes loose.Cato and Noah take a spear each and throw it.Catos goes into Emilys head.noahs lands straight in emmas leg she takes her insta heal and puts it on her leg.Thats when everyone rushes the cournacpia.

Johnathan pov:

a knife goes straight by my side.i need a better weapon so i run into the cournacopia and open a unopen crate.And inside i see a granade!!!!!!

Finnick pov:

I am fighting off Flame and Female morphling when i see Johnathan.And in his hand he has a granade.He then throws the granade.And johanna screams RUN everyone stops fighting and runs.I check famale morphling to the ground .She grabes my leg and i fall.Then the gernade goes off then there was nothing.

Foxface pov:

There where five deaths today and i havent seen anyone today.I am about to fall asleep when the trumpets sound.And a voice comes over the arena.and it says "due to these games being so popular we are making a rule change.if the only people left are favorites then they win but if the only people left are fans then they these games are about to get fun


foxface and ashley are by themselves in the desert

johanna is with ceciela in the mountains cato is also there but by himself noah is also there but by himself

emma is by herself in the forest raven is close by katniss is also in the forest high in a tree

sophie johnathan and raven are by theselves in the swamp

ashley pov:

I look at the never ending desert and woonder how much longer until i get my mentors advice.Then i start to cry i have no advice,no food and no one to keep me occupied thats when i hear the footsteps.its foxface but i dont fight her i just let her finish me off.boom.

emma pov;

i am walking through the forest looking for any favouites to kill when i see katniss high in a tree when i take my bow and shoot her in the chest she falls from the tree and her canon sounds

sophie pov:

I am along in the swamp when i hear footsteps so i take my knife and throw it.then i look and see i got johnathan in the stomach with and knife shit shit shit i killed a fan.he looks at me and i see it in his etes pure hate he takes his spear and throws it nto my body i fall and our canons sound.boom boom

noah pov:

three deaths 2 fans and 1 favorite.things are not looking good for me.but then i hear the trumpets.good day tributes there is another rule change.if there are the same number of fans and favorites then the games end.ok i think to myself now i can win this.

last day

cecila pov:

everyone but foxface has met at the cournacopia.and it is kinda akward.raven and johanna dont like each other.cato and noah hate emma and then there is me who kinda did'nt piss anyone off exept maybe john.

johanna pov;

we are all walking toward the desert where foxface is when i hear a hissing noise to my left.i look over quickley and see a large snake.i dont say anything to the others because it might bite me.but emma turns and screams the snake then jumps up and bites her throat she falls on the grond dead.Cato then jumps at ceclia knowing 2 favouites must die now.but cecelia fights back.i then run up with axe in hand and throw it at one of them.

foxface pov:

2 canons but the games are not over so i lie down when and pair of hands grbs my arms.a other set of arms grabs my legs.look look around and see johanna holding my arm,noah holding my legs and raven an cecila picking out a sharp knife raven then picks a knife and puts it in my heart

noah pov:

foxface is dead we win i yell.i start to celabrate but then notice none of the others are they all look sad.


Noah went back home and married a victor from a later games they had 2 kids named after cashmere and gloss.

cecelia went back to her kids and lived a sad yet happy life.

raven went back to district 7 and became mayor.he latter had a daughter named robyn

johanna married a man from district 3 and had no kids

name district killed by
beetee 3 John Madrick
peeta 10 Cato
gale 9 Katniss
d11 fan 11 morolith dmitry
rue 11 morolith dmitry
marvel 1 emma manson
john madrick 8 cecelia
edwin bordes 3 noah everest
morolith dmitry 4 emma manson
emily wintercrest 12 cato
female morphling 6 johnathan magas
finnick 4 johnathan magas
flame dire 6 johnathan magas
ashley light 5 foxface
katniss 12 emma manson
sophie charlotte 10 johnathan magas
johnathan magas 9 sophie charlotte
emma manson 2 snake
cato 2 johanna
foxface 5 raven mockingjay
victor victor noah everest
victor victor johanna
victor victor raven mockingjay
victor victor cecelia

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