After 1000 hunger games the Capitol became the Capitol put a drug into the districts water that gave them 3 superpowers so the games would be exciting again.


2 tributes each

Only 3 superpowers

And I need your tribute to have backstory,gender,name,district


Super strength

Super speed


Anti gravity



Fire control (and can't be burned)

Teleport (30 feet)

Weather control

Healing (can only heal wounds that were ment to kill and can't bring back dead)

Laser eyes

Talk to animals (and mutts)

Water control (and breath in water)

Super hearing and sight (you can also see invisible people)



D1 male

D1 female

D2 male

D2 female

D3 male

D3 female

D4 male

D4 female

D5 male

D5 female

D6 male

D6 female

D7 male

D7 female

D8 male

D8 female

D9 male

D9 female

D10 male

D10 female

D11 male

D11 female

D12 male

D12 female

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