Hello everyone as you may know i attempted to create my own games a month ago but sadly my computer broke and I had to cancel. I now have a working laptop and am excited to start my own series! Please sign up i may do training and other things please join!


Katniss won the 74th Hunger games by killing Peeta in the final two. Thus the games never ended.


1. These games include the Capitol and District 13

2. Make your tributes interesting 

3. Give advice your odds will be MUCH better that way

4. If you are reading this you must enter a tribute

5. Reservations last only 24 hours

6. 3 tributes per user

7. $500 per user

8. I'm not really picky about the format but at least have the following:






Backstory: (Optional but good to have)



District Gender Name Age Weapon User
1 Male Konami Aretino 14 Trident,Teeth,Hand to hand Tehblakdeath
1 Female Trinity Mace 17 Knife,Mace Yourfavoritesalmon
2 Male Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya 17 Throwing knives,Trident Tehblakdeath
2 Female Realy Cooper 15 Throwing knives,Crossbow Lexis2685
3 Male Johnathan Tessly 17 Axe  Baz-turadan
3 Female Anna Tessly 13 Mace,Spear Baz-turadan
4 Male Allan Seashore 17 Trident,Sword,Dagger Yourfavoritesalmon
4 Female Purity Knight 17 Throwing knives, Sword icanhasnofriends
5 Male Blade Spectrus 14 Spear,Knife,Sword Tehblakdeath
5 Female Claide Allfall 16 Throwing knives, Bow and arrow Lemoneyedragon
6 Male Matthew Haper 13 Throwing knives,Bow and arrow Lexis2685
6 Female Mill Haper 13 Throwing knives,Crossbow Lexis2685
7 Male Wario Wade 16 Dagger, Throwing knives Myworld
7 Female Amity Rose 14 Throwing ax and Dagger Pippycat
8 Male Yoshi Hoilday 14 Sword, Throwing knives Myworld
8 Female Lacey Despin 12 Bow and arrow, Slingshot Pippycat
9 Male Carson Johansen 16 Sickle,Scythe RossinSA
9 Female Dedenne Rėunee 16 Katana Yoonie
10 Male Sebastian Keefe 18 Sword,Sickle Yourfavoritesalmon
10 Female Raven Night 12 Dagger WongPongSoup
11 Male Ajax Emerson 17 Sword FrostyFire
11 Female Leporis Orchard 15 Knife, Traps Xbilliex
12 Male Falk Avian 13 Bow and arrow Yoonie
12 Female Amor Rune 13 Sickle FrostyFire
13 Male Odin Amarth 18 Spear icanhasnofriends
13 Female Amber Burn 13 Bow and arrow,Spear Pippycat
Capitol Male Lyssander Ghan 12 Sword Yoonie
Capitol Female Camellia Theacea 12 Pickaxe  PumPumPumpkin


Careers: Trinity (1), Akumai (1), Realy (2), Akumai (2), Purity (4), Allan (4) & Odin (13)

Amity's Alliance: Anna (3), Johnathan (3) Amity (7),Lacey (8) & Amber (13)

District 5 & 9 alliance: Blade (5) & Carson (9)

Ajax's Alliance: Ajax (11) & Lyssander (C)

Loners: Yoshi (8), Raven (10), Leporis (11), Amor (12) & Camellia (C)


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Crossbow: $150

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Katana: $150

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Pickaxe: (Weapon and for climbing) $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Shurikens (5) $225 

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125

User Tribute 1 Tribute 2 Tribute 3

Anna Tessly



Ajax Emerson


Amor Rune



Purity Knight



Claide Allfall



Realy Cooper


Matthew Haper



Yoshi Hoilday $450

Pippycat Amity Rose $550

Lacey Despin



Camellia Theacea



Carson Johansen



Konami Aretino



Raven Night



Leporis Orchard



Dedenne Rėunee


Falk Avian


Lyssander Ghan



Allan Seashore


Sebastian Keefe



District 6: Mill Haper

"Was it scary when you were reaped?" i ask my older brother Matthew as we walk towards the reaping area. He was reaped a few years back and someone voulnteered for him.

