Hey there. I wanted to ask if I could borrow one of your fan-written Hunger Games Victors in the article of my own character, Kyler Teak. Lemme explain . . . oh yeah, spoilers ahead. You bin' warned.

When the District revolution begins (see, told you there's spoilers) the Capitol begins killing all previous Victors who might support 13. And, 13 starts killing all Capitol-supporting Victors. Now, there are a very many fan-written Hunger Games, and maybe you'd like your Victor to stay alive for the after-war. But logically, you couldn't considering afterwards President Coin called all known surviving victors together, implying no one else survived. I have a way out.

Kyler Teak is an agent for District 13. I'd like his mission to be that he tries to protect one of the District-supporting Victors. While he's able to do it, they are forced to flee from the Capitol and survive alone, and come back after the fighting is over, which explains why your Victor wasn't at the vote for new Hunger Games. I have my story, and you have a Hunger Games Victor character alive in the post-war.

So, would anyone be willing to volunteer their character?

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