I am a big fan of I am number four and the hunger games so I have decided to mix them together.there will be the normal things like the districts and the Capitol but all tributes have three legacies.

Rules 2 tributes per person

Only three legacies

Tell me who you want your tribute to ally with and where to go in the arena.

List of legacies

Super strength

Super speed


Healing(does not bring back dead)

Weather control


See everything (you can see through anything and see invisible people)

Anti gravity

Breath in water

Fire control

Talk to mutts


Teleport (30 feet)


The arena is split into four parts to the north are the mountains to the west is a forest to the east is a desert and the south is a grassy field.and in the centre is the cournacoupia.


I need the district,gender,personalty,3 legacies,which legacie they are strongest with and the one they are weakest with,personalty,strategy,and ally's

D1 male:

D1 female:

D2 male:

D2 female:

D3 male:

D3 female:

D4 male:

D4 female:

D5 male:

D5 female:

D6 male:

D6 female:

D7 male:

D7 female:

D8 male:

D8 female:

D9 male:

D9 female:

D10 male:

D10 female:

D11 male:

D11 female:

D12 male:

D12 female:

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