"I guess" Matthew Grunts "He did it so quickly i barley had time to process what was happening. 

Before i can comment on how greatful i am that he didnt go into the games we arrive at the reaping area. I give Matthew a hug and get my blood taken. I then slowly walk to the thirteen year old girl section and stand next to a girl who is biting her nails. 

"Are you nervous" i ask her.

She puts her hand down slowly and stares into my eyes then begins to bite her nails again. I guess shes not a talker.

I turn my attention to the stage where Doug are escort takes the stage. Alot of people hate him but i think hes pretty cool. He has all gold teeth and always finishes the reaping quickly. He zips through the introduction and puts his hand in the reaping bowl and pulls out the first slip he touches. 

"Mill Haper" He says calmly. I freeze how could i be reaped? I slowly walk to the stage hoping someone will voulnteer but no one does. I mount the stage and stare out into the crowd. I find Matthew and he seems to be lost in his thoughts. 

"Now lets reap a boy" Doug says he reaches into the bowl but before he can pick a slip someone screams "I voulnteer!"  I find my own brother coming towards the stage. I run towards him and we hug. I cant belive he did that. Then Doug concludes the reaping and we are taken to the train station

Train Ride

District 7:Wario Wade

I fall to the ground as soon as i enter the train. I release all the tears that were building up inside of me. I was just reaped for the games and will face death. Even if i do manage to win i would have to kill other kids. And do i really want that?

My district partner Amity Picks me up off the floor and embraces me in a hug. Her golden locks tickle against my cheeks.

"I'm sorry that happened to you" she whispers and then walks away.

I spend the next hour or so collecting myself when my mentor calls me into the main area. Amity is already there eating a donut that looks like it has glitter on it.

"The reaping recaps are about to start and i want you two to pay close attention. These people could be your allys or your killer so learn everything you can about them." My mentors words make me feel uneasy as the thought of some teenager killing me makes me want to vomit 

Amity must tell im nervous because she sympathetically Places her hand on my arm and smiles warmly. Then the Television turns on and the reaping recap begins

District 1 of course offers two amazing tributes. The girl Trinity Voulnteers and the crowd goes crazy. She looks amazing and i can tell she will be a Capitol favorite. Then a boy with blue hair named Konami voulnteers he is beaming with joy and promises to bring glory to district 1.

District 2 offers up a beautiful girl named Reily who i can tell has trained for this moment. Then the boy Akumai  voulnteers and says his name real name is Akumai but everyone must call him  Tenshin or else he'll kill them. "I think hes tring to look tough" My mentor grunts

District 3 Has a little girl named Anna get reaped and her twin brother Jonathan voulnteers so he can help her win.

District 4's reaping is very fun to watch. As the beautiful ocean is in the back ground makes everything so beautiful and then the two voulnteers Purity and Allan are stunningly beautiful.

District 5's tributs Blade and Claide are very awkward. Claide refuses to speak and Blade just makes durty looks and the peacekeepers 

District 6 has a brother sister duo like district 6. Matthew the older brother holds his sister Mill while she cries. I can tell she wont go far unless she gets her act together

My District, District 7 shows me getting reaped as i keep my emotions under check. Im so thankful i did'nt cry. I notice they edit Amitys reaping so insted of saying "I fucking hate the capitol" she now just smiles.

District 8's boy Yoshi makes me feel very uncomfortable as he just stands there with a evil grin. I dont think much of the girl Lacey but i hear Amity mutter "I like her".

District 9 has very promising tributes. Carson seems like a normal guy but i can tell hes smart. The girl Dedenne is very beautiful and if either of them make a good alliance could do well.

District 10's boy Sebastian just stands on stage looking into the crowd looking very angry while the girl Raven is very happy and even gives the escort and Sebastian a hug.

everyone in District 11 looks like they want to be somewhere else. They first reap a huge boy named Ajax who looks like he could rip me in half with his hands. The girl Leporis gets laughed at when she gets reaped and pwople in the crowd call her a dirty mute.

