Panem was a country of war and hate and death.but then came the peace everyone moved on and forgot about the games and the death.but for eight people they carried the war hate and death with them every the eight of them dissaperd.a month latter a castle appeared in the middle of desert many people went to explor it but never came back.this is the story of that castle the unlucky kids forced inside and the eight people who put them there.

Rules,these games have the normal set of rules one winner two kids from each district.but they where not reapped they just awoke in the castle with no memories but there names the district they are from and what the hunger games are.

please make original characters for these games

Only 3 tributes each

D1 male

D1 female

D2 male: Bordgon Lokyo hungergameslover2121

D2 female

D3 male

D3 female

D4 male

D4 female

D5 male

D5 female

D6 male

D6 female

D7 male: zaine tisch rzn2

D7 female: Fegelia Hunder hungergameslover2121

D8 male: flicks marvel rzn2

D8 female: roxy clover rzn2

D9 male

D9 female

D10 male

D10 female

D11 male

D11 female: Quii Hudge hungergameslover2121

D12 male

D12 female

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