Coins grand child steps on to the stage with a evil smile on her face.she walks up to a podium and pulls a envelope out of her pocket and reads the contents out to the country.Over the course of the games we have had great victors that did not compete in the 74th or 75th hunger games.and we are brining them back to life to compete against 12 new tributes.she then walks off the stage while everyone in the country grabs there child and hopes that they won't face a past victor.


12 fans will face 12 favorites from a past game until there is only 1 tribute left.

Rules:(may change)

1. 2 tributes per user

2. 1 fan and 1 favorite each

3. Original tributes have a better chance of winning

4. Better advice will likely result in your tribute going far

5. $500 per tribute

6. All favorites must have not have been mention in the the hunger games series

Tribute template

1. Name

2. Age

3. District

4. Personalty

5: backstory

6: appearance

7: alliance

(8,9 are for favorites only)

8: game won

9: how they won


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