District 12 reaps a very quiet girl who only mutter a thank you to the crowd when they show the District 12 sign of respect. And the boy Falk manages to smile and even make a joke. He will without a doubt be a favorite from the outer districts.

District 13' Girl Amber cries about never seeing her cat again while the boy Odin looks tough and excited.

Then finally the Capitol reaps two Twelve year olds who both look like they stand a chance. 

after the reapings end i go to my room and think of the other tributes. One thing is for sure if im going to win this i better become okay with the idea of being a monster or else i'm dead


The cournacopia is on a open field full of four leaf clovers. to the north of the cournacopia is a large mountain that goes into the clouds. To the east of the cournacopia is a beauiful beach with a beach house and giant sand castle. To the west of the cournacopia is a large forest with many diffent types of animals. And to the south of the cournacopia is a very snowy area that has many igloos 

The Games: Day One Bloodbath

Carson Johansen: District 9

I sit awkwardly with my stylest waiting to be called into the tube that will take me to the arena. Im scared that i'll die but i wont give up until i cant go on any longer.

"Tributes please enter the tubes."

I give my stylist a hug and go into the tube. I stand there for ten seconds then i begin to rise. The sun is blinding and then the countdown begins.


Realy Cooper: District 2


I look around the arena and find four very different enviorments. A ocean,Forest, Mountain and a very snowy looking place. But none of that matters i'm a career and i wont even have to leave the cournacopia!


Raven Night: District 10

Im so happy my ally Sebastian (10) is only two pedastals down from me, we'll meet up then run straight into the fight for supplies. I just hope i survive.


Allan Seashore: District 4

The countdown is almost over so i get into a sprinting position.

"5,4,3,2,1 BOOM"

I quickly jump off my pedastal and run straight for a trident i see in the cournacopia i swiftly pick it up and chuck it at the first person i see. Luckly it enters Wario (7) chest. He falls to the ground and stops breathing. Yes! I got the first kill. 

I pull the trident out of him and go to find another kill.

Amity Rose: District 7

"Ok John (3) you need to grab food, Amber (13) You grab weapons. I'll cover you both." I say as we run together into the bloodbath. 

I see a axe lying on the ground and reach down for it when i hear a weak cry. i turn quickly to see Trinity (1) standing over Amber with her bloddy mace in hand.

Before I can even think my axe leaves my hand and flys into her head. She falls down dead and i feel like crying but John (3) grabs my arm and we run To where Anna (3) and Lacey (8) are. We then run straight for the mountain and hear cries and screams from behind us.

Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya: District 2

I grab Throwing knives out of a crate and turn to see Purity (4) fighting with Matthew (6) she's holding her own in the fight and i dont bother helping her. 

I hear a crying sound and turn to see Mill (6) crying behind a crate. I quickly run towards her and stab her in the heart. She falls over and lets out a few quick breaths then stops breathing all together. 

I hear Purity (4) scream and see Matthew (6) push her to the ground. He then runs towards me and punches me in the face. He does it again and again until i see only black.

Camellia Theacea: Capitol

Everyone is starting to clear out i see Sebastian (10) and Raven (10) run towards the forest.  Dedenne (9) is being chased towards the snowy zone  where i saw Yoshi (8) go a moment ago. 

I'm about to leave when i see Falk (12) running towards the beach. I chase after him with my pickaxe in hand. I'm going to get him.

Post Bloodbath

Dedenne Reunee: District 9

I cant believe how bad the bloodbath was for me. I got a piece of plastic and a loaf of bread. And to make things worse Konami (1) and Odin (13) Chased me into the ice area. The one place i didnt want to go!


Wow only five people died. i wonder who they were.

Lyssander Ghan: Capitol

Me and Ajax did very well in the bloodbath we got alot of supplies and did'nt even get a scratch. We then moved our way to the forest area and Ajax (11) started to work on our shelter.

"Do you ever stop working?" I ask and we both laugh.

"Not until everything's done" he says and i laugh again. I hope we stick together for a longtime. Because i know if he turned on me i would'nt be able to stop him. But for now i dont think he will.

Sebastian Keefe: District 10

Raven and I made our way towards the mountian and found a cave. Its our new home and i'm happy not alone.

"Who do you think died?" I ask Raven (10)

"Hopefully those god damn careers" she yells.

Ravens a bit strange but I know she wont turn on me. I then close my eyes and fall asleep.

Falk Avain: District 12

I collapse onto a bed i found in the beach house. I cant believe they actually put a house into the arena. This is a pretty pleasent surprise, 

I'm about to drift off when out of the courner of my eye i see a small girl outside the house. 

I think it's that girl from the Capitol but i cant be sure. I dont feel like killing her right now so i lock the door and try to go to sleep.

Yoshi Holiday: District 8

The igloo i found is nice and warm. It has a fireplace and a sleeping bag. 

I'm about to go to sleep when the anthum begins. The first two faces  in the sky is Trinity and  Tenshin i'm glad they are dead they were big threats. Mill and Wario follow after that then Amber. 

Only five deaths? And two of them were careers. I'm starting to think i can win this but it will take alot of work.

Day 2: Damn Careers 

Raven Night: District 10

I carefully and quietly dip my darts in some poison I found in the cornucopia while searching the mountains for a tribute to fight. I could have brought my ally Sebastian (10) with me but i really dont want to see him in any sort of danger because he is very special to me.

I continue down a very step mountain path when i see in the distance four tributes. I believe they are all asleep and defenseless. Its the perfect time to strike. i prop myself up on a rock and take aim on the neck of a tribute and fire a dart.

The dart hits dead on the neck and the boy i hit jumps up and lets out a scream. Now that hes standing i can see its John (3). His screaming wakes his alliance and i slowly crawl away. I hear John (3) stop screaming then a canon booms. BOOM

Claide Allfall: District 5

I awake from a nightmare about  the boy from district 7 dying by the sound of a canon. The sun has'nt even rised and yet the other tributes have already begun to kill. I guess i should go on the hunt too.

I begin to walk the beach when i come across a beach house i begin to wonder if i should enter when i hear the sound of a object coming straight from behind. I barly have time to think before a throwing knife enters my shoulder. I scream in pain and turn to see the careers about fifty feet away. 

"Cant handle a little pain?" Konami (1) yells at me. All the other careers laugh at his joke as I run straight for the beach house. I reach the door and try to open it. Damn it its locked!

I hear them coming closer and i begin to beat the door down Odin (13) is walks staright towards me and begins to pull a dagger out of his belt while the other careers stand back enjoying the show.

I give one last push on the door but it does'nt give. I turn to face Odin and excepect death but insted i hear the door open from behind me and the sound of someone shooting a arrow. The arrow connects with Odin's chest and he falls backwards.BOOM. Someone then pulls me to my feet and pushs me inside the beach house.

To my surprise  Falk (12) stands before me. "Why did you save my life?" 

"I need a ally,Those damn careers would have checked out the beach house after they killed you so I thought it was a smart thing to do."

"I Guess i shrug." I can hear the careers yelling outside "they want us dead." I mumur 

"They are going to have a hell of a fight ahead of them this place is locked down tight."

This brings me little comfort but for now it will have to do.

Ajax Emerson: District 11

I walk along the forest when i come across a berry bush that i reconize from back home. I begin to pick the berries when i let my mind drift back to my past. I don't like to think about it that much but I do from time tot time.

Just as i finish picking the last berry i hear a scream from my ally Lyssander (C) I drop everything and run towards our camp where he was sleeping. By the time i get there Carson (9) and Bladfe (5) Have Lyssander on the ground and are about to stab him. I wont allow them to hurt him!

I jump at Blade and get him on the ground. He yells for help but Carson is Unable to move. I swiftly crack Blade's neck and he goes limp. BOOM.

The canon puts Carson into action and he runs away. Lyssander hugs me and begins to cry. 

"I was so scared". He whimpers.

"Dont worry i wont let anyone hurt you". I say as i hug him tightly.

Konami Aretino: District 1

I cant believe that girl from five actually managed to get away from us careers! I cant believe that boy from twelve actually helped her. 

"It was stupid for him to help her." I say to the other careers. 

"I cant wait to get my hands on Claide." Purity mutters.

"Well you can do that until we find a way in." Allan says with a hint of anger.

"I say we just burn the place down." Realy says calmly.

"No lets wait to see what our mentors tell us to do." Purity states.

That sounds like a very good plan. I close my eyes and begin to dirft off to sleep imagining my life once i become victor.

Camellia Theacea: The Capitol 

Early this morning i had been plaining on killing the boy in the beach house. But i heard the careers coming ao i quickly crawled under the patio of the house and have been here since. Its getting very uncomfortable but i dont dare move as i can hear the careers speaking just a few feet away. They are saying things like "burn the house down" Which scares me. I dont want to be burned alive.

The anthem begins to play and i can see the faces in the sky through a crack in the padio. First up is John from three. I did'nt really know him well but i hope his sister is doing okay. Next up is Blade from five followed by Odin from thirteen. Odin actually died right above me which was the scariest moment of my life. 

I sit in silence for awhile thinking of ways to get out of here. One thing is for sure if im going to get out of here i"m going to have to take someone out.

Status Chart

Name Items Allys Location
Konami Aretino (1) Trident,Net,Knife,Bread,Water Realy (2),Allan (4) & Purity (4)   Beach
Realy Cooper (2) Throwing Knives,Shurikens,Bread,Water Konami (1),Allan (4) & Purity (4)  Beach
Anna Tessly (3) Knife,Sleeping bag,Dagger Amity (7) & Lacey (8) Mountain
Allan Seashore (4) Trident (2),Pain killers,Mace,Bread,Water Konami (1),Realy (2) & Purity (4)  Beach
Purity Knight (4) Throwing Knives,Katana,Bread,Watere Konami (1),Realy (2),Allan (4) & Odin (13) Beach
Claide Allfall (5) Bow,Arrows (12) Falk (12) Beach

Matthew Haper (6)

Sword NA Snow area
Amity Rose (7) Axe,Paddles,Bread Anna (3) & Lacey (8) Mountain
Yoshi Hoilday (8) Night vision glasses,Rope,Slingshot,Rocks (10),Water,Bread NA Igloo
Lacey Despin (8) Mace,Water,Bow,Arrows (12) John (3),Anna (3) & Amity (7) Mountain
Carson Johansen (9) Spile,Snowshoes NA Forest
Dedenne Rėunee (9) Piece of plastic,Bread NA Snow Area
Sebastian Keefe (10) Sword,Bread,Water,Matches Raven (10) Mountain
Raven Night (10) Poison,Darts (12),Blowgun Sebastian (10) Mountain
Ajax Emerson (11) Spear,Bread,Neosporin Lyssander (C) Forest
Leporis Orchard (11) Throwing knives (3),Water,Sword NA Forest
Falk Avian (12) Crossbow,Arrows (12),Water Claide (5) Beach House
Amor Rune (12) Sickle,Bread NA Beach
Lyssander Ghan (C) Sword,Blowgun,Bread Ajax (11) Forest
Camellia Theacea (C) Pickaxe,Bread NA Beach

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Killed By Killed By
28th Wario Wade (7) 1 Allan Seashore (4) Trident to chest


Amber Burn (13) 1 Trinity Mace (1) Mace to head
26th Trinity Mace (1) 1 Amity Rose (7) Axe to head
25th Mill Harper (6) 1 Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya (2) Knife in heart
24th Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya (2) 1 Matthew Haper (6) Beaten to death
23rd Johnathan Tessly (3) 2 Raven Night (10) Dart to neck

Odin Amarth (13)

2 Falk Avain (12) Arrow to chest 
21st Blade Spectrus (5) 2 Ajax Emerson (11) Neck snapped 

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